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- Adds 9 mounted guard and Imperial patrols.
- Lite, Extra lite and guard only versions available.
- Adds a tent and 2 to 3 NPCs near the Imperial Camps. Blends in during Civil War.
- Horses of dead riders return to camps or holds. Everyone respawns.

Permissions and credits

             *** NO SCRIPTS *** NAVMESHED *** TESVEDIT CLEANED ***

Please indicate which patrol has issues, so I can resolve any problems faster.

          Optional (NOT REQUIRED): Use CLOAKS OF SKYRIM  by Noodles, if you want to have cloaks show up on this mod. If not, no cloaks. Great mod.
          Optional (NOT REQUIRED): Use IMPERIAL MAGE ARMOR by Natterforme, if you want red mage robes, otherwise regular mage robes will be used.
          Optional (NOT REQUIRED): Use IMMERSIVE ARMORS by Hothtrooper44, if you want that General armor, otherwise Tullius armor will be used.
          Optional (NOT REQUIRED): Use OPEN FACE GUARD HELMETS by axonis, if you want guard helmets shown in images.
          Optional (NOT REQUIRED): Use TOWN GUARD ARMOR RETEXTURE by Gulch, if you want the guard armors shown in the images. Great mod.
          Optional (NOT REQUIRED): Use HORSE CLOAKS FOR CH (WITH HDT PHYSICS) by Hypno, if you want Imperial Horse cloaks.
          Optional (NOT REQUIRED): Use MOUNTED COMBAT FOR EVERYONE AND COMBAT UPGRADES by rymon23, if you want mounted combat for my riders

Thanks to Shawn Driscoll for the video

My riders will fight on horseback with this mod below installed. Pretty cool, huh.

Thanks to SEXX for the video

***** LOAD ORDER *****

- Use LOOT. You can keep this pretty low. It only adds new NPCs to the game.


This mod adds 9 mounted Imperial and 9 mounted guard patrols to Tamriel. If one or more die in a group, the rest will still follow each other.
Horses will return to the Imperial camps or holds, if rider dies. No mounted combat (beyond my comprehension).
Riders will dismount to attack. Use  Mounted Combat For Everyone and Combat Upgrades by rymon23 . See above video

All NPCs respawn.
Leaders are non-essential and can be killed by anyone.
A tent and NPCs are added to the Imperial camps and should blend in with the Civil War. Fully navmeshed.

***** You can use Imperial and guard armor replacers with all versions *****



- 2 to 3 NPCs added at each Imperial camp location.
- 2 Penitus Oculatus guards and 2 horses added at Dragon Bridge.
- Changed all saddles on horses to Imperial ones at all Imperial camps to be consistent with mine.



              --------------------------------------------------- ORIGINAL VERSION ---------------------------- LITE VERSION ----------- EXTRA LITE VERSION
   From Whiterun Camp ----------------------------- 7 riders ---------------------------------------- 4 riders --------------------- 2 riders
   From Rift Camp ------------------------------------ 7 riders ---------------------------------------- 4 riders --------------------- 2 riders
   From  Eastmarch Camp --------------------------- 7 riders ---------------------------------------- 4 riders --------------------- 2 riders
   From  Hjaalmarch Camp -------------------------- 7 riders (Penitus Oculatus) ----------------- 4 riders --------------------- 2 riders
   From Winterhold Camp --------------------------- 7 riders ---------------------------------------- 4 riders --------------------- 2 riders
   From Falkreath Camp ----------------------------- 7 riders ---------------------------------------- 4 riders --------------------- 2 riders
   From Tent NE of Dragon Bridge ----------------- 7 riders ---------------------------------------- 4 riders --------------------- 2 riders
   From  Pale Camp ---------------------------------- 7 riders ---------------------------------------- 4 riders --------------------- 2 riders
   From Reach Camp --------------------------------- 5 riders and 2 large dogs ------------------- 4 riders --------------------- 2 riders
  At Whiterun Camp -------------------------------- 1 rider will patrol near camp after sandboxing and sleeping (ALL 3 versions)


              ---------------------------------------------- ORIGINAL/LITE/GUARD ONLY VERSIONS --------------------------------------- EXTRA LITE VERSION

              Patrolling near each of the 9 holds ------------- 1 Captain and 2 guards ----------------------------------------------- 1 Captain and 1 guard


For new versions: Deactivate and then delete old version. Make clean save. Then, activate new version. Load clean save.
I believe this is the safest way.


- Not compatible with any mod that changes navmesh or moves objects near the Imperial Camps.

- Compatible with armor replacer mods.

- Compatible with all my mods

- Not fully compatible with:

- When Vampires Attack
- Run For Your Lives
- Holidays

My NPCs will be called into buildings, even though they are part of the correct exemption faction.
Horses might follow, even though they shouldn't be able to go through doors.
I use "
NPCs Protected Redux and Extra Guards", instead.
You can also use "
Immersive Citizens". It doesn't affect the behavior of NPCs riding horses.

- The wonderful missjennabee has made a patch for HOP Vanilla and ETaC in version 13.5.3 and higher
Expanded Towns and Cities


                                     1.2 - new follow package - nonessential leaders (killable by anyone)
1.1 - horse are now essential - faction fixes
                        1.0 - adds Imperial and guard patrols - adds Imperial camps


Skyrim Immersive Creatures by lifestorock for the Stormcloak saddle.

Nexus Mod community for being inspired.

Bethesda for great game.


HOP - Horses On Patrol - Dawnguard

Thanks to
Nozi87 for the video

Extra Guards

-Adds 491 or 208 guards to the game.
-Adds 226 guards with ETaC compatible version.
-Guards respawn.

Thanks to Shawn Driscoll for the video

Stormcloak Battle Armor Replacer