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Return to Sotha Sil and enter the stranger side of TES lore, as you join the ranks of the mysterious Chronographers in this fully voiced DLC sized quest mod that adds over 10 new quests, multiple new armors and weapons, sprawling dungeons, unique boss fights, and much much more!

Permissions and credits
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Disclaimer: I did not make this mod. Trainwiz offered me to upload it.


"The Digitals say we come from another star, but so many have forgotten. I have not, for my lineage granted me audience with Memory, and I have spoken with the Wheels of Lull. I have seen proof, as any who come Up during Landfall Season, when the winds die down enough Above that all may make pilgrimage under the banner of Vehk and Vehk. Though many Above have renounced Memory, they too remember."

Far, far below Nirn, past the lava flows and the still-mining machines of the dwarves, lies the great Clockwork City of Sotha Sil. Two centuries ago, an individual stepped through its nonexistent gates, forever changing it and its residents. From his actions came the Chronographers, the fabricant time-keepers, and watchers of the world. Since those two centuries they have lived in the great voidyards and helipads of their ruined city, silently guarding the world from danger.
But now, deep beneath the Throat of the World, in the most destitute of their outposts, something dangerous is stirring, and the rejected and broken Chronographers of Lull-Mor find that they have no choice but to seek outside help, and once again bring a mortal hero into the depths of the Clockwork City, to stop a mad mystic and his army of twisted experiments from unmaking the very foundations of the world! So once again, descend into the Expanse of Sotha Sil, and once again, turn the Wheels of Lull.
The Wheels of Lull is an enormous, sprawling expansion sized quest mod that serves not just only as a sequel to Sotha Sil Expanded, but ties together almost all my previous Skyrim quest mods, including Aethernautics, Mzark, and even Brhuce Hammar.  In it, the player is recruited into the ranks of a rejected Chronographer platoon, and shunted off to the Clockwork City outpost of Lull-Mor, a precariously perched outpost at the edge of Sotha Sil's domain.
Much like Sotha Sil Expanded, the mod gives a focus on puzzle and problem solving. Featuring five enormous dungeons, with mini-bosses, unique treasures, and plenty of puzzles, you'll have your work cut out for you. The player will find themselves exploring strange new landscapes, from the deepest oceans, to underground forests, to giant foundries, and going up against strange new monsters, while wielding several new weapons, from the Harquebuses of Chronographers, to the great Unwinder of Goveri. They will find themselves dressing themselves in Chronographer robes. WoL also serves as introduction to the stranger side of TES lore, diving into the strange and ridiculous world of TES metaphysics, and will teach players about the Towers, Landfall, and the eponymous Wheels of Lull.

  • An expansive main quest, stretched out over seven parts, with puzzles, infiltration, poltergeists, mad science, and butter.
  • Five dungeons within the main quest, complete with fleshed out boss battles, and massive, unique locations, focusing on nonlinear design, reminiscent of the Legend of Zelda
  • A new town, complete with extensive characters, moving parts, and little fabricants bugs.
  • Over seven sidequests within Lull-Mor, once again involving puzzle solving, obstacle courses, and the player's wits, rather than combat. Take to the deep sea, warp along magical gates, and discover the horrors of
  • Over ten new weapons, from clockwork drills, beam swords, lightning rods, and of course, the favorite of all Chronographers, the Harquebus, early era rifles that accelerate magical bolts.
  • Several new armors and equipment, from chronographer robes, to life-saving security packs, to heavy suits of powered clockwork armor.
  • A new race, the deranged and experimentuous fabricants, the living machine-mer of Sotha Sil!
  • Characters from both SSE and past games reappearing, as well as ones only spoken of in the deepest whispers of lore.

Installation and Playing:
THIS MOD REQUIRES DAWNGUARD AND DRAGONBORN. It won't work without them, so don't try it, and don't complain.
Install with NMM or manually, whichever suits you best, and check the mod off in whatever list thingy you use.
To the start the mod, you must first be level 15. Yes, there are level requirements. You must be level 15 to start, level 30 to finish.
When you meet these requirements, fast travel to any settlement that is open, that is, any settlement besides the main five cities. A strange looking mer will approach you, and your quest will begin.
This mod does not require shouts, but I've found they help enormously. What really helps though, is exploring your environment and getting to know the Chronographers, as many will offer advice or equipment on your quest. Don't be afraid to explore!
You do not need to have played Sotha Sil Expanded or my other mods to understand the plot of this mod, but events and characters will make more sense if you have. 
If Llavados doesn't spawn even though you're level 15, travel to Fort Neugrad. By its lake there will be a strange glowing light that you can activate to start the mod. You can do this for quests that would normally be encountered via fast traveling too, such as the Brass Forest and the Bottom of the World.

Compatability and Tips
This mod should be loaded fairly late in your load order. While no significant changes are made, there are some changes made to areas around High Hrothgar, Winterhold, and the Thalmor Embassay, those these changes all work with most major mods. This mod also modifies a few sound files to help with atmosphere, load it after any of those.
Some music mods may also cause strange changes in atmosphere, just expect that.


-change description and behavior of some items
-fix robes
-adds messagebox to some puzzles, tell them to kitten off if they don't have a thing so people will kitten off if they don't have a thing.
-change masscroft's fight a bit, mostly just lowering the pit so he'll take his hit faster (really annoying that ragdolled things don't set off trigger zones).
-Fixes AI issues, Llavados dying (even though he's IMMORTAL), appearing in places he shouldn't, Archeron not appearing, etc.; 
-Add an option to go to an area and simply spawn Llavados if he doesn't spawn at level 15. 
-Repeated Music Issues fixed
-make it so that player doesn't spawn in lava in the Derivative Of Aka

Textures: SaintJiub and crysthala, Cabal,
Meshes: Haishao (especially her), Bretti, Vicn, Mahty,  EnaiSiaion, Zoni, Madcat, apenov, Erucci, (((((, Amanassi, m150, InsanitySorrow, xiank, natterforme, Andersh
Voices: Misty Dupree (voice of Subori), Jenn Jennings (voice of Guard 1), RottenDeadite (voice of Medeliu Hammar), Rip Tiduh (voice of Yagrum Bagarn), Cour (voice of Archeron), Hayden Tessman (voice of Llavados), Gabriel Dunn (voice of Avarri and the Stoker), Vulon (voice of the Analyst), Polaris (voice of Memory), Luca Huber (voice of the Cartwright), Alvin Lund (voice of Divayth Fyr), River Kanoff (voice of Guard 2), Zach Pokres (voice of the Skull), Ryan Prizio (Voice of Century Numinar)
Testing: Legionati, Flintlocke, Haishao, /tesg/
Special Thanks: Haishao, MMOXReview, Ryan Prizio for his quick work, all the people who participated in the voice acting auditions.
Additional credits are in the readme!

Contact, Permissions, Etc:
If you've got questions, comments, if I forgot to credit you, bug reports, want to rage at me because I'm way better than you, then feel free to contact me at [email protected]. PMing Caithe or anyone else won't help, it'll probably just waste her time and that's not nice.
The original assets contained with may be freely used, provided of course, credit given. Doesn't matter if you don't either, because I will find out. I have eyes and ears EVERYWHERE.
All non-original assets belong to their respective owners, so they decide the permissions of those.