About this mod

Here it is, a mod that finally puts the Dragonborn in charge! This mod adds quest that makes you the High King of Skyrim, not just in name, but adds new features and gameplay that is suited for a mighty ruler! There is so much features added with this mod you absolutely have to read the description page!

Permissions and credits
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This mod is no longer supported! I've moved on to android development. If you guys have the time, please check out my app here:

Requires no DLC's but the latest update!
PLEASE UPDATE to the latest file AND keep a save file before you used this mod.
Use a clean save when updating! To clean a save, disable my mod, run Skyrim. Go into your save game, then save. Exit skyrim. Install new update.

Latest Change Log: v5e
- Added back the Jarl promotes, you can promote anyone to a Jarl of any of the major cities
- You can ask your Lord Administrator to send word to the Jarls to hold a meeting in Highreach
- You can now ask your Spouse to live in Highreach (this refreshes their packages) in case you accidentally asked them to live in the default houses
- Tavern and Barracks slightly changed
- Added guards and a bard to the Castle
- Removed some native citizens to decrease clutter
- Fixed the (Mark for Death), it will now appear again, just mark someone to make it go away (you can clear that with your Master Assassin anyway)
- "Set AAKingExtra to 0" will also turn off (Mark for Death), you can also ask your High Scholar to turn off extra dialogues
- balanced pre-tempered items sold by the Master Blacksmith and added by this mod

Previous Change Log: v5d
- removes the "go to sovngarde when you die" feature
- remade Highreach Castle, it is now more practical and useful to the player
- remade Highreach Armory, it is now much better at storing items and displaying them
- Soulforge now costs 600 gold to use
- Highreach guards attire changed to something less lore-breaking
- Fixed the pathing for the Rangers, they will now properly travel around Skyrim. Go ahead, try following them.
- Added a new promote, Royal Spouse, comes with new features
- Your Lord Administrator now has a dialogue option to send the Rangers or your spouse back to Highreach
- Type "set aakingextra to 0" to disable the "Are you essential?" dialogue option
- Added a new spell, Teleport to Royal Spouse
Previous Change Log: v5c
- Completely reworked the promotion scripts. Now works much better and fills in empty slots properly
- You can now demote anyone out of any position. They will return to their normal lives.
- You can now promote 30 Citizens instead of 20
- You can now ask Nobles and Council members to wear noble outfits
- Added a new spell: Summon Merchant's Bin - summons a bin for you to sell items. You will only get your payment upon returning to Highreach. Useful in the middle of a dungeon run.
- Added a new spell: Teleport to Highreach - Teleports you to Highreach. Cast again and it will return you to your previous location. Good for quick supply runs.
- Both spell tomes are found in the throne room
- Added a new artifact: Boots of Travel, greatly increases your running speed. Allowing you to cover ground much faster. I'm sure somebody else must need this! Found in the market stalls in Highreach
Previous Change Log: v5b
- When you die as High King, you won't lose the game anymore. You will be sent to Sovngarde and gain a permanent holy glow
- Added merchant's bins all over Highreach, you can drop off stuff there and your merchants will sell it for you
- Aar-gol mine now contains unlimited gold ores that you can mine
- Fixed up the Highreach Market area and added much more detail
- Added a Hot Spring to Highreach where nobles and citizens will bathe in
- Added some salmon in the water reservoir in Highreach
- Fixed up some bugs
Previous Change Log: v5a
- You may now teach your bodyguards/followers perks
- Ysgramor, Umbra and Jurgen now start with Bodyguard perks
- Fixed the broken merchants that don't sell anything
- Improving pathing in and out of Highreach
- Added a new level up template, Destruction Mage
- You can now recruit soldiers in bulk instead of one by one
- Added a new council member, Master Blacksmith, who will sell pre-tempered weapons
- Edited Jurgen Windcaller found in Highreach Sovngarde. He now possess all of the Greybeard shouts
Previous Change Log: v5
- Recreated Highreach into a new unique area
- Added a new promote faction, Highreach Rangers
- Commander and Heroes are now part of the army and will follow army commands
- Added bards in Highreach
- You can now have upto 5 Heroes of Skyrim
- Army soldiers now engage combat properly
- Army soldiers now spawn at your level and with basic gear
- fixed dark face bug, finally!
- ....many small bugfixes and rebalances, etc.


Here's a preview of what's possible with this mod:

Here is a roleplay-playthrough of the mod:

Have you ever wanted to:
... have anyone you don't like beheaded? put to jail? enslaved?
... ask anyone, like maybe say, Farkas or Balgruuf's kids, to go out and patrol Skyrim as part of your elite rangers?
... order anyone to empty their pockets and give their items to you?
... have a kick-ass castle complete with it's own mines, hotsprings, soulgem forge, can hold 40+ followers, marketplace, arena, etc... even a captured Dragon!
... invite people to live in your castle? That's right! You think Noster the beggar deserves a better life? Ask him to live there! You like that sexy waitress Hroki? Invite her too! Wanna collect NPC's you like into one area? No problem, just invite them to live there!
... make anyone your follower, not only make them a weak-ass follower, but actually level them up to your level and give them perks? That's right! You can go on adventures with Ulfric, a Greybeard, even boss enemies like Harkon, Ysolda (and turn her into a powerful warrior), anyone you can talk to can be a follower!
... have your own army that will follow you on command, fight your battles while you sit back and have any NPC's like Lydia, Miraak or even kids join that army?

Well if you said yes to any of the above, and even if you didn't, this mod is for you! This mod has so many features you are bound to find at least one of them useful! Heck this mod even has a legendary armor that turns you invisible when you crouch!


- do not use on a new game. Use this mod AFTER you are done with all the preliminary introduction quests
- this mod has no voice file yet, use your subtitles
- requires no DLC's. Just updated Skyrim base game
- each version release is STANDALONE and will work by itself


- added an optional patch file that makes everyone killable. Please report any NPC's that still won't die.
- Warning: Killing NPC's that shouldn't die can break quests
- you can toggle any NPC's essential/nonessential status through dialogue
- type "set aakingextra to 0" to disable the "Are you essential?" dialogue


Adds a new NPC in the Warrens district of Markarth that starts the Highking quest
- offers to assassinate people for you. Simply walk up to the NPC you hate, Mark him with a new dialogue option then return to Surgus. Pay him 1500 gold and he will take care of your problem for you


- first, talk to Surgus to begin the quest
- the quest objectives are just there for information, they won't track your progress nor will they complete. But that does not mean it's not working. Just do the requirements and talk to Surgus after

To become High King, you need to:
1. Have 50,000 gold for your campaign
2. Gain 20 supporters to support your claim
3. ANY of the following:
- Kill Ulfric or have him assassinated
- Kill Elisif or have her assassinated
- Marry Elisif or Ulfric (The marriage quest has been modified to accomodate for them)
- Gain 40 supporters to support your claim instead of 20

To gain supporters, talk to somebody you have a high realtionship rank with after you have started the quest. A new dialogue option will appear that will allow you to ask for support

- After all this is done, return to Surgus and he will make you High King.

Warning: Marriage system works however the game still does not treat Ulfric nor Elisif as a spouse after the wedding. So you can marry them and become High King, but they wont act like a spouse. I still have to edit the native spouse dialogues.


Being the High King comes with many new features and advantages!
- You will have random people greet you and acknowledge you as High King
- You gain a new dialogue option when arrested that allows you to clear your crime and bounty instantly

As the High King, you may order people to:
- bow to you/dance for you
- give you all their possessions
- force anyone to fall in love with you and become a potential marriage candidate regardless of gender
- instantly kill your target with the Thuum
- and many, many more!

Useful Misc Additions

Useful Spells:
- Summon Highreach Tunnel: Summons a tunnel that connects your current area to Highreach Keep
- Summon Merchant's Bin: Summons a bin to drop any items you want to sell. You get paid upon return to Highreach.
- Teleport to Highreach: First cast brings you to Highreach. Second cast returns you to your previous location.
- Teleport to Highreach Rangers: Brings you to your rangers. Go and join them for a patrol!
- Teleport to Royal Spouse: Brings you to your spouse.
- all spell tomes added by this mod are found in Highreach Castle, near the throne

Useful Items:
- Chameleon Cuirass
- Boots of Travel
- all bonus items are found in Highreach Marketplace


- you may promote people to various social standings
- promoted NPC will manually walk to Highreach. So wait awhile before they get there, don't expect them to be there right away.

1. The High Council of Skyrim
- you may promote people to your High Council
- High Council members will live in the castle

Lord Administrator
- collects taxes
- allows you to be divorced
- allows you to call the Rangers or your spouse back to Highreach
- allows you to call the Jarls for a meeting in Highreach (Jarls promoted by this mod only)

High Scholar
- teaches hard to learn skills (once/day)
- allows you to turn off extra dialogues like "Are you set to essential?" and "(Mark for Death)"

High Wizard
- provides a store where you can buy potions of all kinds

Lord Commander
- leader of your army
- allows you to purchase soldiers

Master Blacksmith
- sell pre-tempered weapons
- will work in the forge near the Highreach Town center at day

2. The High King's Bodyguard
- you can command anyone to guard you
- bodyguards can be leveled up

Learning Perks
- your bodyguards, rangers and army members may now learn perks
- teaching perks costs gold from 1000-2000 gold

Perk List:
One Handed Master - 50% bonus 1H damage
Two Handed Master - 100% bonus 2H damage
Armor Master - 100% bonus armor
Bow Master - 100% bonus bow damage
Arcane Ward - 50% magic damage immunity
Dragonheart - bonus 500 health points

Unique Bodyguards in Highreach:
Hanza Cannot-be-Seen
- level 30
- permanently invisible
- can be asked to turn invisible again after a battle/activating objects
- located in the tavern

- level 80
- powerful bodyguard that wields unique equipment
- located in the tavern

- level 50
- wields a unique version of Wuuthrad that knocks enemies into the air when power attacking
- located in the Portal to Sovngarde

Jurgen Windcaller
- level 50
- Possess all of the Greybeard Shouts
- located in the Portal to Sovngarde

Ulfric Stormcloak
- level 20
- uses shouts in combat
- will appear in Portal to Sovngarde as a spirit if he has been killed

3. The Highreach Army
- the High King's personal army
- can be commanded as a unit
- can be upgraded/outfitted individually
- lives in barracks
- Lord Commander and Heroes of Skyrim are all part of the army and will follow army commands

Highreach Soldier
- can be bought from the Lord Commander for 1500 gold each
- you can buy 5 soldiers at once for 7500 gold
- will spawn at your level
- can be outfitted individually

Hero of Skyrim
- you can promote anyone into a hero of skyrim
- you can have upto 5 heroes
- heroes will live in your barracks and train near your castle

4. The Highreach Rangers
- Unlike the army that follows the High King or stays in the barracks, the Rangers will patrol Skyrim
- Will fight against bandits and monsters encountered
- Can be commanded to return to Highreach by talking to the Lord Administrator

Ranger Captain
- you can promote anyone into a Ranger Captain
- you can have upto 5 Rangers

*It is advised that you ask the rangers to return to Highreach first before promoting a new ranger so that they can regroup and patrol together.

4. Highreach Citizens

- you can promote NPC's into a citizen of Highreach
- they will live, work, sleep in highreach
- up to 30 citizens

- you can promote NPC's into a noble of Skyrim
- they will live in the castle
- up to 5 nobles

5. Royal Spouse
- you can only promote someone to Royal Spouse if you married them with the game's marriage quest
- you can ask your spouse to follow you on adventures (you can ask him/her to level up and learn perks like your bodyguard)
- you can ask your spouse to go out and explore Skyrim, he/she will keep on exploring until asked to return to Highreach
- you can ask your spouse to visit a random city in Skyrim, he/she will stay there until asked to return to Highreach
- random city could be Riften, Whiterun or Solitude, I will add more places in the future
- you can ask your Lord Administrator to command your spouse to return to Highreach
- your spouse will bring gifts from his/her travels if you had asked him/her to visit a city or explore Skyrim
- you can ask your spouse to live in Highreach. This reset their packages; basically "fixes" your spouse if they stopped living in Highreach or going on Adventures, etc.

6. Jarl of ___________
- promote anyone into a Jarl of any of the major cities
- Jarls will live in that city's castle
- Jarls can be demoted
- Jarls can be asked to change clothes
- Jarls can be asked to meet in Highreach via the Lord Administrator

*This only affects the Jarls promoted by this mod, not the default game Jarls. If you promote someone, the original Jarl from the default game will still be in their castle and act like a Jarl. This is not a bug, I chose to keep them as is for compatibility. If you want them gone (so that your new Jarl will be the only Jarl), you can have the old Jarls imprisoned/killed.


- you can have anyone punished in a variety of ways

1. Execution
- you can have anyone executed via public beheading
- make sure to set them to unessential first so they will die

2. Imprisonment
- you can have anyone imprisoned
- prisoners will stay in Highreach Prison cells

3. Slave Labor
- you can have anyone enslaved to work in Aar-gol mines

4. Arena
- you can have people sent to the arena
- you can have have two people fight in the arena

To make two people fight, set one to "gladiator" and another NPC to "challenger".


- a brand new worldspace located near the East Empire trading warehouse entrance
- has 20 native citizens including bards
- "coc aahighreachcenter" if you can't find it

Merchant's Drop-off Bins
- located all over Highreach
- you can drop off stuff here and your merchants will sell it for you, but will take a standard 20% commission
- you can also summon a bin anywhere using a new spell. Found in Highreach Castle throne room

Highreach Keep contains:
1. Castle of the High King
- council members live with you here and will attend to your throne during the day
- people eat, sandbox and sleep inside
- adds a crown, a new spellbooks and emperor's robes for the player to use right in front of the throne in the great hall

2. Highreach Treasury
- you can store items in safe boxes here
- contains a lot of high value gold bars that can be sold if you need emergency money

3. Highreach Prison
- key is on a table inside the guard's quarters
- imprisoned Npc's can be released via dialogue

4. The Snorting Horker (Tavern)
- has a bartender merchant that sells drinks and food
- contains a working Meade brewery in the basement

5. Aar-Gol Slave Mines
- you may punish upto 5 people to work forever in the mines as slaves
- slaves can be released via dialogue
- contains gold ores that yield high value gold

6. Execution Platform
- you can now have somebody publicly executed

7. Highreach Armory
- contains a lot of mannequins, storage chests, display cases and display racks for your armor & weapons

8. Skooma Den
- features an underground entrance
- contains abundant ingredients needed to cook skooma
- you can now cook "High Grade Skooma" (1 nightshade, 1 moon sugar)
- "High Grade Skooma" is a powerful narcotic

9. Underfrost Arena
- contains buttons to spawn sabre cats, trolls and chaurus
- contains a button to let the gladiators go
- contains a door that leads to the actual arena grounds (if you want to clean up/fight bears)

10. Follower's Manor
- an unused house with 13 beds (6 double beds)
- reserved for your followers, you can use "My Home Is Your Home" or other mods to make them stay here

11. Highreach Embassy
- the Elswyr ambassador has a mini unmarked quest that allow you to sell her high volumes of skooma for cash, just talk to her
- the Thalmor ambassador now starts the Thalmor War quest
- Thalmor Ambassador can be used to make/break a peace treaty with the Thalmor
- Thalmor Ambassador can be asked to reset the battle zones

12. Highreach Tunnels
- a special tunnel that can connect to anywhere in Tamriel!
- adds a new spell, Summon Highreach Tunnel, that links your current location to Highreach
- spelltome is located in front of your throne inside the castle

13. Highreach Barracks
- has a merchant that sells basic armor & weapons
- soldiers purchased from your Lord Commander will stay here

14. Highreach Catacombs
- located on top of the stairs near the armory
- Highreach Soldiers that die will have their bodies placed here

15. Soulforge
- can be used to acquire Soul Gems

16. Portal to Sovngarde
- leads to Sovngarde Mead Halls
- new area, does not conflict with the default Sovngarde

17. Highreach Market
- contains tons of respawning food and ingredients
- you can cook here

18. Highreach Hotsprings
- a new area that civilians and nobles will flock to
- citizens will dress accordingly in the spa

19. Highreach Farms
- contains harvestable crop of all kinds


- can be started by talking to the Thalmor Ambassador
- starting the war will create 4 Thalmor Battle Zones in Tamriel that you can visit
- you can request for a peace treaty from the Ambassador that will stop all attacks (costs 10,000 gold)

1. Thalmor Random Encounter
- there is a small chance the Thalmor will attack Whiterun, Markarth, Windhelm, Solitude or Riften while you are there
- every Thalmor slain counts and reduces the Thalmor forces

2. Thalmor War Embassy
- if you have started the Thalmor War and is done with the embassy part of the main quest, the Thalmor Embassy will convert into a War Embassy
- will have soldiers inside you can kill to reduce their numbers
- will have a commander, that when killed will greatly reduce their numbers (anywhere from 50-300!)
- this is a high level area and is quite challenging, they represent the Thalmor elite and are at least level 70 or above!
- this area respawns when you exit

3. Thalmor Battle Zones
- 4 Thalmor Battle Zones will appear in Skyrim representing the Thalmor invasion force
- Location: Just outside Whiterun, near Stendarr's Beacon, near Halldir's Cairn, near Peak's Shade Tower
- entering the zone will start a battle, with 15-30 Thalmor forces on one side and 10 Skyrim Soldiers, your Lord Commander and Skyrim Heroes on the other
- Thalmor soldiers in the battle zone will be at lvl 30
- Each battle zone can only be done once, afterwards you now need to talk to the Thalmor Ambassador to reset all the zones
- It is recommended that you bring your army while engaging in the battle zone
- Tip: You don't need a ridiculously huge army, an army of 10 soldiers is enough since battle zones will spawn 10 starting soldiers for your side anyway, plus you get your heroes and Lord Commander to participate


If you are having problems with the mod, use these commands:
Set AAIsHighKing to 1 - makes you High King instantly
Set AAKingExtra to 0 - disable the "are you essential?" dialogue