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Update: I got the game to a point were I can test weapon and armour mods again so I will be doing that, this does not mean it is finished as I need to add my gameplay and ai mods (hopefully today) but ports will be getting uploaded now.


To the people that keep DMing me about making ports that don't wish to be patient about it you could just ask to learn how and I could send you the thing I learnt from so you can stop yelling at me to do it and do it yourself since some of you don't want to wait also you could upload it if you have permissions to do so.
To those who have been patient and don't spam me about the same port they can't seem to wait for I thank your patience.


I will start stating what armour is being used in the pictures (Top of the comments) so people don't need to ask

I make Dual Sheath Redux patchs and ports so people don't have to.


If you have a mod you want me to patch or port feel free to PM me through the site so I am more likely to see it.


You are alowed to make patchs for mods (Compatibility Patchs, Fixs, Translations, Body Refits, Retextures and so on) if the mods permissions say it's ok or you have permission from the original mod author.


About requests:

Please don't ask me to port SKSE mods or mods that have requirements that are only on SE

If the mod has a requirment that has a LE version I might be able to relink it to the LE version

Don't ask me to port somthing that the mod author has clearly stated that the mod will never be alowed to be ported

Please don't ask me to make patchs that are not DSR since I most likely won't know how

I will attempt to port translations if people are willing to test them

Do not ask about any mods that are political as you will not be responded to as I will not doing them.
I only do mods on Nexus do not ask for mods outside of it.


Mod authors if you don't want to port or patch your mods yourself let me know and I will try do it for you.

If you are the mod author and want the port moved to your profile instead mine please let me know.

Any ports that I have uploaded that have DPs on them the original mod authors are getting 65% by default unless they ask for more or less. If you are the original owner of the mod and do not like this please PM me so we can fix this so this doesn't become a big issue.


For those who what to make there own DSR patchs please click this link.


For some reason people think I own these mods and the answer is, no I don't I made a LE version and a DSR patch if it mod can have one and have uploaded them and if I ever make my own mod that I own the mod page will mention it.


I hope you enjoy the ports and patchs!



Concernbami is always



I have a Discord server for keeping track of future ports, patchs, requests, porting help, and talking to you all. If you want to join click here.

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