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About this mod

Control regeneration rates for Health, Magicka and Stamina at any time in the game.

Permissions and credits

The mod gives you an ability to customize regeneration rates for Health, Magicka and Stamina.


  • Powered by SkyUI (MCM only)
  • Supporting modes: sleeping, waiting, sitting, running, sprinting, sneaking
  • Supporting potions and food
  • Supporting combat modes
  • Supporting courage & fatigue modes
  • Supporting items, magic effects and abilities
  • FISSES support



Starting 4.03 version, the mod is distributing in 3 forms:

  • ESP (loose) - this version was default prior 4.03
  • ESP with BSA
  • ESL with BSA

Updating from previous versions to latest is safe in next cases:

  • ESP (loose) -> ESP (loose)
  • ESP (loose) -> ESP with BSA and vice versa
  • ESL -> ESL

Use ESL version on a new game only. This notice is for those, who updating to 4.03 first time.


The mod is considered as a constructor, a builder [of your own reality], you name it and not as a pre-defined preset for your play through. Because there are a lot of things that might change the balance of the game, this mod follows the next rule:

It has been said something as small as the flutter of a butterfly's wing can ultimately cause a typhoon halfway around the world.
- Chaos Theory

The mod gives you an ability to control regeneration rates for most situations in the game. Still, there is a lot of work to be done.

If you like to play with own rules, then this mod is for you.

If you are looking for a bold balancing mod you have to look some overhauls around, mostly because they covers much more than just regeneration rates.


The mod is based around of modifying the next actor values depending on the situation: HealRate, MagickaRate and StaminaRate.

Plus, it can handle the next values in a combat mode: CombatHealthRegenMult, fCombatMagickaRegenRateMult and fCombatStaminaRegenRateMult.

Note: Please read HOWTO file included with the mode to obtain details, if you don't know what was said above.

Also, the mod is watching what you are doing and what effects are active, such as: sitting, running, sprinting, sneaking, combat, active effects of potions of regeneration, food; controls rates for sleeping, waiting; changing actor values when PC is in the werewolf form.
And more.


The mod is designed to be compatible with everything.
You have to enable or disable options and look if your mods are working properly with Realistic Regeneration.

This mod modifies player variables (via ForceAv & MagicEffects):

  • HealRate
  • MagickaRate
  • StaminaRate

Also, it may modify such variables depending on player's decision:
  • CombatHealthRegenMult
  • fCombatMagickaRegenRateMult
  • fCombatStaminaRegenRateMult

Magic Effects modified to fix bugs related to regeneration rates:
  • Force Without Effort
  • The Fire Within
  • Restore Stamina [FoodRestoreStaminaDuration]
  • Restore Magicka [FoodRestoreMagickaDuration]
  • Sinderion's Serendipity [NN01PerkEffect]

The mod does NOT change any NPCs values.
The mod does NOT change any race values.
The mod does NOT change any variables for potions, food, etc.

If you have conflicts with some mods and you do not know what to do, then just left options as DISABLED inside of MCM for Realistic Regeneration.

100% compatibility mod list:

Patch required (see Files section):

Partially compatible
  • NPC Stat Rescaler - by default all races gets debuff -100% to HealRateMult. While this is not an issue for effects (items, food), you will be unable to enable your health generation rate for other situations, like sitting, until you remove the effect from the character by hands.

  • Eldritch Battery - Magicka Reloaded - modifies MagickaRate (conflicts with RealRegen) and MagickaRateMult. Either disable control of Magicka regeneration in RealRegen and use only the Battery mod, either don't use Battery at all.


Better keep RealisticRegeneration.esp file at bottom of your load list because of changes for magic effects in the vanilla game. See details at COMPATIBILITY section described above.


Issue #1

When you are awake after sleeping you may notice that a health (either magicka, stamina) after a few seconds passed has been increased (decreased) to a higher (lower) value.

All is ok, as intended.

Issue #2

Fatigue's effects and fast travel causes some weird results.

It is possible that your attributes Magicka or Stamina (as you defined in options) decrease when you are doing the next things.
Let's take an example for Stamina fatigue effect when you are running. Steps to reproduce the bug (not always, but often):

  1. You are running.
  2. At this moment you open a map and do fast travel.
  3. After you have arrived to the destination you'll see that Stamina has been decreased.

I don't know how to fix this issue at the moment.

Stop before opening a map, this will stop the fatigue effect.



Q. Realistic, you said? This is not a realistic!
A. Real reality is not exists. Each of us feel reality on his own.

Q. Numbers... I don't understand them!
A. This mod controls the next actor values, below showed default numbers:

  • HealRate = 0.7
  • MagickaRate = 3.0
  • StaminaRate = 5.0

Higher values means faster regeneration rate.
Please, read HOWTO file included with this version of the mod for more information. It is hard to explain all details in this F.A.Q.

Q. What's about potions, food?
A. Supported. Remember, a potion or a food should increase a regeneration rate and not just restore your attribute.

Q. How exactly works settings for potions, food, etc?
A. In brief, the settings for potions has highest priority.

The default regeneration rate is placed under "Staying" settings. It has a special priority.
Priorities from highest to lowest:

  1. Waiting/Sleeping/Werewolf *
  2. Abilities *
  3. Potions
  4. Food
  5. Combat
  6. Items
  7. Sneaking / Sprinting / Running / Sitting
  8. Staying *

That's means the potions settings overwrites any other settings, but for a limited amount of time.

* These settings have a special priority, see the list below.

Special priorities:

  1. Staying <---- so called "DEFAULT" rate *
  2. Waiting/Sleeping/Werewolf **
  3. Spells (Abilities) ***

* This is the main entry point of the mod. Values defined here will be set via ForceAv() command for HealRate, MagickaRate and StaminaRate. So, by all means these values represents your default regeneration rates for most situations until they will be overwritten by other settings in this mod, such as different values for potions, food, you named it.

** Waiting, Sleeping, Werewolf settings overwrites any settings, including potions, food, everything.

*** Settings for Abilities provides you an addition to your current rate at the moment. In that way, the abilities will have better means for your character.

Q. A regeneration rate when sleep is too high (low)!
A. Yes, as intended.

In game hours will be converted to real ones. To gain new value for Health you should wait the same amount of hours in real time.

Please note into account the formula below:
Gained amount of attribute = <RATE> * 3600 * <AMOUNT OF HOURS>

For instance, you set the rate to 0.01 for health regeneration, so:
Total health after a sleep = <health before a sleep> + (0.01 * 3600 * hours)

Q. The mod is too complicated for me. I'm lost!
A. I understand you, but I can not make all people happy.

Calm down, stop turning on all features in the mod at first. Now, try focus on what you really want from the mod and start turning on options one by one after some period of testing.

Q. I'm feeling that a regeneration rate is wrong.
A. Probably, some other mod is changing regeneration rates.

There are two different settings to control regeneration rates. This mod is using one kind of them. All potions, food, spells and items in the vanilla game are using the second type, see HOWTO for details. Some mods may use the same kind of settings as this mod does, which is a cause of weird results.

The only way to be sure is use Creation Kit or TES5Edit.

Q. I was using a version for classic Skyrim, why did you removed this or that?
A. I will try to give you a detailed explanation.

1. Templates.
When I created them I was thinking that "ok, let's finish this or that in the mod and I will start making amazing templates".

Well, it was never happened. Programming templates took a lot of the time. More than that, after you programed it, there is a chance that you had missed something or typed a wrong value. In the end, I have found that the only way to create templates is using FISS.

2. Internal save & load support.
The mod is growing still. Adding new variables to save & load routines takes a time. Not as big as for templates, but still, I always forgot to add some new variables. Probably, I will return back this feature, when the mod will have all needed features.

Q. Is the mod script heavy?
A. The mod is not script heavy. About 75% of all files are made for MCM.

Most features in the mod are based on Spell + Magic Effect scheme.
The next features are using scripts to change a regeneration:

  • Werewolf: polling interval is 2 seconds by default
  • Fatigue Nock: uses OnAnimationEvent() event
  • Sleep/Wait: uses OnMenuOpen(), OnMenuClose() events

Q. Why there are so many script files?
A. I did this by next reasons:

  1. Optimization: each script/quest is running on its own thread.
  2. It is really hard to maintain such a big mod in one file.
  3. It was neccessary at some point of development, when Creation Kit for classic Skyrim was unable to open Properties for the script with compiled size more than 128kb. I don't know and really do not want to know is the problem still exists for Creation Kit 64-bit.
  4. The development in such a way gives benefits when I need expand or reduce features of the mod. It is extreamely easy add or remove features: just add/delete a file, make one-line fix and that's all!


  1. Game Settings
  2. Discussion about regeneration at


For NMM, Wrye Bash/Smash users:
  • Download, install and activate mod as any other.
  • Follow instructions below from p.3

For all:
  1. Unpack the contents of the archive to your "Skyrim Special Edition/Data" folder.
  2. Check RealisticRegeneration.esp file in Mod Manager.
  3. Run Skyrim Special Edition via SKSE.
  4. Enter to "MOD CONFIGURATION" menu and exit: Esc -> MOD CONFIGURATION -> TAB -> TAB
  5. Wait 5-10 seconds until you receive message "Custom Difficulty UI disabled".
  6. Enter to "MOD CONFIGURATION" menu and customize it on your taste.


  1. In Mod Settings disable the mod.
  2. Save the game.
  3. Deactivate the mod in the Mod Manager.
  4. Delete files from the "Skyrim Special Edition/Data" folder if you are not using any Mod Manager.