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  • Arissa 2.2 and Arissa Customizer Now Available

    In this release, Arissa gets compatibility with Become A Bard, Campfire, and a huge number of customization options using the new Arissa Customizer! See this page for complete patch notes.

    The Arissa Customizer adds all of the customization options you've come to expect from ClearanceClarence's customizers, including CBBE, UNP, and more. Use this with The Hairstyler by Lycanthrops to achieve the look you want.

    Looking Ahead

    This update marks the end of major support for Arissa for the foreseeable future. I will begin sunsetting support for Arissa in the near term as I begin focusing more on Campfire, Last Seed, Frostfall, and Art of the Catch. Unless a major bug is discovered, or unless other members of the team become...

  • Fanworks!

    One thing I've been completely loving about are what people have been up to with Arissa. I've decided to add all fan-based content here, so if you know of any, please comment and I will add. :)

    Scars of the Past - Second Chance by jessb81
    Scars of the Past - Proving Gumption by jessb81
    Scars of the Past - Up the Goat Track by jessb81
    Scars of the Past - Backing by jessb81
    Scars of the Past - Grey Stew by jessb81
    Scars of the Past - Araelia and Arissa by jessb81

    A Reunion of Friends by Courier_Loken


  • Progress of the next update

    I promised to write something, so here it is. :)

    What's been finished:

    Custom armour mesh, inspired by the Mercenary Armour from Immersive Armours

    Custom casual clothing mesh

    Knowledge dialogue written, sporadically adding more as we come to it

    Updating her look/appearance to provide a more consistent image, better reflect her age and experiences in the wild

    What's in progress:

    Battle AI: You will be able to coordinate how you want to proceed with enemy encounters in advance, or to have Arissa leave it to her best judgment

    Tweaking some issues with her follow distance

    Mesh texturing. I've been working on hand painting the textures and baking the normal map...

  • Arissa - The Wandering Rogue Now Available

    Hey folks,

    It's been a long, long time since I started talking about Arissa last year. After a long break from modding in order to focus on my indie game project, the time has finally come to bring Arissa into the light.

    Everyone on the team is thrilled to finally release her, and I look forward to hearing stories of everyone's adventures with Arissa. Thank you for your patience, and please enjoy the mod!

    The Arissa Team is:

    * Concept and Writing: Chesko & Nikkita
    * Main Scenario Writing: Nikkita
    * Arissa Voiced By: Nikkita
    * Music By: Gareth
    * Modeling: Lorelai & Apachii
    * Scripting & Development: Chesko
    * Gameplay Design: Chesko
    * Arissa's Outfit By: TheRoadStroker