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This mod rebalances the armor, wight, and value ratings of the Black Viper's outfit.

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WARNING: If you are updating to 1.7 from 1.6 or later Than you well have to start a new game do to the changes done to armor in how it is interpreted on the back end.

First I would like to say that I tried to contact Redtox about this mod, but to no avail. So if the mod disappears you know why. I am willing to negotiate in order to keep this mod available.

This Mod adds A Hide, Fur, Leather, Elven, Chitin, Scaled, Glass, Stalhrim, and Dragonscale version of this armor.
It also comes with a complete list of  crafting and tempering recipes for all the variants.
All the parts are properly tagged for there armor type.
This should make the armor usable form level one through to max level.

You will need the original mod.
Put this mod after the original Black Vipers Mod.

Send me your questions, comments, or concerns.
If you have a mod you would like me the do next, then please message me with the subject line (Questions, Comments, or Concerns).

Thank you Redtox for the original Black Viper's Will mod
Please endorse the original mod