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Enjoy Trainwiz's Wheels of Lull and MannyGT's Gray Cowl of Nocturnal but don't want them starting at low levels? Here's some options for starting them later

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This started out as a few edits for my own playthrough as I have many quest mods that have a default of low level starts where they'd end up clogging up my questlog and feel out of place in my characters story - meeting Llavados before becoming a Dragonborn or even having become an adventurer of repute was out of place for me. Then, I'd go to take an item and accidentally steal it triggering the Gray Cowl quest to start which has a default of level 5 IIRC.

I have also made edits to other quest mods however I don't have permissions to upload those so instead if you're interested I'll detail how to create your own edits for other mods in xEdit as well as the two mods I've made edits to here if you don't like any of the presets I've made or want to cut down on the number of ESPs you use.

Currently contained in this patch mod are esps for starting the Gray Cowl and Wheels of Lull at..


*Wheels of Lull defaults at 15, I changed it to 25 as 20 isn't much of a difference IMO.

Use only one for each quest if that wasn't obvious. 

You're safe to merge these into whatever mod you want making sure it has the correct masters and is loaded after the two base mods. Any mods that edit the quests Deep Down from Wheels of Lull or manny_GF_PrepareMQ will likely conflict and I'd recommend making your own edits instead.


Making your own edits to The Wheels of Lull, The Gray Cowl of Nocturnal and others

If you want to make your own variants for whatever reason, here's how this patchmod thing was made

Under the Quest section of the mods once loaded in xEdit you need to find the first quest or thing that prepares it. For The Wheels of Lull this is _Lull_MQ01 aka Deep Down, for The Gray Cowl this is manny_GF_PrepareMQ. Under conditions there is a value pointing to the player using the function GetLevel, you want the number next to Comparison Value - Float. This is the number you can change to whatever you like to make the quest start at that level.

There are two other quest mods and their start quests that I use but do not have permissions to create patches of myself, but there's nothing stopping you from editing them yourselves.


Clockwork Castle

*May not actually work for whatever reason. It may be starting via script as well as I recently got the quest despite being level 29 and Wyrmstooth does not come with source scripts.

Other quests use scripts to start such as Undeath which uses necroquest01script. Editing the start for these is slightly more complicated, but normally possible provided they still rely on the player's level and the mod provides a source for the scripts. You simply have to edit the number next to player level and recompile it in the Creation Kit* - there are tutorials for this if you're unsure of how to do it. Unfortunately many quest mods either don't rely on player level or don't provide a source for their scripts and thus make it a lot more difficult to edit - that is to say, doing so is outside of my own "expertise" if you can call it that.

*I'm no expert on scripts. I made this edit in my own game and believe it works after cleaning the necroquest01script from my save.