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Many players want overhauls for female heads and many dont have the time or dont know how to do that.
Thats why i share my heads patches with you, more will come.
This mod works with ALL THE LANGUAGES!

Permissions and credits
English isnt my mothers language, i try my best, that all can understand me :-)

To all the mods creators so far: Thank you so much for allowing me to use your mods!

All the female heads overhaul patches need Botox for Skyrim created by Kaspar

Patches for following mods so far with permission from the mod creators:

Shumer and the Fall of Allagard created by agerweb
Nyhus and the Border of Cyrodiil created by JoopvanDie 
Haafstad and the Border of High Rock created by JoopvanDie
Folkstead and the Border of Hammerfell created by JoopvanDie
The Elder Scrolls V MIDDLE-EARTH Redone ENG created by Maldaran

All the images are without ENB and all have 4k resolution, if you want to see more details, zoom in.

Small Tips and Infos

1. If you want a patch from here but you dont want that Botox replace heads from other NPCs
   then if you install Botox press No to All and so long the mod install is complete, disable the Botox_CharGen.esp
You can use a mod which make helmets, hoods, hats invisible on NPCs, if you want to see always the faces.
3. An outfit mod is always good if you want to remove the headgears from one or more NPCs to see their faces.
4. Very rare and only on first time if you meet one NPC can happen that you see her with double hairs, thats not a bug!
  Just visit the NPC few game days later or save and restart Skyrim from desktop.
5. It can happen sometimes that one NPC have a different forehead colour, if you meet one send me a message with NPC IP and i will fix it.
6. If you install the mod
The Elder Scrolls V MIDDLE-EARTH Redone ENG for the first time, the HEADS will HAVE DIFFERENT COLOUR as the bodies on NPCs.
This happens cause the mod have the meshes for the heads in the wrong folder.
Here is the solution in two steps:
First go in Skyrim/Data/Meshes/actors/character/FaceGenData/facegenom folder and copy the TESVMiddelearthII.esp folder.
Second paste the TESVMiddelearthII.esp folder inside FaceGenData/FaceGeom folder. Install my patch after.
If you install the patch 
The Elder Scrolls V MIDDLE-EARTH Redone ENG v1.0 heads, on first and second warning about different version press both times NO
and on third warning about overwrite press ofc Yes to All.