About this mod

Themed player tents, furniture, storage, follower tents and pet beds for Campfire. Options for vampires, shamans, relic hunters and more. FROSTFALL COMPATIBLE.

Permissions and credits
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  • German

Merge of my previous tent mods + some new stuff.
All my future tents will be part of this collection,
so track for updates if you like it!

Big thanks to THREETEN and CHESKO, for all their help, patience and coding.

Korean version
French version
Russian version


Special Edition version

Detailed clutter and inventory art
Themed furniture and fluff
Full integration with all Campfire functions, including:
  • Working lantern(s)
  • View toggle
  • Armor/Weapon removal (all possible slots)
  • Snow/Ash accumulation
  • Flammability
  • Follower & pet support


Types: 8 colours
Optional follower beds: yes (1)
Pet marker: yes (beside bedroll)
Craftable at: tanning rack (dyed variants) and survival menu (undyed variants)
Extras: none

Tether to an ancient springtime retreat, with animated falling petals
Requires: Alteration Magic 50 (as of 1.3)
Optional follower beds: no
Pet marker: yes
Spellbook craftable at: survival menu AFTER BECOMING ARCHMAGE
Extras: chair and storage built in; fire should warm you to "normal" but can't be used to cook etc. (Frostfall users)

Conjured Soul Cairn/necromancer themed shelter, inspired by Tirashan
Requires: Conjuration 50
Optional follower beds: no
Pet marker: yes
Spellbook locaion: Soul Cairn, on a barrel near a certain merchant
Extras: storage built in; pretty animated glowies

Solstheim adventurer theme
Types: Large, small and vampire
Optional follower beds: yes (1-2, large/vampire only)
Pet marker: yes (large/vampire only)
Craftable at: 
tanning rack
Extras: stools; food reflects number/type of occupants

Desert dig site/relic hunter theme

Types: Large, small and vampire
Optional follower beds: yes (1, large/vampire only)
Pet marker: yes (large/vampire only)
Craftable at: tanning rack
Extras: stools, pillow chairs, trader's table; food reflects number of occupants

WANDERER'S TENT new in 1.4
For hunters/practical travelers
Optional follower beds: no
Pet marker: yes (under overhang)
Craftable at: 
tanning rack
Extras: none

Witch/druid/shaman theme with animated goodies; inspired by fairy tale witches
Optional follower beds: no
Pet marker: yes (beside bed)
Craftable at: survival menu
Extras: tentless version, chairs, cauldron (alchemy workbench), forest throne

DAWNGUARD -- aka "Slayer's Tent"
Kitted out for vampire hunters and witcher-types
Optional follower beds: no
Pet marker: yes (near entrance)
Craftable at: tanning rack
Extras: built-in storage, animated soup steam (highly recommend Peltapalooza to get a floor fur like mine)

VOLKIHAR CLAN -- aka "Burial Cairn"   new in 1.4
Stone-covered grave for vampires
Optional follower beds: no
Pet marker: no
Craftable at: survival menu
Extras: sleeping position under/"inside" the cairn (Note: sitting will probably be weird. Don't sit on it.)

Placeable safe storage
All linked to the same container

Options: trunk, witch's satchel, witch's stash, backpack, bard's chest

Working lantern
Weapon removal
Followers sit/lie down when you do
Snow/Ash accumulation

Options: fur (2 colours), canvas (3 colours), warm (1 colour)

Pet will go to its bed when you use your bedroll

Note: Not necessary for larger tents, they have pet placement built in

Functional blessings, cost 10 gold "tithe" to place

Types: 9 Divines + Nocturnal + Azura, Boethiah & Mephala + Auriel
Craftable at: forge (Nocturnal requires Thieves Guild membership; Daedric require either Dunmer race or having visited Solstheim; Auriel requires rejecting a certain vampire's offer)

MAKESHIFT new in 1.4
Types: 9 Divines
Craftable at: survival menu

Functional tubs that grant a very small resist disease bonus when used
Types: dark, vampire
Craftable at: forge
Extras: can sit on edge, Bathing in Skyrim patch

All decorations are weightless, value-less & free to craft from survival menu.
Recipes require "Decorating Tips" -- craftable at a tanning rack for 1 paper roll -- in your inventory to show up.

Tales and Tallows
7 different placeable pumpkins

4 different gift piles

Makes one tiny edit to the Soul Cairn worldspace -- no other vanilla records touched
All recipes respect CCOR's toggles, but it is NOT REQUIRED
Hearth Craft is fully compatible and really complements this mod. Highly recommended!
Frostfall support (MCM)
Bathing in Skyrim support (with patch)

Select protection type (thanks ThreeTen!)

IMPORTANT: If you're changing protection type for a tent in your inventory, place then RE-PLACE to get the protection type to change.

Tentapalooza wouldn't have been possible without assets by these talented mod authors, who deserve to be listed front and center rather than buried in a permissions tab like they were before. :)


Amielli: inn soap texture
Angilla: throne
badgremlin: animated bird
Blary: book sets, note, hanging lavender
BrettM: merida ball
BrownPastel: basket
Brumbek: improved vanilla meshes
Deandra, Yughues and Tamira: Tales and Tallows pumpkins
Chesko: tent roll, tent meshes
Cyphe: hanging satchel
Elianora: inspiration for the necromancer conjure and its glowy bowl thingie, coloured baskets, nightshade, red ferns, sheet music.  I also referenced her coffee mod for how to set my own up as useable.
Elianora for the bed she edited for Nakahara, using Insanity Sorrow's pillows and jet4571's bed.
Enderal team: wanderer tent mesh
flintone: Orient set
Hana cauldron
Insanity Sorrow: Ayleid clutter, bath towels, folded blankets, telescope, dwemer clutter, cloth textures, Morrowind potions, soul gems, Ashlander bedding texture, tub divider,  hay bale, original soap meshes
Insanity Sorrow and Lilith: Saturalia gift arrangements
JCeats soulgem texture
Jokerine: half open book, sack of scrolls, hanging dibella amulet, sack of soulgems, makeshift shrines
komodo: snow elf chair, snow elf brazier
langley02: small ash tent texture, witch tent texture
Leadpoison canvas tent retextures (made specifically for this project), tent roll retextures, edited igloo meshes 
lolikyonyu: Dwemer clutter basket and crate, scroll baskets, mushroom arrangement, fur basket, wine basket
Lilith: washbasin
LordSakyamuni: witcher vases
Mazarin: sack retextures
MCR: snow elf plate, snow elf cup
Mirrou4ka: necromancer conjure bedding
neuroliquidity: inspiration for bedroll recolours
Oarystis: bard tent cloth pile, witcher egg, witcher chair
Oarystis & Tony67: scrolls & papers, stone totem, stand, dwemer clutter, glass ball, potions crate, mortar & pestle, ingredients arrangement, alchemy bag, witcher alchemy tools, witcher vase, witcher pouch, witcher chest, skull candle, gold meat platter
Phitt, Tamira, Dave91, MrSiika, Kzinistzerg, SpeedyB: large Ashlander tent, hammock, Ashlander furniture, poles 
ps46183: wine in cup, steaming stew bowls
Rafuel: bedroll design
Shadowjin: scroll cases
stoverjm open book
Stroti: Aladdin lamp, chisel
Tamira: invisible furniture, skooma pipe, voodoo doll
The Enderal team: bard tent model
The_Funktasm: pottery & rag textures
Tinuvia: bard chest, bard book
Victoria K: rug
zzjay: bard's hat, converted from Mr. Dave's Bobs Armory
Mandatory credit:
One or more textures on 3D models have been created with images from These images may not be redistributed by default (*), please visit for more information.


Please consult these authors if you want to use something involving these items:

magic apple effect
Gamwich: base for bedroll recolours
HalkHogan: food meshes and textures, wooden bowl, frostbite venom
jmenaru: stake mesh
Jokerine: pet bowl
ObsidianStag: skull textures, book textures
renthal311: Dawnguard tent mesh and textures (based on his lovely mod)
ThreeTen: the MCM


Chesko: Campfire dev kit & tutorials
DarkSaber9000 blender + niftools installation
Hanaisse: nifskope tutorial, texture sets tutorial, blender import/export
icecreamassassin: nifskope tutorial
Jokerine: bsa packing tutorial
VampireMonkey: tracking down corrupted bit of an esp