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    ATTENTION! Please check the FORUM section of this page for a relevant thread before posting here! I'm trying to separate the comments out so that the more dire support related ones may be answered first.

    As the general discussion here is getting hard to follow and use to discuss, I've created several threads under the FORUMS tab above, so please use them if they apply to your comment. I will add and tweak the topics as needed.

    This general area (Where this post is) may be used for the general stuff. Wish to give props for the mod? Post a spoiler free review about your time there so far? Give constructive feedback? Do it here. For the specific issues/topics, please use the appropriate FORUM thread so it's easier to track and not just one giant mess.
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    WOW! What fun I had playing through this DLC mod. The storylines the NPCs, all great fun.
  3. CaptainChaos
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    I tried uninstalling this b/c I read it might be the reason for my Dawnstar crashes and then a funny thing happened. Skyrim kept crashing! I couldn't play at all. Is there a way to safely uninstall? (I used NMM uninstall). If I reactivated it with NMM Skyrim worked again. Thanks for any advice :smile:
    1. Caririo
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      I imagine that you've been uninstalling/installing mods mid-playthrough? If so I'd suggest a new save, where you're satisfied with the mods you have and WON'T change load order, install new mods or remove mods. Skyrim saves are very sensitive to those kinds of things.
  4. jimb111
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    Awesome mod! Very enjoyable, no problems at all, thank you.
  5. EvilTwinz
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    Great Mod! The depth of story and quests are outstanding.And the NPC's in your story are so believable and well made.
    I downloaded this mod originally two years ago and never got around to playing it out,and when I saw that you had updated it I decided that now was the time to play it.
    Sadly it took me awhile to try another great mod of new lands called,Wyrmstooth.I only mention that mod to say that yours and that mod have proven to be really good and interesting.
    Thank You! I sure wish I had played this sooner.............
  6. Shnibz36
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    This is an amazing mod. The amount of time put into the design is obvious and very much appreciated. The level and quest design was absolutely fantastic. I had a blast playing this. Thanks for all the hard work.
  7. Sidebones
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    I have somehow managed to end up in falskaar even though i have yet to install this mod. I tried to install it when my OS was a x32, but since that limits my installment space, i couldnt do that, but it seems like it still did. Its odd, but since it crashes a few times (probably due to me not having all the needed files) i think i will try to reinstall this. For the 10 minutes of playtime ive gotten before the first crash, it looks promising
  8. Skjaldmaer67
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    Hi great mod, this problem seems to be common.

    I have a problem, I'm stuck in the quest Fort Urokk, Wilhard is not in the cell. I have tried several of the suggested fixes but none work. Matter of fact I probably broke it now. Since I rebooted from the last save, Jalmar says "Hello", but Agnar says nothing and just stands there. The Quest is not going anywhere and I am absolutely frustrated because its such a fantastic mod. I tried moveto player or player.place at me but nothing. Can't find Wilhard even having his ID. He seems vanished, some reported him dead in the cell and resurrected him and where able to go on with the quest. I got nothing... Should I uninstall and reinstall the mod?

    help appreciated thanks...
  9. Nvidia3D
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    Final main quest gave me a major audio bug: battle music plays constantly even when I'm not fighting anyone. I cannot endorse this mod for this reason. I'm going to load the save before I entered Falskaar.
  10. Massalil
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    Really really nice mod, good job dude
  11. QuagaarWarrior
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    I've encountered a bug at the end of the quest Strength and Wisdom. You're meant to speak to Brother Thorlogh to start the quest Lost Knowledge but he has no dialogue options. He just says something generic like Have A Good Morning or something like that.

    I've tried restarting the previous quest with an old save, I've tried using the Quest ID in console to get me past it but neither have worked. I've tried leaving and re-entering the building, I've tried waiting 24 hours but nothing works.

    Can anyone help?
    1. Xello99
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      Did you find a solution for this? I have the exact same problem now.