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About this mod

Control regeneration rates for Health, Magicka and Stamina at any time in the game.

Permissions and credits

Modding for standard Skyrim is no longer supported. The Skyrim SE version of this mod can be found here.


The mod gives you an ability to customization of regeneration rates for Health, Magicka and Stamina.


  • Powered by SkyUI (MCM only)
  • Supporting modes: sleeping, waiting, sitting, running, sprinting
  • Supporting potions and food
  • Supporting combat modes
  • Supporting courage & fatigue modes
  • Supporting items, magic effects and abilities
  • FISS support



Updating from 3.x:
  • Just overwrite files (install new version) and continue playing

Updating patches from 3.11 to 3.12+:

  • CRX: delete the old .esp and use the new patch
  • Gromits Cooking Recipes: delete old .esp; now its supported out of box

Updating from old version 2.x to 3.x:
  • Deinstall old version as described in this README (see below)
  • Install new version as described in this README (see below)
  • Possible you have to use Save game script cleaner
  • Either start a new game :>

Is this mod for you?

The mod is considered as a constructor, a builder [of your own reality], you name it and not as a predefined preset for your play through (still, some presets are included). Because there are a lot of things that might change the balance of the game, this mod follows next rule:

It has been said something as small as the flutter of a butterfly's wing
can ultimately cause a typhoon halfway around the world.

- Chaos Theory

The mod gives you an ability to control regeneration rates for most situations in the game. Still, there is a lot of work to be done.

If you like to play with own rules, then this mod is for you.

If you are looking for a bold balancing mod you have to look some overhauls around, mostly because they covers much more than just regeneration rates.

Things that mod does

The mod is based around of modifying next actor values depending on the situation: HealRate, MagickaRate and StaminaRate.

Plus it can handle next values in the combat mode: CombatHealthRegenMult, fCombatMagickaRegenRateMult and fCombatStaminaRegenRateMult.

Please read the HOWTO file included with the mod to obtain details if you don't know what I said above.

Also the mod is watching what you are doing and what effects are active, such as: sitting, running, sprinting, combat, active effects of potions of regeneration, food; controls rates for sleeping, waiting; changing actor values when PC is in the werewolf form.
And more.


Versions 3.xx of this mod should be compatible with everything.
You have to enable or disable options and look if your mods are working properly with Realistic Regeneration.

This mod modifies player variables:

  • HealRate
  • MagickaRate
  • StaminaRate

In most cases the mod is NOT compatible with any mods which change player variables above somehow (doesn't matter how exactly!).

The mod does NOT change any NPCs values.
The mod does NOT change any race values.
The mod does NOT change any variables for potions, food, etc.

Fully compatible:

Partially compatible:

Patch required: (see miscellaneous files on the download page)


All mods listed as incompatible will working fine together with Realistic Regeneration.
But you can't control regeneration rates for food, potions (if a mod covers them).
That's means you can't increase or decrease rate of regeneration.


Just left options for food/potions as "DISABLED" inside of MCM for Realistic Regeneration to live with that.

Load order

Better keep Realistic_Regeneration.esp file at bottom of your load list because of changes for magic effects in the vanilla game. See details described above at "Compatibility" section.

Food, potions mods and Realistic Regeneration

Starting 3.12 the mod was optimized to better compatibility with food and potions mods. At the time of writing this document, preferred load order:

  • OsareFood.esp
  • CookingExpanded.esp
  • GM-HMSPotions3SecsWeighted.esp
  • GM-CookingRebalanceFinal.esp
  • CRX.esp
  • CRX+Realistic_Regeneration.esp <-- download the patch for CRX.esp
  • Realistic_Regeneration.esp

If you don't have some files its ok. The list above is just an example.

If you have some mods that listed as compatible place them before/above Realistic_Regeneration.esp as it was shown in the list above.

If you have some mods that listed as incompatible (see Compatibility section above) place them after/below Realistic_Regeneration.esp.

Bugs & Issues

Issue #1

When you are awake after sleeping you may notice that a health (either magicka, stamina) after a few seconds passed has been increased (decreased) to a higher (lower) value.

All is ok, as intended.

Issue #2

Starting from version 3.07 of this mod the new fatigue's effects were added. Well, it is possible that your attributes health, magicka, stamina (as you defined in options) decreases when you do next things.

Let's take an example for stamina fatigue effect when you are running. Steps to reproduce bug (not always, but often):

  • You are running.
  • At this moment you open a map and do fast travel.
  • After you have arrived to destination you see that stamina has been decreased.

I don't know how to fix this issue at the moment. I have to find a time to investigate this issue.


Stop before opening a map, this will stop fatigue effect.



Q. Realistic, you said? This is not a realistic!
A. Real reality is not exists. Each of us feel reality on his own.

Q. Numbers... I don't understand them!
A. This mod controls next actor values, below showed default numbers:

  • HealRate = 0.7
  • MagickaRate = 3.0
  • StaminaRate = 5.0

Higher values means faster regeneration rate.

Please, read HOWTO file included with this version of the mod for more information. It is hard to explain all details in this F.A.Q.

Q. Why I am able only to decrease values?
A. As intended. This is a hardcore mod. Sadly to say, but vanilla game is too easy on my taste.

Starting from 3.04 you're able to increase values as you wish.

Q. What's about potions, food?
A. Supported.

Q. What's about weapons, fights?
A. Combat mode is supported.

Starting from 3.04 was added "Courage" option, so your fights might looks more realistic,
e.g. stamina may regenerates up to +20 points/second. Currently, the feature is testing.

Q. How exactly works settings for potions, food, etc?
A. In brief, the settings for potions has highest priority.

The default regeneration rate is placed under "Staying" settings. It has special priority.

Priorities from highest to lowest:

  • Waiting/sleeping/werewolf **
  • Abilities **
  • Potions
  • Food
  • Combat *
  • Items
  • Sprinting
  • Running
  • Sitting
  • Staying **

That's means the food (potions) settings overwrites any other settings, but for a limited amount of time.

* In 3.12+ combat settings will take priority over sprinting, running and items (!).

** This settings have special priority, see the list below.

Special priorities:

  • Staying <---- so called "DEFAULT" rate *
  • Waiting/Sleeping/Werefolf **
  • Spells (abilities) ***

* This is the main entry point of the mod. Values defined here will be set via ForceAv() command for HealRate, MagickaRate and StaminaRate.
So, by all means these values represents your default regeneration rates for most situations until they will be overwritten by other settings in this mod, such as different values for potions, food, you named it.

** Currently waiting/sleeping/werewolf settings overwrites any settings, including potions, food, etc settings.
If waiting/sleeping options were set to "DISABLED" then into account will be taken your current regeneration rate (at the moment when you have opened the wait/sleep menu). See the formula below for details.

*** As 3.09 the behavior for abilities was changed.
Now it is an addition to your current rate at the moment.
So, the abilities will have better means for your character.

Q. The regeneration rate when sleeping/waiting too high!
A. Yes, as intended. In game hours will be converted to real ones. To gain new value for a health you should wait the same amount of hours in real time. If you are real hardcore player just disable regeneration at all.

Also, please note that in 3.xx versions the formula has changed:

Gained amount of attribute = <RATE> * 3600 * <AMOUNT OF HOURS>

For instance, you set the rate to 0.01 for health regeneration, so:
Total health after a sleep = <health before a sleep> + (0.01 * 3600 * hours)



For NMM, MO users:

  • Download, install and activate the mod as any other.
  • Follow instructions from p.3 below

For all:

  • Unpack the contents of the archive to your "..\Skyrim\Data" folder.
  • Check Realistic_Regeneration.esp file in your mod manager.
  • Run Skyrim via SKSE exe file.
  • Enter to Mod Settings and exit from menu: Esc -> MOD SETTINGS -> TAB -> TAB.
  • Wait 5-10 seconds until you have to received the message "Realistic Regeneration Disabled" at the top left corner of the screen.
  • Enter to Mod Settings and customize it on your taste.


  • In Mod Settings disable the mod and wait 5 seconds
  • Save the game
  • Deactivate the mod in your mod manager
  • Delete files of the mod from the directory "..\Skyrim\Data" (for non-NMM/MO users)