About this mod

All of my Racemenu presets over the past two years can be found and used here. It contains both male and female presets with a guarantee that more will be added later on. I have severe alt-itis.

All of my Racemenu presets over the past two years can be found and used here.

Feel free to post pictures, comment, and endorse!

Mods Used:

Eyes of Beauty
SG Female Eyebrows
SG Female Textures Renewal
Women of Skyrim-Enhanced Female Normalmaps
CITRUS Heads (HD Meshes) - Standalone
Better MakeUp For SKSE - SG Female Textures and For Men
SKSE Ini-Predownload
KS Hairdos - Renewal
Fine Face textures for Men
Northborn Scars

For Beidyn's freckles go here: Freckle Mania

If you don't want the freckles and are getting the blue body, go down the line till you find the tattoos/body markings. Click ont he freckle overlay I have loaded, press T, then change it to default. No more blue body.

How to Install:

Go to your Skyrim - Data folder.
Find the SKSE folder.
Open Plugins.
Open CharGen.
Open Presets.
Drag and Drop file into Presets.

If you do not have the Chargen and/or Presets folder you can create them manually without any issues.

A lot of people have been asking me to make characters as I release these presets.
"Can you make this, this, or this person?"
I've answered these requests several times in the comments,
so I'll answer any further questions here.

All I'm doing is sharing the presets I've already made as I make them.
I'm not taking requests, just sharing what I already am doing.


Art by Amy-Zilla