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Like my other mods, this one makes use of the worldspace behind the Skyrim border and truly expands the game, offering you 2 Nordic towns, south of Falkreath hold and northeast of Windhelm, two Reachmen settlements South of the Reach, a Redguard Principality called Morreath, across the border in Hammerfell and a few other new locations as well.

Permissions and credits
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  • Polish


~ Map of added areas. This image shows everything except a small part of Cyrodiil and the town Vrostheim which is located east of Windhelm ~

Important: This mod doesn't require any DLC, but you must unlock the Skyrim borders.

~ Huge chunk of landscaped Land behind the Skyrim Border ~

~ In Skyrim: Two new Nordic Towns with NPC's, and a fully voiced follower ~
~ In Hammerfell: A Redguard Principality with Three Towns, fully functioning with NPC's ~
~ In Cyrodiil: A town and a fort, overlooking Cyrodiil and it's Imperial Palace~
~ A House for the Player in Morreath, Hammerfell ~
~ Reach area expanded with two Reachmen settlements ~
~Four Quests and a mountain passage ~
~ AS-LAL Extension to start a new life here (by Jknjb) ~
~ Much More ~

With this mod, the territory of the Skyrim province itself is expanded; giving Skyrim an extra island (Vrostheim) and the border of Falkreath hold is pushed slightly to the south, where Folkstead is situated.

Exploring New Provinces Skyrim | Folkstead and the border of Hammerfell by Frosty on Youtube
Folkstead and the border of Hammerfell by me on Youtube
A showcase of Folkstead ported over to Xbox by CtPirateCreeper - the Nyhus mod is showed here, but that doesn't matter

FOLKSTEAD (SKYRIM)_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________

~ Folkstead, south of Falkreath, just follow the signs ~

This mod let you play in a new Nordic town in Skyrim, called Folkstead.
This mountainlocked town lies near Hammerfell, south of Falkreath hold, which has a more temperate climate; the ivy is more green, a different type of tree and harvestable flower can be found.
Once a disputed town, Folkstead now sits firmly under Skyrim's control and is part of Falkreath's hold. Talk to Red (the Redguard) and you'll be on a quest, traveling to a few other new locations, all near or behind the Skyrim borders. It's worth the trouble to talk with other NPC's too. Saadia for example, a Redguard woman, sells her Green Dragon beer to the inns of Falkreath and Riften. And Hjorlf might tell you something about the history of Folkstead. And this town has his local crazy lad: Helmut.

From Folkstead, you can pass the Cyrodiil border and visit a bordertown and a fort.

How to go to Folkstead: Travel from Falkreath to the Skyrim/Hammerfell border. Before the border, you'll see a path heading to the south, to a cave. This is the Folkpassage, heading to this town.

VROSTHEIM (SKYRIM)_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________

You can travel to a small fishing town, called Vrostheim, northeast of Windhelm, in a freezing cold area, close to the border of Morrowind. In this, perhaps most isolated town of Skyrim, Captain Redbeard (because he has a red beard) discoverd Vrostheims trade is in trouble and needs Dragonborn to help him. Beside some fishermen, there is a Khajiit dealer living there, giving you the best skooma. And there is an ancient holy place too, where you can pray.

How to go to Vrostheim: Travel from Windhelm to the northeast. You have to swim a little but that's not a problem for Dragonborn.

~Vrostheim, northeast of Skyrim, near the Morrowind border ~

REACH AREA EXPANDED TO THE SOUTH(UNDISPUTED)_________________________________________________________________________________

South of the Skyrim's province The Reach, two Reachmen settlements are located. These Reachmen are biding their time to reclaim Markarth, but it seems like this will take at least a couple of years, since the Reachmen are not only weakened since the Markarth Incident, but also too devided and decentralized.

Beside one small quest, there is no huge quest involved with these Reachmen. But you can walk, talk, trade, rest and make friends with these Reachmen. There is even the possibility to become a real Reachmen and live there if you want. The area is quite safe, you only have to get rid of a dangerous Black Dragon, breathing lightning. Roaargghh!

~ Black Dragon in Reachmen area ~

PRINCIPALITY OF MORREATH (HAMMERFELL)__________________________________________________________________________________________

Last, but not least: this mod offers you a Redguard Principality; Morreath, also known as Morkreath, just across the border in Hammerfell! It's a small principality, perhaps the size of 1/2 hold. The capital is Morreath, with it's brownred walls. But there is also a small town and a few farms scattered around in one of the coldest areas in Hammerfell. Morreath is located in a cold, mountainous area. Only the southern part is not snow covered throughout the year and usable for agriculture.  Lately, Morreath keeps refugees from Skyrim, who fled the civil war.

In the capital of Morreath, a trader is resting in it's inn; a wolf in sheepsclothing. He is not nice after all and seems to be a member of a group of bandits, hiding near Morreath. You will be greatly rewarded, after you got rid of the bandits, with a small house in Hammerfell! So, if you ever wanted to live in Hammerfell, this is the mod! 

How to go to Morreath: Cross the Skyrim/Hammerfell border and just follow the path to the west. You'll first pass a small border town. And after 1 minute walk, follow the signs and turn right. You can not miss it.

Team Beyond Skyrim creates Hammerfell at this moment, a team which I support fully, work with- and am part of. This principality of Morreath I created is not directly linked with- and part of Beyond Skyrim's Hammerfell, nor have I used their assets.

~The principality of Morreath, Hammerfell ~

Like my other mods, this one makes use of the worldspace behind the Skyrim border and truly expands the game.

AS-LAL EXTENSION FOR FOLKSTEAD, MORREATH & VROSTHEIM__________________________________________________________________________

This additional mod, made by Jknjb , which is also downloadable from this site, gives you the opportunity to start your character in one of these three locations!
Your character will spawn at the map marker in Folkstead, the map marker on the island of Vrostheim, or the map marker in East Morreath, depending on what you select. You will start with a basic suit of iron armor, a set of steel weapons, a woodcutter's axe and a pickaxe, a set of clothes, 10 lockpicks, 10 restore health potions and 500 gold.

To play this mod, you need the Alternate Start-Live Another Life from Arthmoor .
Alternate Start-Live Another Life

THIS MOD CONTAINS:_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________

  • Folksteadpassage, south of Falkreath, with a small miner's settlement; Mjolgrove
  • Folkstead: A new Nordic town with NPC's, a passage and a shrine, south of Falkreath
  • Vrostheim, a fishing town near the border of Morrowind, northeast of Windhelm with a quest
  • Expanded the Reach area to the south, adding two Reachmen settlements. And these Reachmen won't instantly attack you.
  • Landscaped land behind Skyrim's border in Hammerfell
  • Morreath: A Redguard Principality with NPC's, west of Falkreath in Hammerfell.
  • In Morreath: A players home and playerschest - you have to earn it. But then you have a house in Hammerfell!
  • A few small new locations near Skyrim's borders and a mountainpass
  •  Four quests, Three new ingredients and a Khajiit follower
  • You can brew Green Dragon in Folkstead and Firebrand Beer in Vrostheim, strong beers!


- The TES II Spider is back! The Iliac Bay spider, mostly found in small groups, has the ability to paralyze it's victim and then eat it alive.
- The Black Dragon, breaths lighting and drains your life and magic. A couple of these can be found in mainly cold areas of the Skyrim border.
- The Woolly Rhino, can be found in cold mountainous areas, bordering Hammerfell and Cyrodill.
- A bigger cousin of the slaughter fish, which can be found in the Sea of Ghosts. This blue colored monster inflicts a lot of damage by it's bite and has the ability to electrocute you. Suddenly the Sea of Ghosts is more dangerous.
- Skeleton Guardian: stronger skeleton with armor, tough enemy for low level players. Can be found everywhere.

HOW TO UNLOCK THE BORDERS:____________________________________________________________________________________________________

You have to edit the file Skyrim.ini. There are two locations where you can find this file. You should not
have the one in your Skyrim data folder, where you put the mods for
example, but the one in your General folder (I think it is: User/My
Documents/My Games/Skyrim).
If you found the Skyrim.ini file, type: bBorderRegijavascript-event-stripped0 in the section [General]. That should work.

COMPATIBLE WITH:__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

- Unique Border Gates
- Beyond Reach
- Gray Cowl of Nocturnal
- The Cyrodiil Frontier - Fight Against the Thalmor II

TRANSLATION OF THE FOLKSTEAD MOD:______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Chinese translation of Folkstead

French translation of Folkstead

Japanese translation of Folkstead

Polish translation of Folkstead

Spanish translation of Folkstead

MY THANKS GO TO.:______________________________________________________________________________________________________________

- Jknjb for making the AS-LAL Extension for Folkstead, Morreath and Vrostheim! And of course this couldn't have happened without Arthmoor, who made the Alternate Start-Live, thank you for your permission!
- Thank you Jknjb, Spacepotato1, RediLink and Tomoko for giving some NPC's the right voice they need!
- Keithinhanoi for fixing the CTD near Vrostheim and giving me useable advises.
- Viltuska to use the Woolly Rhino, downloadable from GendunDrup's site [/url]Nexus Creature Resource.
- Laiilaiiheii for making the wonderful video about my mods.
- The people playing my mods and posting their feedback, much appreciated.
- Thanks Bethesda for the fantastic game and Jeremy Soule for the beautiful music.

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There could be some grammar mistakes; I am sorry. I am Dutch, not English.

May Talos guide you and good luck;


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