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Think Ravenloft meets Sin City meets Skyrim. Dark, moody preset in largely black and white but with spot colour (blood is red) and an overabundance of fog.

Permissions and credits

Enhanced Lights and FX (but NOT the Enhancer!)

Without prod80 and WoodManGamer allowing me to use their files, this preset wouldn't have been remotely possible. Please drop by their profiles and leave kudos
(and try their awesome ENBs if you haven't already!)

Think Ravenloft meets Sin City meets Skyrim. I wanted a darker-themed playthrough for all the DLCs -- DAWNGUARD and DRAGONBORN are supported -- but not one that was literally so dark as to be unplayable for a stealthier character. I realize this largely greyscale, only-spot-colour style won't be to everyone's tastes and will likely see only niche use, but this is first and foremost a personal proje

With that out of the way, nothing says eerie to me like ...

The ENB uses mist anchors to spread heavy fog throughout Skyrim, though its placement should be at least somewhat logical. Low-lying areas will house dense pools of fog at night. Higher ground may offer a reprieve. Now with a bit more variety in fog thanks to ENB weathers.

Currently no stylized fog in Solstheim, though distant fog has been tinted appropriately. I thought it seemed a bit strange in an area with dust storms, but willing to take feedback on that!

So the fog sets the mood. But two other things in my opinion are important:

If we're aiming for vaguely horror vibes, blood has to be red. Its the rules, basically. Noir has that covered. But while a true Ravenloft experience would squash our souls as much as possible  ...

... offers colour. (Burn the witch.) Interiors will generally offer a break from the gloom and the grey, so going home or entering a tavern should feel like something of an escape. Fire offers warmth in a cold, bleak landscape. Light a torch or stand near a brazier and the greyscale recedes. Heading into a dungeon? Stay near the lights to stave off the drearies. They won't keep the draugrs away, though. Sorry.

  1. Drop everything inside my Noir ENB folder in your MAIN SKYRIM folder.
  2. Download the enb binaries here (the down arrow all the way at the bottom of the page!) and copy the d3d9.dll file into your MAIN SKYRIM folder.
  3. Make sure Skyrim's antialiasing is turned OFF.
  4. Edit the following values in your skyrimprefs.ini at Documents\My Games\Skyrim (Mod Organizer users need to do this via the "puzzle piece" icon in MO)
  5. [Display]

All official DLCs -- Dawnguard + Dragonborn + Hearthfires
Lightning During Thunder Storms
Audio Overhaul for Skyrim 2
True Storms
Another Sleep Mod and other mods that rely on proper "fade to black"
Dark Dungeons for ENB

Lighting/darkness overhauls other than ELFX (No crashes or anything, but it may not look as intended.)

Climates of Tamriel
Natural Lighting and Atmospherics
... and any other weather overhauls

Enhanced Lights and FX (NO enhancer)
Dark Fantasy Overhaul
Enhanced Blood Textures
Verdant -- A Skyrim Grass Plugin
True Storms
Vivid Landscapes (for parallax)
Vivid Clouds and Fogs
Dark Dungeons for ENB (just corrects some dungeons using daytime values)

Wet and Cold, Ashes and ... heck Holidays
Burn Freeze Shock Effects
People Are Strangers

 ... and your favorite werewolf and vampire enhancements!

prod80 for Serenity ENB and his custom-coded colour filter effect
WoodManGamer for letting me edit his weather plugin from Winterheart II ENB
gargorias for the Revamped Exterior Fog values
GromuhlDjun for Dragonborn Fog Distance values
for the Photoshop brushes
spazz24 for the Photoshop brushes
Aiyeen and Mangaclub here on Nexus for their patience with my questions