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    ATTENTION! Please check the FORUM section of this page for a relevant thread before posting here! I'm trying to separate the comments out so that the more dire support related ones may be answered first.

    As the general discussion here is getting hard to follow and use to discuss, I've created several threads under the FORUMS tab above, so please use them if they apply to your comment. I will add and tweak the topics as needed.

    This general area (Where this post is) may be used for the general stuff. Wish to give props for the mod? Post a spoiler free review about your time there so far? Give constructive feedback? Do it here. For the specific issues/topics, please use the appropriate FORUM thread so it's easier to track and not just one giant mess.
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    Help !

    I can't talk to brother thorlogh , I can't talk to the shopkeepers either but I can speak to others bot essential and non essential but I can not get brother thorlogh to speak to me to advance the MQ , completing the quest stage with console commands does nothing
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    I quite like the mod, but I hate the fact that it commits the carnal sin of gaming "evil villain monologue while the protagonist just sits and watches" three times. That's three times the MQ could have ended early. Why is my character just sitting there and letting him do whatever he wants when he can obliterate him in seconds?
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    Help :(. I really want to play this mod, but the quest doesn't start when I talk to Jalamar and I can't put the lexicon on the Thingy. What's going on
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    I cant play this. The voice acting is so bad that I cant stand to listen to it anymore. Everyone is trying to say every line in this EPIC VOICE OF EPICNESS. Like, have a conversation in a conversational tone,. not trying to sound like Zeus. Uninstalling.
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    HELP! I haven't been able to find a solution ANYWHERE so I wasn't sure where else to come. So far, I am IN LOVE with this mod. The only problem I'm having is that as soon as I enter Mountain Mist Temple, my game crashes. I do play with other mods, Helgen Reborn, Moonpath to Elysweyr, and then Dawnguard and Hearthfire. I have tried playing out of immortal mode, tried disabling all mods and DLC's but I am at a true loss. Please Help!!!
    PS...I'm playing on PC
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    Just wanted to say that this mod plays like a dream, I had no glitches or bugs of any kind and Im running a lot of mods. The story is really sweet and the characters too. I have played a few new land mods and this is by far the best.

    Well done and thanks so much for sharing.
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    Dear Sir,

    I'm writing to you to say just how wonderful our honeymoon in Falskaar was. My lovely bride and I made arrangements to travel there through that finest of purveyors, NexusMods, and we were not disappointed at all.

    At first our accomodations were a bit cramped (not that *that* is a particular problem on a honeymoon, if you know what I mean) but after a few days we were able to upgrade to a cabin, and what glorious accomodations they were! Almost all the amenities we are used to from our manor in Skyrim and a true innovation: a basement bedroom! Ideal for a young couple not wanting to wake up the neighbours, I tell you with no small gratitude.

    The villagers were quite friendly and we had nice chats with most of them on various subjects. We were even able to lend a hand here and there, and they were appropriately grateful. However, nearly everyone in the countryside I tried to strike up a conversation with were not just unfriendly but downright rude. They almost to a fault drew their weapons and starting ganging up on me, something my dear wife has very stern views on. Being a bit of a mother hen (or maybe, given her monniker, a mother bear would be more appropriate) she dealt rather harshly with them, whereas I was more inclined to try to converse like proper gentlemen.

    Long story short, there are not very many people living in the countryside of Falskaar any more. I *know* they had names like Marauder This and Plunderer That, but there really is no need to live up to negative stereotypes like that and the survivors should be informed of that. Take it from an orc with some experience in the field - bettering yourself is *always* worth the effort.

    However, the countryside *did* provide for many a pleasant moment. I especially liked the deer who really gave me a run for my money, while wifey dear took a shining to the bears and the Falmer. No cowards they, they didn't waffle trying to make up stratagems or attempt to run away but went directly for her throat, something she simply adores. Kudos for training them so well.

    The dungeons were a special treat for os. We both rather dislike mages and having groups of not just mages, but colourful, aggressive *necromancers* all over the place was really quite a pleasant experience.

    And the Draugr! Oh how you surprised us there! When on a tour of one of the ruins we had a Draugr running away on us and wifey was quite miffed for a moment. Imagine her delight when *three* Draugr Deathlords sprang out and ambushed her! I was resigned to an afternoon with her grumbling and complaining, but you saved the situation quite nicely - well done sir!

    All in all, we can both quite recommend a tour of Falskaar for any other honeymooners out there. It is most delightful.

    With sincere affection,
    Ogruk the Slayer and Borghak the Steel Hearted
    Heljarchen Hall
    The Pale
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      This comment is absolutely amazing.

      Well done and well written, my good man / madame.
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    I've run into what I think is a problem doing "Strength and Wisdom". I chose to run with the brothers this time and cleared Bearclaw Cave. We were in searching for the key and Svegar keeps asking me if I've found it. I finally found it and went to report to Svegar, and both brothers are MIA. I went outside...no brothers. I went back inside...no brothers. Should I just head back to Amber Creek, or is it busted?
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      Hello ? is there any fix for this ?

      I have the same bug. i found the key and suddenly the brothers are gone - I found one of them outside and he was just walking. The bigger problem is that the quest cannot be updated also and can't continue. The key is in me but the quest is still "Search the Bearclaw Cave" !
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    Great piece of work, great piece of art ! thank you for such a great mod.
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    I love Falskaar so far! I actually ran intio it by accident in-game because I completely forgot how the quest started and thought Jalamar was part of the Interesting NPCs mod that I hadn't encountered yet!
    Perfect setup when you're roleplaying your character!

    But I think I found a problem. I just finished the "Passage Home" quest and discovered I was able to fast travel to Skyrim and avoid the fee...WITHOUT having installed the Fast Travel patch that's floating around Nexus.
    The documentation didn't mention anything about it being added to the latest version, and I don't have any other fast travel mods installed (in fact I'm avoiding fast travel because I like to play that way until late in the game).

    Not that I really mind, just wanted to let you know. Since I'm roleplaying, my Khajiit will just have to do some exploring until he gets the coin to go home.