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  • SPOILERS - Emperors Journal

    15thof Sun's Dusk, 4E 200
    Andso the truth finally reveals itself. The healers say there is no cure for what
    I have, and it will likely be a very long and painful death. Sad really, that
    an assassin's blade didn't get me in my youth! Now I shall die an old man,
    pitied and mourned only by politicians.
    Isthis knowledge of my imminent passing a blessing or a curse? I do not yet know.
    One question plagues me however; what will be my legacy to this Empire?
    Alreadywe have seen too much of war and death. Unrest ravages Skyrim between Nord and
    Imperial. I would be a liar if I did not confess to some sympathy for the
    Stormcloaks, for how could any ruler ask a people to give up their gods? Their
    very way of life? <...


    Hello everyone!

    For all of you who are wondering where all the clues and extra books are in the game are, here is the list.




    1. The Dread Lord - Aventus Aretino's House - Dresser
    2. The Void - Abandoned Shack - Table
    3. Third Tenet - Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary - Astrid's Room
    4. The Nightmother's Children - Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary - on dresser in sleep area


    1. Thalmor Orders - usually found on any thalmor justiciar or soldier.
    2. Secret Imperial Orders - found on almost any Imperial steward (Avenecci) or steward in Imperial territory.  
    3. Letter to Vitto...