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A simple conversion of Gwelda Red RIding Hood UNP 2k by nsk13 to use NiOvveride high heels- fixes from ousnius.
The hoods are not working.

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Guys first of thank you for taking your time to read this. 

This is my third "mod" i am using this word loosly  because what i did is the equivalent of a chimbanzee copying what he sees. 
Using the videos from ousnius and a lot lots lots of googling i managed to convert the original  Gwelda Red Riding Hood Outfit UUNP by nsk13.

What has been done with the original mod:

1.Removed the HDT dependancy
2.Added the script provided from ousnius using NIFskope
3.Repacked and uploaded

Disclaimer: I have mostly no idea of what i am doing but the mod seems to be working...oddly enough XD...
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The original mod can be found here:  Gwelda Red Riding Hood Outfit UUNP

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