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NiOverride High Heels
- hub and fixes for NIOVHH -


NetImmerse Override (bundled with RaceMenu) comes with an 'equipable transforms' feature
which allows for a cleaner and easier way of creating high heels for Skyrim.

This mod contains a few fixes for said system, such as correcting the sitting and swimming height while wearing high heels,

since when you equip high heels that make use of equipable transforms, the root node (called "NPC" in the skeleton) is moved upwards.

Note: There are no actual high heels in this mod, it is solely a hub for the new system.
You can still use the HDT High Heels system for existing mods at the same time for mods that require it.

To convert a mod from HDT High Heels to NiOverride High Heels, see the videos below (enable subtitles).


SKSE 1.7.3+

RaceMenu 3.4.4+
NetImmerse Override 3.4.4+ for ECE/vanilla users.

Do not install both RaceMenu and NetImmerse Override!
RaceMenu already comes with it included.


Simply install the archive using your preferred mod manager or manually extract the files into the Skyrim's Data folder.
Don't forget to enable the
"NIOVHH.esp" plugin.


Remove the mod in your mod manager or delete the files the archive came with manually.
Open it in an archiver program to see which those were.


expired6978 - For NetImmerse Override and RaceMenu.