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Blacksmiths and mages all over Skyrim will be able to craft, temper and enchant your equipment, including any armor and weapons added by mods. The quality and price of their work will depend on their skill as blacksmiths and enchanters as well as your barter prowess. Fully customizable through an MCM menu.

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Skyrim is a land of Blacksmiths. The Nords are praised and boasted for their legendary crafting skills and all over Tamriel, the tales of their prowess at the forge are known. Yet, for all of this, not a single smith in the game will bother to craft a shoehorn for you. No amount of coaxing, bribery or coercing, will bend their will. They are determined. It is as if they've joined a secret organization which sole purpose is to deprive you, the poor adventurer, from proper, adequate protection.
And let's not mention the unhinged mages at Winterhold that according to themselves, make a living by enchanting things for the Nords and yet refuse to even acknowledge your most trivial enchanting requests.
This mod is a humble attempt at thwarting this conspiracy.


This mod is very simple by nature. It was developed according to these principles:
  1. Try to minimize conflicts or interferences with other mods.
  2. Be able to be safely turned off and uninstalled at any time; cleaning after itself in order not to leave garbage in users' save files.
  3. Be flexible enough to be installed at any point during a play-through, over any other mod.
  4. Detect if something is wrong, inform the user and auto-shutdown.
  5. Avoid generating papyrus errors.
  6. Be light and performant; run scripts on demand and stop immediately after its task are completed.No polls or monitoring in the background.
Blacksmiths will craft and temper at your request. Enchanters will enchant and recharge items for you.
  • The skill level of the blacksmith /enchanter determines what perks they get, the type of equipment they can work with and the cost of their work. The cost will also depend on the value of the item, the materials used by the NPC and your barter skill and game economic settings..
  • If a blacksmith can't craft or temper an item, find another with higher skill level, or change their skill via the MCM menu.
  • The higher the skill of the blacksmith the higher the stats on crafted/tempered items. Low skill smiths are cheaper, but so is their work.
  • The higher the skill of the enchanter the more powerful the enchantments will be, and the costlier. 
  • Money used to pay for services will go straight to the blacksmith/enchanter's inventory.
  • Blacksmiths will use their own materials and can acquire what they don't have at the expense of extra time and money. You'll still need to provide them with rare materials like dragon bones if you want them to craft something of that sort.
  • Enchanters will only know common enchantments. If you want a different enchantment you'll need to bring an item they can get the enchantment from.
  • Crafting, tempering and enchanting takes time by default.
Compatibility and load order

The mod makes no modifications to vanilla records so typical incompatibilities aren't possible, although other mods may affect its functionality if they make additions to the smithing and enchanting perk trees. The severity of these interferences range from NPCs producing weaker -or stronger- enchantments and tempering, to the inability of crafting items of certain materials. This occurs because HM uses vanilla enchanting and smithing perks and mod-added perks may be needed to be able to work with certain items.

If you think a mod changes the smithing and enchanting perk trees, test it out. It is perfectly safe to do so. The worse that can happen is that NPCs will be unable to fulfill your order.

The mod will automatically recognize if you are using Requiem, Perma, SkyRe, Ordinator, Sperg, Ace or Smithing Perks Overhaul and will imports essential perks from these mods -as well as blacklist vanilla ones depending on the case- so that NPCs are able to craft and enchant without hindrances and to maintain proper balance according to the vision of each mod.

Load order does not matter.

Known Issues

None at the moment.


TES Skyrim v1.9.32.0
MSVC++ 2019 or later
SKSE 1.7.3 or later
SkyUI or SkyAway

Recommended Mods


Feel free to reuse, modify or redistribute this file or any of its assets however you see fit. I only ask that you include the source files of your work and grant the same level of liberties I'm offering.

Thanks to the SKSE team for the great SKSE. Specially Purple Launch Box who implemented the required functions I needed to get this going.
Thanks to Dienes and MrJack for all their help. These guys rock.
Thanks to the authors of the myriad of posts I perused  on the Beth forums while looking for answers and Bethesda for implementing a decent search tool on their forums. (The old forums are gone and new ones are trash.)