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Gear set for those faithful to the Stag Prince.

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Hircine’s Raiment

The Huntsman of Princes & The Father of Manbeasts has seen what you've done, and he is pleased.

I'm very sorry for the rapid versioning between the initial release and this improvement.  I decided after witnessing essentially a 1% download rate and 3% conditional upvote rate (yes those are wins in my book) that I could invest a tiny bit more time into learning some basic scripting and get some other things working. The next major release (if it even happens) won't be for some time because it will involve either someone really awesome doing a ton of model and texture work, some established modders allowing me to make this stand-alone, and/or a whole lot of quest stuff (which I'm currently unwilling to dive into) by myself. Please Enjoy & Happy Hunting.
UPDATING!  I suggest trashing the items you do have player.removeitem blah blah blah 1 and then adding the new ones and possibly doing some script reloading if need be.
What This Mod Is
This mod is a first second take on some gear that I've tried to match in flavor to a hunter who has gained some of the ultimate favor from Hircine. I've added a Helmet, Mask, Chest Piece, Gauntlets, Boots, Cape, Left Ring, Bow, and Axe. Right now they are simply recipes you get with Glass Smithing that you make at the Skyforge. See below for some big plans and a call for help with them.

My Other Daedric Prince Gear Set Mods
Meridia's Favor (Heavy Armor themed around fighting the undead): Meridia's Favor on Nexus

Vile Equipment (Heavy Armor themed around deception and trickery): Coming Soon...
Plague of Molag Bal (Light Armor befitting his greatest creations): Coming Soon...
Armor of the Forsaken (Armor and weapons optimized for a child of Malacath): Coming Later...

A Note on Borrowed Resources

I used models and textures and an idea from 4 different mods that I use on a regular basis. I make 0 promises that this mod will work without them and I'm going to be contacting the original authors for what I need to do in order to make this stand alone.
I used textures from RECOLOR COMPANION ARMOR MOD (this is unnecessary I think).
I used model and textures from BOSMER ARMOR PACK (the Mask will be broken I'm sure).
I used model and textures from Immersive Weapons (the Bow will be broken without the emerald gem bow model and textures).
I used Hircine's Ring vanilla information along with Left Handed Rings information to make Hircine's Mate.
Specific things I had to tell CK not to package:
Crown of the Wild now automatically adds and removes Hircine's Night Eyes (yay! I learned about scripting in like two days).
Added Refreshing Herbs to Spore Mask which is a huge survivability/getting around boost (yay! I learned more about scripting!).
Removed 15% stamina regeneration from Collar of the Wolf.
Added Wild Blood to Collar of the Wold which is a second wind style Health boost.
Added a Hunter's Grace ability to ignore all damage from an attack when low on Health.
Added a version of Grips of the Bear that boosts 2-H damage (default) and included the ability to switch back-and-forth between 1-H damage and 2-H damage versions of the gloves.
Removed Carry Weight from Boots of the Tracker and added 10% speed increase (Scripting WHAT?!)
Removed Hunter's Half Cape because I generally wasn't happy with it.
Basically axed the Predatory Axe's enchant (see what I did there?). It now does an extra 25% damage to animals (which is now correct thank you) and drains stamina.
Included a way to generate 1-H weapons from Predatory Axe. Included a dagger, 1-H sword, and 1-H axe named Hircine's Horn, Fang, and Claw respectively which each require a Predatory Remnant (you get 2 for smashing the Predatory Axe).

All the armor is technically Glass but with stats chosen to be between Glass and Dragonscale. All the armor is therefore Light (despite the fact that almost exclusively heavy armor models are used) and you can temper them with slightly flavorful recipes. None of the items may be disenchanted and all these are categorized as Daedric Artifacts. All recipes require the Skyforge!

Crown of the Wild –The Crown of the Wild grants the wearer the Stalker’s Eyes custom magical effect. Stalker’s Eyes fortifies archery by 30 and grants an ability called Night Eyes which is essentially the Khajit night vision racial ability (this is found with your racial abilities).
Recipe: 1 Refined Malachite, 1 Refined Moonstone, 2 Sabre cat Eyeballs, 4 Leather Strips, 2 Large Antlers, and 1 Daedra Heart.
Temper: 1 Refined Moonstone and 1 Sabre cat Eyeball.

Spore Mask – I borrowed the whole thing from the Bosmer Armor Pack (I've not included the model or texture here go get it!). The mask adds some armor
and grants the wearer Innoculated Blood which gives 50% resistance to Poison and Refreshing Herbs which gives you a 5% increase to stamina regeneration rate when you  are in combat and fall below 25%.
Recipe: 2 Leather Strips, 2 Linen Cloth, 2 Hanging Moss and 1 Deadra Heart.
Temper: 1 Linen Cloth and 1 Hanging Moss.

Collar of the Wolf It grants the wearer Protection of the Obedient which Fortifies Light Armor by 20 and adds Wild Blood - every 10 sec, if you're below 25% Health there is a 15% chance to heal 100 Health.
Recipe: 1 Bear Claws, 1 Troll Skull, and 1 Deadra Heart.

Hircine's Hide of the Companion I use the model for the Companion Armor but I’ve tweaked to be Light (and somewhere around Glass); also I used the brown recolor because reasons (did not include here go get it!). It grants Beast’s Favor which is a 25% reduction in Magic Damage and Thickest Hide which reduces animal damage by 15% and Hunter's Grace which gives a 15% chance to ignore all damage from one incoming attack when below 25% Health (again I've tried to refocus on survivability).
Recipe: 4 Refined Malachite, 1 Refined Moonstone, 1 Bear Pelt, 1 Wolf Pelt, and 1 Daedra Heart.
Temper: 1 Refined Malachite and 1 Bear Pelt.

Grips of the Bear (2-H)I did the same as with Savior’s Companion Armor. It grants Grip of the Grizzly which fortifies carry weight by 40 and unarmed damage by 15 (which is awesome but underwhelming even if I tweaked it to punch like Daedric Gauntlents if you have the Fists of Steel Perk) and fortifies two handed by 30 (Triple Threat!!).
Recipe: 1 Bear Pelt, 1 Refined Malachite, 1 Refined Moonstone, 2 Bear Claws, and 1 Daedra Heart.
Recipe: 1 Bear Claws and 1 Grips of the Bear (1-H) (you loose all tempering on the 1-H version).
Temper: 1 Refined Malachite and 2 Bear Claws.

Grips of the Bear (1-H)I did the same as with Savior’s Companion Armor. It grants Grip of the Grizzly which fortifies carry weight by 40 and unarmed damage by 15 (which is awesome but underwhelming even if I tweaked it to punch like Daedric Gauntlents if you have the Fists of Steel Perk) and fortifies one handed by 30 (Triple Threat!!).
Recipe: 1 Bear Claws and 1 Grips of the Bear (2-H) (you loose all tempering on the 2-H version).
Temper: 1 Refined Malachite and 2 Bear Claws.

Boots of the Tracker – Again similar model and texture. Grant Tracker’s Guile which increases Sneak by 25% and Predator's Speed which increases Movement speed by 10%.
Recipe: 1 Refined Malachite, 1 Refined Moonstone, 1 Wolf Pelt, 1 Fox Pelt, and 1 Daedra Heart.
Temper: 1 Refined Malachite and 1 Fox Pelt.

Hircine’s Ring – I did nothing.

Hircine’s Mate – Using the Left Handed Rings mod (not included here, go get it!) I built a ring that looks just like Hircine’s. It
grants Alpha Pair's Strength which is a constant Lover’s Comfort buff (WHAT!?).
Recipe: 1 Refined Moonstone and 1 Daedra Heart.

Greater Bow of the Stag Prince – I loved the Glass Bow of the Stag Prince.  The flavor of it was really rad, but it was underwhelming.  I’ve remodeled it using the emerald gem bow (as was in that bosmer tree house mod, go get it!) and it does three things now with Blessing of the Stag Prince: +20 damage to animals (a la Bow of the Hunt), 5 seconds Soul Trap (because we should use the entire animal), and 50% Slow Movement (because aiming is hard).
Recipe: 1 Refined Moonstone, 1 Refined Malachite, 2 Firewood, and 1 Daedra heart.
Temper: 1 Refined Malachite.
Predatory Axe – I used the Ruefull Axe but tweaked it to be the same as Wuuthrad on damage and speed.  The enchantment is fucking nuts: Predator’s HungerAgainst animals your hits do 25% more damage and Absorb 20 Stamina on each hit.
Recipe:  1 Bear Claws, 1 Sabre cat Tooth, 1 Wolf Pelt, 1 Daedra Heart and 1 Rueful Axe (in a later version). 
Temper: 1 Refined Malachite and an Ale (because drunk reasons!).

2 Predatory Remnants - Two pieces from a broken Predatory Axe (cannot be undone so either be careful or comfortable with screwing with console commands).
Recipe: 1 Predatory Axe.

Hircine's Horn, Fang, and/or Claw - A dagger, sword, and waraxe respectively for those who prefer 1-Handed weapons. They have the same enchantment as the Axe.
Recipe: 1 Predatory Remnant.
Temper: 1 Large Antler, 1 Sabre cat Tooth, or 1 Bear Claw respectively.

Future Plans & A Call For Help

I'm a novice when it comes to modding, and this is my first personal mod I've put out into the wild. But I have bigger plans for it so I wanted to see if I could strike up interest.
  • I would like all of these recipes tied to a quest chain. This chain would first involve joining the companions and then becoming a member of the circle by becoming a werewolf. Either before or after this the player must complete the Ill met by Moonlight quest (either finish is fine). Then you'd have to collect the Totems of Hircine through that quest line. Upon completion I'd like Hircine to visit the player and challenge them to a greater purpose, a greater quarry. There are 11 pieces of gear here so I'd like to make 11 quests. I've worked out the details, but I'm uncertain how to proceed.
  • Connected to the above goal I'd like to make each recipe craftable only once (via the quest).
  • I want Hircine's Night Eyes to be automatically added to the player.
  • I'd like to add a set of one handed weapons that can be created by rendering the Predatory Axe.  I'd want to be able to choose to make 2 weapons and each is either a dagger, sword, or axe (1-handed version). To do this I know I can have an intermediate recipe to break the predatory axe in two (something like a custom item called Predatory Remnant) and then have that as ingredient for the 1-handers.  I haven't done this because I figured there may be a smoother method with scripting (I know not how to do this) that would ask the player to choose their combination and then do it in one pass.
  • I'd like to tone down each bonus (or outright remove some) and then have them grow in strength (and number) as the player is wearing more items.  I think I can do this with a custom Keyword and then putting something to that effect into the conditions of abilities.  Does that sound right?
  • I think the Predatory Axe should be a spear. I can has no graphics abilities. If someone modeled and textured a Spear that looks like it was made from pieces of the Rueful Axe then I would be freaking happy as hell.
  • Lol, make the cape work. player.setav Speedmult 110 to activate and then player.setav speedmult 90 works (more or less) as console commands
  • I'd like to have a cape that looks like a pelt and integrate it into a survivorship mod.  Further integration would involve ignoring weather, sleep, and eating to some degree.