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  • A Happy birthday to Wheels and a message, from the Cult of Sybandis

    To all who inhabit Nirn, to all who watch over it, be it for their own pleasure or their own love,
    You have failed. The Missing God gave you a gift; a test from which you could better yourselves, and every last one of you failed it on every level.
    To those who rejected it, we shame you. To those who could not make it, we spurn you. And to all of you, we give you a promise.
    A promise that failure is never rewarded, it is punished. Not with death, the endless cycle of rebirth is something you have lost the privilege of. 
    You are less than that. Daedra, aedra, man, mer, or beast, you are undeserving of the existence given to you. Like Sybandis, like the Nirn That Never Was, you deserve only to be still, silent, and unmoving. 
    You are only fit to be fed to the s...