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Art of my favorite half-maormer warden witch, Jubilee, by my talented husband. Best. Anniversary. Gift. Ever. <3






  • All MY mods (see below) and assets are free to use in your own works as long as they remain on Nexus and you do not charge for them (donation points are fine).
  • Credit is appreciated.
  • On that note, PLEASE READ MY CREDITS SECTIONS CAREFULLY. In some cases I had to obtain special permission to use others' assets, and these are NOT free to use/distribute and may have different requirements for donation points. You must go to the original authors if you want to use these. I keep my credits detailed for a reason.
  • If you want to upload a translated esp somewhere else (again, for free), that's fine, and I'm flattered. Let me know though so I can link it!


If I'm MIA for 6 months, anyone is free to take over my stuff as long as all original permissions are respected.

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