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Pictures on the dome of the Blue Palace

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Version 0.02 
Comes in a fomod. 
The old version plus:
A new version with new textures (pics taken by me)
Two new textures (made in Gimp) that just replace texture and are esp-less
All are 1024x1024 

This mod changes the inside of the dome of the blue palace.  It gets rid of the stucco from the inside of the dome and replaces it with four different pictures.  These pictures were taken by me over the last months of modding.  I left the normal map alone as it makes the textures look like they were painted onto the wall.

It took awhile to learn nifskope to get rid of the stucco at that point without removing it from the whole and than figuring out why the pattern repeated twice.  I'm really happy with the results.  I couldn't find anything that was like this anywhere else so I'm uploading it here.

It comes with an esp as the original dome is divided into 4 pieces  To get different textures on each corner I had to change the meshes in the Creation Kit.   This may also mean that certain mods may be incompatible if they are changing the same meshes.  The rest of the textures are vanilla and will be replaced with whatever texture mods you have installed. 

Lore-friendly story? 
Liv the Lovely traveled throughout Tamriel giving the people beautiful works of art.  But her most triumphant moment came when she was commissioned to paint the dome of the Blue Palace.  It was also the most dangerous for it was commissioned by Palagius Septim III.  Through the knowledge of ladders (as Liv the Lovely didn't know that old Dunmer spell) she was able to paint three great murals of Solitude (and one of Kynsgrove). However the constant wanderings of Palagius under her ladders frayed her nerves.  Palagius kept a hipbone named Palagius on him at all times. Whispering to it at all times.   

It was the last straw that had her leaping into the sea of ghosts and swimming all the way to Dawnstar. When Palagius' hip bone whispered back about flaming dogs and CHEESE!  

Gimp - GNU Image Manipulation Program
XunAmarox - for the fomod tutorial
devvv of the gimpusers - for the starfield tutorial