Mod articles

  • Falskaar 1.1.0 Update

    Falskaar's first big patch, the 1.1 update is now available. It adds a bit of new content, but the focus was mainly on fixing bugs. Thank you to everyone who helped report bugs and provide information so that they could be fixed. Full changelog below:

    --New Features and Content--

    - Added a few new random points of interest in the wilderness.
    - Updated LOD to match new content.

    - Added more load screens.
    - Added two "Buy all" options for decorating the player home. (One with secret, one without)
    - New modified Outro video with the credits removed. PLEASE view the credits online after playing the mod. A lot of people helped make this possible, and they deserve recognition and support!


  • Update #1: Jobs, Falskaar, Updates, Tutorials, & Reviews

    I think it's finally time that I post an update and discuss some things. I would have done it sooner, but I was deciding whether or not to do it in video or text form. (Along with being very busy at times, and trying to relax at others) I think for a more general update text will be better, and I don't have a proper video camera yet, so it would've just been some gameplay (From something) in the background while I talked. I'll do video updates for more specific things in the future, but for now here's this. Grab a drink and put on your reading glasses, this might be rather lengthy, though I'll try to keep it short.

    Where to start. I suppose I should go over what lies ahead for me. This will be short; I don't know yet. I've said it before ...