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A Player House / Castle / Boarding School Mod

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Note:  The TKAA patch is designed to take full advantage of version 3 of TKAA (either one), & will cause CTD with version 1 or 2.

Dragons Keep:

This mod is my answer to a question that bugged me ever since my first playthrough - What can be done about all those orphaned kids running around Skyrim?  Being limited to adopting only a few kids still left several children without a place to call home, & ensuring their health & well being seemed like a noble endeavor at the time, so I decided to make a boarding school mod to house them in...

This mod will allow you to send up to 12 orphaned kids off to boarding school, where they will join other kids in class, recess, & other school activities.  This mod also includes a private home that you can use as your own if you so choose, as well as a private quarters area on the top floor of the school, & plenty of unassigned beds for followers on various parts of the school, if you need them.

Overall, there is room for 36 adult followers, 12 child student followers, a spouse, & six adopted children.  And, to make things more realistic, there are plenty of added NPC's who are training, attending classes, working, playing, relaxing, or otherwise involved in many other endeavors one would expect to see going on at a fully functional boarding school.

The dialogue system/MCM is designed with a twelve child recruitment limit in mind.  That means you can recruit six boys & six girls total, because there are only six beds available for each in the dorm rooms.

Dragons Keep will also work with the more popular adoptable elf & beast race children mods, & will allow you to even recruit the vanilla children who are not orphaned.  So, if you're one of those players who wants unruly children out of the picture, you'll be able to send them off to boarding school where they will quickly learn some manners.  The dialogue system turns off all adoption dialogue as long as they are students, & returns them to their previous state if they leave the school.

You will not be able to use this dialogue on any of the children in the Honorhall Orphanage until after the "Innocence Lost" mission is completed, otherwise it would break that quest & the orphans go missing.  Aventus is included in this, in case you use another mod to make him adoptable.



• Dragons Keep Academy – a Dragonsreach style estate that serves as a player home, as well as a boarding school for all those orphans of Skyrim
• Dragons Nest – a practical home with all the essentials, designed to be fully compatible with Hearthfire & the Hearthfire multiple adoptions mod
• Dragons Lair – a small hidden cave that can be used as a secret hideout or camping spot


• Set high on a mountaintop near Swindler's Den outside of Whiterun
• Accessed by crossing a Dragon Bridge style bridge between Dragons Keep Academy & Dragons Nest
• Panoramic views from three large patios
• Bathing Beauties style pool built into the private patio off the Master Suite

Main Hall:

• Dining Hall with seating for 48 dinner guests
• Lecture Room with 18 student capacity
• Library/Bookstore with 55 normal bookshelves & four encased ones for rare books (enough for 3000+ books, overall)
• Lots of room for trophies, display cases, or mannequins, etc.

Inner Hall (an additional wing behind the throne area):

• Green Room with bar behind throne area
• Cafeteria/Buffet style dining facilities for staff/guards
• Massive kitchen with dual fireplaces & large roasting pit
• Staff/servant living/sleeping quarters


• Multi-themed play area that includes a functional & explorable Castle Playset
• Carpeted story telling/book reading area
• Girls Dorm that sleeps twenty-four, & has a common area with a dollhouse & action figures
• Boys Dorm that sleeps twenty-four, & has a common area with a mini castle & action figures

Lower Hall:

• Chapel
• Alchemy Classrooms/Lab
• Enchanting Classrooms/Lab
• Olympic sized swimming pool with three diving platforms
• Combat training area with archery range, melee training area, & arena area
• Guard living/sleeping quarters
• Armory/Trophy Room

Private Quarters:

• Redesigned dual staircase/entryway which places the private quarters above the second level (where it should be)
• Private Dining area with seating for eight
• Three room master suite with a three person bed & dual exterior doors leading to a patio/private pool area
• Two additional bedrooms
• A Castle/Dungeon style suite (designed as living quarters for Serana)


• House sits atop a castle tower style platform overlooking Whiterun & the tundra wilderness, teaming with mammoths, elk, & deer
• Has stable area with six named horses, including a white one


• Upstairs has a master bedroom, & two additional adoption ready bedrooms with three beds each for six adopted kids
• Downstairs has a kitchen, dining, living, & den area


• Has all necessary crafting equipment (accessed by cellar door under left exterior porch)

• Basically a simple, modified, kid friendly version of Broken Helm Hollow, with an added exit leading to a dragongling nest area
• Entrance not noticeable until very near the obscured entrance (not on map, & not "discoverable")
• Camping area with campfire & a couple of bedrolls
• Booby trapped treasure chest
• Secret door leading to an additional room in the cave

• Updated version of Skyrim
• Dawnguard DLC
• Hearthfire DLC
• Dragonborn DLC

• My little hatchling Ram-Ku-Argonianboy
• My little kitty Ma-Rakha-Khajiitboy
• KhajiitChild Maisha
• Aymar and friends - Adoptable ElvenChildren (RS Children based)
• Tokkimoon's More Adoptable Children
• Adoptable Argonian Hatchling -Chases-Starlight
• Dovahkinder Complete Mod
• Hearthfire Multiple Adoptions (if you want to adopt up to six children)
• My Home Is Your Home 4.3
• All Follower Voice Types with Greetings
• Amazing Follower Tweaks
• Detailed Rugs
• Vanilla Mannequin Script Fix
• Multiple Floors Sandboxing
• Better Steel Arrows And Quiver
• Jaxons Utilities

Not Compatible With:

• Dragonsmount by maxrsp - If you don't like kids but want something similar, his mod is awesome!
• Mirai - the Girl with the Dragon Heart by kaleidx (only the later versions which edit the Lonely Mountain area are incompatible).
• Any other mods that use the same cells as this one

Compatible With:

• TES Arena - Skyrim Frontier Fortress (Blackmoore module), but you should place this mod on top of the Blackmoore module in your load order to make the blackmoore module run better. Thanks to adammcbane for testing this :)

• Agent of Righteous Might - these two mods are still playable together, but you cannot access the entrance to one of the quest locations of this mod unless you use the "tcl" console command to get there, because it is buried under the landscape from my mod.  This is the only reported conflict with these two mods, so you should be able to use them both as long as you're willing to use the console command to get inside for one quest.  Thanks to adammcbane & InMyBestInterest for testing & reporting this :)

• Uninstall any prior versions
• Install using NMM, or manually put the .esp file into your Skyrim Data folder

• Remove any items you want to keep
• Relocate any followers you don't want going missing
• Uninstall using NMM, or manually remove the .esp file from your Skyrim Data folder

• RS patch
• More children's clothing options

• maxrsp for the Dragonsmount mod, which was the inspiration for this mod
• Tamira for helping me out more times than I can count with various meshes, pointers, etc.  This mod is a lot better now because of her!
• MushRush for helping me figure out how to pimp my description page
• adammcbane for testing compatibility with the Blackmoore module of the TES Arena mod
• TMPheonix for helping me make this mod compatible with his Multiple Adoptions mod
• Ac3s, jet4571, Lupus78, & subtanker, for help with the Pool/Bed Unequip/Equip Activators
• mrpdean for providing an excellent bunkbed asset he created & allowed me to use
• Elianora, Tamira, Stroti, Arion, zira, Bellyache, LilaMue, Blary, Oaristys, Tony67, Percevan, Apachii, Harvey2112, Eldiabs, & Phitt for mod resources
• sLoPpYdOtBiGhOlE, Boombro, & Tamira for helping multiple times to take this mod to the next level & give me ideas for future plans
• Kalilies Stealthic Khaos and Shocky for the KS Hairdos - Renewal resources
• sLoPpYdOtBiGhOlE for creating the dialogue system & MCM which really takes this mod to the next level & makes it look professional
• laiilaiiheii for the awesome video showcase & walkthrough
• DUEC3M, GameDuchess, Kevin843, tehchacha3, wolfhawk5, shiva182, & thefirebirdman for helping test the SSE version
• All those who keep testing the mod & offering your feedback :)
• All the YouTubers who post excellent tutorial videos
• Bethesda for making the game
• The modding community for your ideas & inspiration
• More to come, I'm sure