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This will change the DeserterX Crimson Blood Armor UNP LE mod to use NiOverride instead of HDT High Heels and also includes all optional theme variants as constructable outfits including rapier. Requires the original mod, RaceMenu or NetImmerse Override and NiOverride High Heels - NIOVHH Fixes

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IMPORTANT:  This is not a 'replacement' for the original mod and does not contain all files required, you must download and install it first as per the installation instructions below. Check the Requirements section above for other mods you'll need.

This contains an edited ESP for DeserterX Crimson Blood Armor UNP LE, removing the requirement for HDT High Heels.  It also adds records for the additional 5 variants (Emerald, Frostbite, Poison, Warlock and Royal Gold) such that you may create them as well as the original Rose-themed set.  The basic requirements (book, etc.) are the same, I only modified one ingredient in an attempt to better match each theme as best I could and reduced the total ingot requirements for the rapier from 5 to 3 (as of v1.1). Finally, this includes replacement meshes for the boots so that the NiO High Heels system works.  This is the first time I've tried to use texture sets and I am fairly sure I checked and tested each outfit, but if you do find any issues please let me know and I'll try to address them. 

I've also included optional replacement boot meshes for DX Crimson Blood BodySlide Conversion UUNP an CBBE HDT for both CBBE and UNP.  You'll need to have installed that mod first - install and let these files overwrite, then (re)create your BodySlide files.

FYI - If you use Animated Armoury - DAR Version like I do, you might want to check out this mod for the rapier animations to apply to these: Animated Armoury and Crimson Blood All Themes

NOTE: My understanding of the permissions for the required mods leads me to believe that posting this should be acceptable, so long as I give credit where it's due (see below)  I can't make the original mod ESP as a master since that would still require HDT High Heels.  If I've erred in judgement here please inform me and I'll remove this mod and perhaps learn something in the process.  I did try to get a response from DeserterX via Nexus PM but as of yet hadn't gotten one, unsure if that's being actively monitored. Thanks to Inky84 for getting back to me and giving me permissions.


1. REQUIRED: Install the original mod, DX Crimson Blood Armor UNP LE
2. Install this mod, allowing the installation to overwrite any conflicting files if prompted (ESP and mesh files)


DX Crimson Blood Armor UNP LE - DeserterX and Team - please see mod page for details
DX Crimson Blood BodySlide Conversion UUNP an CBBE HDTInky84

NetImmerse Override - expired6978
NiOverride High Heels - NIOVHH Fixes and the very helpful tutorial - ousnius
BodySlide and Outfit Studio -  Caliente and Team