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Unofficial patch for UFO - Ultimate Follower Overhaul to support the Dragonborn DLC

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[size=15]UFO Dragonborn Patch - Unofficial[/size]

Note: for UFO v1.2i ONLY.
NOT for Vamyan's new 1.2j UFO. As of 1.2j UFO should support Dragonborn without this patch.

Extends UFO functionality to the 4 followers added by the Dragonborn DLC. Dragonborn followers can now join/be dismissed by the player, be told to wait/follower and gain all of the extended follower functionality that UFO adds including multiple followers.

Animal followers have not been touched... but it doesn't look like fLokii touched the vanilla animal followers either.

None of fLokii's original files or scripts have been edited or included in this patch.

This patch REQUIRES the Dragonborn DLC AND UFO - Ultimate Follower Overhaul by fLokii to be installed and active. Load after UFO and official UFO patches.

Note: Patch edits script DLC2_QF_DLC2MQ04_020179DE as during the quest "The Gardener of Men", Frea, if a follower, gets auto dismissed.
Also included is a modified tif_udbpfix_0217a50b, added by the Unofficial Dragonborn Patch. This relates to Talvas Fathryon's dismissal dialog overwriting Onmund's. If the Unofficial Dragonborn Patch patch is installed then the new UFO compatible UDBP script will be used, if not then a patched version of the original dismissal script will be used instead.

All credit for the UFO mod goes to its original author, fLokii. Heres hoping all is well and he returns to modding soon.

To fLokii, if you wish this mod removed for *any* reason please PM me and it will be removed asap.

Currently available translations:
??????? [email protected]


This is an experimental fix for Serana, the follower added by the Dawnguard DLC. Unlike all other followers in Skyrim she uses a unique system to control her follower status. This system is missing some faction assignments, this breaks some of UFO's functionality.
This patch fixes that and allows, for example, UFO's "You know..." dialogue options to show. Not all of the extra dialogue options work however, things like relax and combat/sneak/AI/setEssential don't do anything. But spell learning and inventory unlocking(but not Serana's hood) is working.
The fix only kicks in after the main Dawnguard quest has been completed. This is to prevent potential game breaking conflicts. The mod has not been extensively tested but is logically sound. Make a save before installing this patch in case anything bad happens. (and if something does break please report it) If you wish to remove this patch, please dismiss Serana and confirm the "You know.." dialogue does not appear before deactivating/removing.

Extra Techy Info on Dawnguard Serana Patch
Serana is not treated the same way as all the other followers in Skyrim and has code hooks all over the main Dawnguard quest line. I couldn't find an easy way to hook her scripts into the rest of the follower system without potentially breaking all sorts of things. So I've modified Serana's "DLC1_NPCMentalModelScript" to set the extra factions needed to have her register as a proper follower. UDGP fixes applied to "DLC1_NPCMentalModelScript" have been applied to the patch. Removing this patch mid-game should not cause any game breaking problems. At worst you will get 2 errors in the papyrus log.


This is a totally optional file that will move the "I need to trade some things with you" dialogue line closer to the top of the list. (Should put it just below the "You know.." line.) Its a small patch, barely worth the esp, but might save you some scrolling.

This patch doesn't require UFO or any other mod but is tailored to UFO.

Its really easy to move the lines about by just changing the PNUM - Priority in TES5EDIT relative to other entries. ConvenientHorses is 80, UFO's You know is 70, a spouses "has the store..?" line is 50 and the trade inventory line is by default 25. (and My Home is Your Home is 15)