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Blacksmiths and mages all over Skyrim will be able to craft, temper and enchant your equipment, including armor and weapons added by mods. The quality and price of their work will depend on their skill as craftsmen as well as your barter abilities. Fully customizable through an MCM menu.

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Skyrim is a land of Blacksmiths. The Nords are praised and celebrated for their legendary crafting skills and all throughout Tamriel, their might and prowess at the forge is widely known. Yet for all that, not a single smith in the game will bother to craft a shoehorn for you. No amount of coaxing, bribery or coercion will bend their will. They are determined. It's like they have joined a secret organization with the sole purpose of depriving you -the poor adventurer- of proper and adequate protection.

Not to mention the unhinged mages at Winterhold who make a living by enchanting things for the Nords -according to themselves- yet refuse to acknowledge your most trivial enchanting requests.

This mod is a humble attempt at thwarting this conspiracy.

With simplicity at its core, the mod was developed according to these principles:
  • Minimize conflicts with other mods.
  • Allow installation and removal at any point in a play-through, cleaning after itself in order not to leave trash in users' save files.
  • Inform users of runtime errors, stopping itself if necessary.
  • Avoid the generation of Papyrus warnings and errors.
  • Give priority to performance and efficiency. No polls or monitoring in the background, scripts should run on demand and stop when the tasks are completed.

Blacksmiths will craft and temper at your request. Enchanters will enchant and recharge items for you.
  • The skill level of the blacksmith /enchanter determines what perks they get, the type of equipment they can work with and the cost of their work. The cost will also depend on the value of the item, the materials used by the NPC and your barter skill and game economic settings.
  • If a blacksmith can't craft or temper an item, find another with higher skill level, or change their skill via the MCM menu.
  • The higher the skill of the blacksmith the higher the stats on crafted/tempered items. Low skill smiths are cheaper, but so is their work.
  • The higher the skill of the enchanter the more powerful the enchantments will be, and the costlier.
  • Money used to pay for services will go straight to the blacksmith/enchanter's inventory.
  • Blacksmiths will use their own materials and can acquire what they don't have at the expense of extra time and money. You'll still need to provide them with rare materials like dragon bones if you want them to craft something of that sort.
  • Enchanters will only know common enchantments. If you want a different enchantment you'll need to bring an item they can get the enchantment from.
  • Crafting, tempering and enchanting takes time by default.

Compatibility and load order

The mod makes no modifications to vanilla records so load order does not matter. Consequently, typical incompatibilities aren't possible, although, other mods may affect this one's functionality by way of myriad unforeseen interactions.

Two examples being Requiem and Dynamic Things, which interfere with the containers in the mod by attaching a script and intercepting the activation event respectively. In this case, these are completely harmless interactions, but I wanted to exemplify how it's nearly impossible to remain entirely isolated from other mods. And the naivety in claiming a mod is compatible with everything.

Naturally, I can say with the utmost confidence: this mod is compatible with everything.

Known Issues

The mod makes use of smithing and enchanting perks attached to the in-game perk trees for crafting and enchanting purposes. If you use a perk overhaul mod, it's possible some of these perks are not appropriate for the circumstances or the manner in which this mod uses them; they may cause problems or unwanted side effects. To remedy this, HM offers a configuration file under Data/SKSE/plugins/ called HonedMetal.ini where you can define the perk ids of whichever perk you don't want the mod to use and it will be blacklisted.These ids can be obtained by looking at your perk overhaul mod with a tool such as TESEdit.


SkyUI or SkyAway
SKSE 1.7.3 for Skyrim 1.9.32

Recommended Mods
Breakable Equipment System (if you must use a breakable equipment mod I recommend this one)

Enchanting Adjustments
MCM Recorder


Feel free to reuse, modify or redistribute this file or any of its assets however you see fit. I only ask that you include the source files of your work and grant the same level of liberties I'm offering.

Thanks to the SKSE team for the great SKSE. Specially Purple Launch Box who implemented the required functions I needed for the first editions of the mod.
Thanks to Ryan McKenzie for his SKSE64 VS example project.
Thanks to Zack047 for providing me with SSE's CK, without which the SSE release wouldn't have been possible.
Thanks to Barbelos for helping me identify the AE plugin registration issue and Varricon for testing and confirming the fix.
Thanks to Zireal1251 and TheMagician16 for maintaining and providing support for the previous SSE ports.
Thanks to Dienes and MrJack from the old Beth forums.

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To Tiffany, who shattered my heart into a thousand pieces. I could not regret loving you any more than I could regret knowing life. Both intrinsically painful, heart wrenching experiences; full of longing and wistfulness but ultimately beautiful. For there is beauty in both happiness and sorrow.
I hope someone else will be there to pull you out before the tide flows my love.