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Hey everyone, wanted to give you all an update on what to expect.  I apologize that this is taking so long but I want to make sure it works like a charm on day one!
1.4 Patch Preview
(Those Colored In Green are finished,  Yellow is working on it, Red is Haven't Started)

Frostfall Tents

-All deployable frostfall tents will now visually shelter rain and snow, with a completely redone rain particle emitter that looks near exactly like the one skyrim uses!
(I have never seen anyone else use this particle system yet, I don't think most of the community knows it even exists)

-The direction of falling snow while under shelter will now loosely match the direction of the snow outside
(I have also decided to make sheltered frostfall tents a standalone mod, for promotional purposes and due to the fact that it technically is its own mod

-I Hope everyone has some kickass graphics cards,  cause if you want you can now put up to 128 snow emitters around the opening of your tent.  Compared with the matching wind direction, loooooks goooooooooood

-Weather will now change while you are under shelter.  Yay!
-When entering a shelter, the rain and snow will quickly fade out in a split second rather than just disappear
(While not 100% realistic, it FEELS more realistic and immersive,  completely optional - can be toggled in MCM menu or console commands)
-Scratch that,  scratch that,  found a different approach

-Dragonsreach balcony is now property sheltered

-Yes it is back. 
-Now you can switch sheltered rain and snow textures in-game! 

-For Frostfall you can set rain and snow densities while inside tents

R.S.Patcher 2.0
(The changes below are not necessary for 1.4 functionality so may not be included in release)
-Will now support the following mods:
-Warburg's 3D Maps

-You now have the option to have frostfall recognize real shelter weathers.
  (Enable this option in MCM menu to make sheltering from storms just that much harder)

-Will give you the option to remove the Frostfall Image Modifier that is put on when you go under shelter for visual purposes
(Rather I will create an override and change the value of the Image Modifier so it doesn't visually change anything)
-It might also add an ITM of some Shader Particle Emitters to ensure compatibility with other mods

The above change will be moot in a few weeks

-Will provide an option that will replace vanilla Shader Particle Geometries to more fit Experimental Rain Texture 1 (dimmer)
(this will be more of an experiment.  It is entirely optional and can be removed at any time, will expand to CoT and other mods if popular enough)


Also Available
ETAC 13.3 Compatibility Patch
Clearstone Compatibility Patch
(Found Under Optional)

Experimental Texture 1 & 1(Dimmer)
Look at the images above the description page for visual reference
(Found Under Updates--These will work for both 1.2 and 1.3)

Hello Everyone,  ThreeTen here.  Thanks For Visiting the Real Shelter Modpage

The most up to date information will be displayed in
White or Green
Make sure to read the compatibility region below.

10,000 Endorsement Special! (Coming soon!)

Currently Working On:
New Texture/Meshes (2 of 8 created)
Frostfall Tents (about ready for an alpha build)
CreationKit Shelter Tutorial and Tools (Just Started)

Real Shelter
"THE Frostfall companion"

            (These videos Are old and the visuals are outdated, but they do a good job of of explaining the mod in a concise manner)

(These Are For Versions 1.2:)

This will prevent precipitation from passing through overhead cover. Shelters now provide ..shelter.

What's so special about that?
"My latest character is in Solitude right now, it's the middle of night and it just began raining buckets and there's thunder overhead, rather dismal weather and I'm using Frostfall. Normally I would seek an inn but now I don't have to! I'm standing in a nice and warm shelter right next to the Fletcher watching this great wall of rain pour down. Awesome!" - Calipercat

Sweet! But.. How?
Skyrim's precipitation is an illusion - a flat shader filling the observer's field of view. It's like wearing glasses with an animated rain overlay on the lens. So the rain doesn't really exist in Skyrim's world - and this is why it falls through everything. Now when shelter is taken Real Shelter determines the weather type and replaces it with a no-precipitation version of itself. Then it activates pre-placed in-world weather effects that surround the shelter. When the shelter is exited the localized effects are turned off and the prior weather is restored.

So what's with the transition from outside rain to sheltered rain?
Depending on your local rig and game setup a shelter transition effect may be seen that can range from unnoticeable to apparent. Visually, the transition occurs because with Skyrim's rain you are looking at objects through a rain shader - compared to sheltered rain in which you are looking at objects through actual rain. Audio wise, rain becomes louder when it hits an object like overhead shelter.

TLDR: The illusion of rain is being replaced by real in-game rain.

All of Skyrim is sheltered including camps and tents (please report any missed). There are hundreds of sheltered areas and some have multiple shelters (i.e. Whiterun) - resulting in thousands of individual shelters across Skyrim.

- Real Shelter uses safe scripting that doesn't use OnInits, registers or OnUpdates.
- The sheltered rain is a collection of rare vanilla interior rain bands which can accumulate a slight dim glow if multiple bands are viewed in line. This accounts for much of the 'transition effect'. If you are a texture artist and can offer some real no-glow rain please PM me. Vanilla 'no glow' rain has a slight, glow.
- There is little to no performance hit.
- It does not provide shelter for portable tents or modded structures unless noted below. (*cough*  not yet...)

General Compatibility
There are no actual conflicts in game but for a shelter to work it has to recognize the weather system in place. Vanilla Skyrim weather is covered.  Since the shelters are positioned statics they won't move with a structure that has been moved or modified by a mod.

 There are currently no sheltered areas in Solstheim and
Castle Volkihar

Structure Compatibility
- Hearthfire home towers
- No Snow under the Roof
- Open Cities

- Expanded Towns & Cities  (Use Patch under Optional--load after ET&C and any Real Shelter build)

- JK Windhelm
(Use Patch under Optional -- Load after Real Shelter and JK Windhelm, but before RSPatch)
- JK Whiterun (Use Patch under Optional -- Load after Real Shelter and JK Whiterun but before RSPatch)

Misc. Compatibility
- Climates of Tamriel 
- CoT Weather Patch 

- More Rain and More Snow
- Vividian ENB and/or Extended & Diverse Weathers (For R.S. v1.2 use vividian's  "RS compatibility patch" provided in their enb install)
- Enhanced Lights and FX (load before Real Shelter)
- Expanded Weather Systems
- Frostfall (no tents (...yet )
(Also note, Frostfall uses its own shelter detection system and applies an image modifier when it does find one,  , therefore if you notice a change in visuals when under a shelter, it is because of Frostfall)
- Immersive Skyrim Thunder
- Namaof's Watchtower
- Real Clouds (Unrelated but important note,  Real Clouds requires SKSE, even though the creator doesn't state it anywhere)
- Requiem
- Splash of Rain
- Supreme and Volumetric Fog
- Supreme Storms (including CoT version)
- Tropical Skyrim

(To continue with 1.2 instructions keep scrolling down until you see orange text again)

Visual Compatibility
(exclusive to v1.3+)

As of 1.3 ALL weathers.  Yes.  All Weathers you could possibly have in your Plugin list will not only be recognized by Real Shelter,  but the mod itself will tailor to it.

That's right,  Got RLO? PW? CoT? Vividian? Some unique weather mod that no one has heard about? 

Got an ENB that uses weatherlists?  NO PROBLEM.  
This will add real shelter weathers to your enb weatherlist ini files AUTOMATICALLY

Note: While the sheltering mechanic will work with all presets,  some select enb presets use custom weather modification code that goes beyond general weatherlists, for these special enbs there will be some noticeable visual differences,  unfortunately this is unavoidable.

Tes5Edit and this:
R.S. Patcher

The Weather Compatibility Tool

What does this patch do?
First, it will search your skyrim directory see if you use ENB and more specifically if your ENB Preset uses weathers and at the same time check your loaded plugins for any possible compatibility issues.

Second, you are shown a dialogue window (shown in the picture above).
This will generate a message containing the following:

  1. Any plugins in your plugin list that will significantly break real shelter's immersion.                                                              (ex. the plugin will cause non sheltered and sheltered weather mismatches)
  2. Has it detected an ENB and whether or not that ENB uses weathers
  3. The condition of your RSPatch.esp file
  4. The parts of the script it will run based on the findings above
  5. an FAQ of the decisions and information above.
, If You Press 'Create Patch' It will:
  1. Find all of your weathers you have in your plugin list (winning overrides prioritized) and make them recognizable to Real Shelter
  2. Create new RS weathers based off the weathers chosen above.  These weathers are EXACTLY the same as above just without any rain or snow playing.   As an example the fogginess of SupremeStorms will persist when entering a shelter
  3. (My Favorite) If you have an enb that uses weathers it will automatically take the newly created weathers above and place them in the right spot inside of your _weatherlist.ini file.  That means your enb tweaks will not even change when going into a shelter.

When I said tailored to your weathers...I meant it :D

tldr version:
This patch will automatically do everything it can to make your weather transitions as seamless as possible, all you need to do is just press 'Create Patch'.
Note: Read the contents of the text box when it appears.  It will look like the image above.


(a. Make sure you have one of these two Tes5Edit versions Installed.)
  3.0.33  Is what I use. (currently in beta)
  3.0.32  is the official released version.

1. Install Real Shelter.  Use NMM/MO Or Extract the zip file to your skyrim directory
2. Install RSPatch.  Use NMM/MO Or Extract the zip file to your skyrim directory
3. Download and extract RSPatcherScripts  into your "Edit Scripts" folder inside of your Tes5Edit Directory
Note:  You do not need to replace mtefunctions with the one provided if you have it already.


Note: If you are upgrading from a beta patch and use ENB weathers make sure to install a fresh copy.

1. Place RealShelter.esp and RSPatch.esp at the bottom of your plugin list (but before all BASH/Sum/ReProccers).
2. Launch Tes5Edit and Select Your Entire Plugin List
3. After Loading, Right click on RSPatch.esp and go to Apply Script..
4. Select RSPatcher from the dropdown menu and click apply.
5. Read the content inside of the text box when it appears.
6. Click on "Create Patch" and watch the magic
7. Quit and Save when the patch is finished.
8. Play!

Note: Please keep RealShelter.esp right above RSPatch.esp in your plugins list.

Note: If you change weathers or need to patch again, then reinstall RSPatch ( either by redownloading it and overwriting the esp file, or selecting uninstall from NMM then selecting install again) and repeat steps 2-7.

Note: If you upgraded from 1.2 and/or the mod is NOT working try putting in the console command "set RealShelter_ShelterSwitch to 1" as the mod may have been deactivated.

Do not clean RSPatch.esp, Overwrites are necessary, even ITMs!

Here is a very clear video on how to install and patch Real Shelter, the installation is shown in Mod Organizer, but the patch process is the same for everyone:

Thanks Michael!

To Uninstall.
1. load up your save game. 
2. go indoors
3. In console type in 'set RealShelter_ShelterSwitch to 0'. Save and quit (Note:  Skip this step if you are upgrading!)
4. uninstall RSPatch.esp and RealShelter.esp
Scripts to Remove If Manually Installed:  GetShelterTBScript. 

You may remove  mteFunctions and RSPatcher if you wish, but it is unnecessary.

Compatibility patches in progress:
The list below are ENB and fxaa's beyond the scope of regular _weatherlist functionality.  These require very specific changes beyond weatherlist.ini modification and may not be immediately compatible.  As I will be limited to authors permissions,  file access, and script modification complexity, this may take a little or long time or never happen at all.  When finished these extended patches will be included in the tes5edit script with a section dedicated to specific ENB functionality.  I will add them into the patcher when finished
K ENB Pure Light
-RCRN (as RCRN is not technically an ENB, compatibility will be limited (working with the authors to figure something out)
- Vividian ENB ports RCRN weathers into enb, highly recommended for better compatibility with Real Shelter.
More will be added when found.

(1.2 only)
ALWAYS back up your saves before installing any new mod.

An NMM installer is available that will provide options for your unique weather build and patch needs. There are also manual downloads available to reduce download file size, just unpack the .7z file into Skyrim's data directory (overwrite/merge). Currently there are 7 builds of version 1.2:

1) Standard (pure Skyrim, supports Pure Weathers if present)
2) Standard plus DLC (pure Skyrim with DLC, supports Pure Weathers if present)

3) CoT (Skyrim with CoT, supports Supreme Storms CoT if present)
4) CoT plus DLC (Skyrim with CoT and DLC, supports Supreme Storms CoT if present)

5) CoT Weather Patch (supports Supreme Storms CoT if present)
6) CoT Weather Patch plus DLC
7) CoT Weather Patch plus Supreme Storms plus DLC

Once installed wait for rain, seek shelter and immerse yourself in a beautiful Skyrim you've never seen before.

Load order: BOSS knows best but does not know all. Load this after ALL weather & lighting mods for best results.
NOTE: If upgrading from a pre-.95 version remove RealShelter.bsa from your data directory.

Note:  You do not need to do this if you are upgrading from 1.2 to 1.3.  Just make sure you are not under shelter in your save game.
(1) Disable Real Shelter via MCM or console: set RealShelter_ShelterSwitch to 0 (<--1.3+ use the console command)
(2) Go inside, use wait for 1 hour, make a new save.
(3) Exit the game and uninstall via NMM, or manually remove the below files.

File and location List for Manual Uninstall: //Skyrim/data/Realshelter.esp (and RealShelter.bsa if there); //Skyrim/data/scripts/GetShelterTBScript.pex, GetShelterTBScript.psc, (RealShelterConfigScript.pex  and //Skyrim/data/scripts/source/RealShelterConfigScript.psc if there)

Read the sticky posts for more information. Thanks to all who helped test this in development.

[color=#d8d8d8]Big Shout out to matortheeternal and his 
Automation Tools for Tes5Edit
for his scripting help and allowing me to include his mtefunctions.pas with this patch as without it my scripts would never have worked!

Also Big Shout out to the creators of Tes5Edit for creating one hell of a tool!