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SkyUI Version 4.0+
SKSE Version 1.6.15+

SkyTweak is designed to be compatible with ANYTHING.
The code will scan for changes to gamesettings at key moments to insure this compatibility.
It is designed to detect changes made by virtually anything such as:
- Hardcoded Changes (The majority of mods use this)
- Scripts (MCM menus for example, are scripts)
- Even Console Commands

SkyTweak is NOT coded loop and scan constantly during gameplay.
While that would be an easy way to insure compatibility, it would also slow your gameplay.

See the bottom of the description page for more details

PS: Load order doesn't matter for any of these mods.

Intelligent Defaults
All menu sliders also feature intelligent defaults.
All sliders have default buttons, and these buttons don't just default you to vanilla status.
The default buttons actually detect your load order and default you to whatever your load order was set to.
Ontop of this it will detect changes made by the scripts of other mods in game.

Collection of Mods:
I'm in the process of completing info pages for my various mods.

I'm a busy modder so it might be while before it's all done.

A user review by GaistHeidegger @
SkyTweak - Skyrim Balance Tweaker is at first blush a more recent / thorough toolbox in the vein of BYOG - Balance Your Own Game--but after digging beneath the hood, there's a surprising amount of unexpected goodies to be found with this one. Presenting everything through a slick MCM interface, you've got a pretty broad spread of sliders and settings broken down, such as being able to independently adjust to taste the adjustment to damage dealt and damage received on a per-difficulty basis, stamina/magicka/health recovery rates, skill experience gain rates, and so forth.

Unexpectedly, however, is the ability to modify more comprehensive tweaks--like more directly tying and emphasizing skill levels in the magical schools to magnitude and cost, which is typically something you'd be turning to a mod like Empowered Magic to address. You can even give spells sneak attack modifiers if you're excited. Since I have been tooling with Duel, I was a bit concerned about how something like SkyTweak would interact with its adjustments to vanilla mechanics--and was pleasantly surprised to find that (provided it's kept later in the load order, which BOSS seems to do inherently) SkyTweak will pick up on the changes other mods in your list are making themselves and present them ready to go in its menus. Groovy!

Where SkyTweak really shines though is its optional gameplay checkboxes that do more than just poking and prodding vanilla numbers, such as the aforementioned spell sneak bonus--but there's one in particular that in my opinion just straight-up -fixes- something mods don't typically address: critical hit scaling! Ordinarily, critical hits are in practice not -actually- scaling off of skill/weapon damage/etc. as you'd expect they are--and as a result, as you get to higher levels, critical hits honestly become fairly inconseqential.

SkyTweak has a setting to get critical hits behaving like you'd actually expect them to--scaling off of weapon damage and skill level as you progress and keeping them relevant. There's also other toggles you can elect for, such as 'arrow famine'--which reduces the amount of ammo you find and makes ammunition non-recoverable--or a setting to adjust item tempering so that it no longer favors light armor and fast weapons especially heavily. You can also adjust things like field of view for stealth detection, how long it takes before you begin taking drowning damage, etc; it's pretty comprehensive and I recommend folks check it out, even if solely to use it for the critical hit correction!

Compatibility Measures
1 - SkyTweak menus will never show you incorrect information.
SkyTweak menus rescan gamesettings before you open them,
so they're always up to date with accurate information.

2 - SkyTweak will import the gamesetting information into the default button of every slider.
That way if you make a change with SkyTweak, but you want things back to normal, it's just a button click away.

3 - SkyTweak scans at several key points to prevent your gamesettings from undergoing a "rollback" during a save.

What is a "rollback"?
If SkyTweak fails to record changes before you save, then those changes won't be remembered the next time you load that save. So the next time you load, you will essentially be playing on rollback settings.

To prevent this: SkyTweak Will Scan during the 5 following events:
- When you open the SkyTweak Menu
- When you open or close your console
- When you open or close your system menu (IE press escape)

TLDR: This issue will never happen if you:
Save normally, in the System Menu (Esc Menu).
Or save with console commands.
Only Quicksaves and Autosaves are at risk of a rollback.
And even so, not all quicksaves/autosaves will be affected.
And at the end of the day, a rollback is only a minor annoyance at worst.

If you want even more in depth information, please visit my thread on STEP: