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Aurora is a cozy little fishing village on the southern shore of Lake Ilinalta. It is designed to blend into the world of Skyrim while also adding its own unique charm.

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Aurora is a cozy little fishing village on the southern shore of Lake Ilinalta. It is designed to blend into the world of Skyrim while also adding its own unique charm.

My goal with this mod was to make a new town that felt like it was there all along. There are no new clutter items or out-of-place NPCs. All trainers in the town are journeyman level, making this village a good alternative for low-level players who are tired of Riverwood and Whiterun. Thanks to radiant quests, the town will remain relevant through the higher levels as well.

All Aurora trainers are Journeyman level (training up to skill level 50).
  • Alchemy
  • Archery
  • Enchanting
  • Smithing
  • Sneak
  • Two-Handed

All shops have investment opportunities.
  • Alchemist
  • Blacksmith
  • Fisherman
  • Food & Drink (Inn)
  • General Goods
  • Hunting Supplies
  • Spell Shop

  • Lorm, a mercenary who specializes in heavy armor and 2-handed weapons
  • Brandolf, a veteran-turned-drunk whose loyalty can be bought with a mug of ale

  • A modest player home
  • 8 potential marriage partners
  • Town guards change according to who owns Falkreath Hold
  • A Hall of the Dead complete with coffin references for all village NPCs
  • Radiant quest integration, including Thieves Guild quests

You can learn more about the NPCs and their lives by exploring their homes and reading any letters or journals you find. Like any village, Aurora has seen its share of jealousy, grief, and hardship.


This mod should work alongside any mod that does not alter the same exterior cells. I have not changed any vanilla assets, quests, or scripts. That being said, some mods may not affect the village or its inhabitants without a patch.

Immersive Creatures adds some skeletons to the graveyard (the graveyard was already there and I built the village around it). They will resurrect and attack the player when you go near them. The mod works fine alongside mine, just something to be aware of.

Mods that add enemies to the world such as Immersive Patrols, Monster Mod and Warzones may cause enemies to spawn or patrol inside the town. If you really don't want any townspeople to get killed by these mods, you can use the optional Protected version of the mod.

These mods affect nearby cells, but do not overlap with my mod:
  • Places: Oakwood does not share any cells with my mod.
  • Bluecreek Estate is across the lake and overlooks the village. It's even built in the same farmhouse style.
  • Lakeview Manor mods should work fine alongside Aurora Village. The village is several cells away from it.

The installer includes patches for the following mods:
  • Holidays - now Aurora will celebrate holidays just like vanilla towns
  • Real Shelter - take shelter under rooftops in Aurora
  • RS Children Overhaul - village kids don't look weird with this mod installed anymore

The authors of these mods have generously provided patches for Aurora Village. You can download them on their respective mod pages.

These mods overlap some of the same cells and unfortunately will conflict with Aurora Village.


The road signs were made using Hana's Blank Roadsigns by Hanaisse.

I made this village when I was first learning how to use the Creation Kit, and it just kept growing and improving. Thanks to Darkfox127 and so many others for their amazing tutorials!

German translation by Apollo1975
Polish translation by anathema83
French translation by Sita