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Set of enhancements to the follower system, for better and expanded follower use. Lotta stuff here so read the description for what you get and how.

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Follower affecting mods I use with UFO


The reception you guys gave this mod is great! and while I try to thank everyone and reply to all comments, I might miss a few. So to anyone i might have missed or those that just endorsed or voted as fotm to show support, without leaving a comment, I'd like to say that I appreciate it very much and think you are awesome as this guy thinks he is. :)
PATCH 1.7/DLC DIALOGUE BETHESDA BUG: Custom dialogues won't show immediately or work properly.
(Fixed from update 1.2h and above)

*NOTE* Only needed for 1.2i or BELOW
Install UFO - Dawnguard AddOn, place it after UFO main esp.

*NOTE* Only needed for 1.2i or BELOW
Install UFO Heartfire AddOn, place it after UFO/Dawnguard AddOn in load order (below them/bottommost)

*NOTE* 1.2i or BELOW version: UFO Dragonborn Patch - Unofficial by Ghostfish


UFO - Ultimate Follower Overhaul(v1.8 Skyrim or higher required)

UFO is a set of tools and enhancements to the followers system that will allow for better control and usability of followers.

Make it simple, so it works even for people that don't read description instruction.
Give new and expand existing follower options.
Fix broken stuff from vanilla.
Make it easy to use...
Ensure compatibility with most type of mods.

1) Dialogue:
a) You know... (A dialogue branch containing various options depending on NPC you are interacting with)
--You are important./Everyone dies... (Set follower essential so that it takes damage, but only goes down on one knee or mortal. Mortal = can be killed and no health regeneration)
--You could dress better. (Converts unmovable, invisible outfit follower has to regular gear that can be removed so followers will wear whatever player places in their inventory)
--Relax for a while./Time to go. (Follower stays on the location doing various things. If set to mortal, relaxing regenerates health as of 1.1b)
--In combat mistakes happen. Forgive and forget./Anyone hurts you, make them pay.(Set follower to react/ignore friendly hits by player)
--You are naked... (Makes a naked follower dress)
--Speaking of magic... (a branch containing dialogue concerning magic)
----Study that book, you will find it useful. (Make follower use a spell tome from inventory to learn a spell[vanilla])
----Forget you ever knew magic. It is a vile art. (Make follower forget learned spells)
--I need your help./You are dismissed. (Recruit/dismiss guards from party. Requires you be a Thane and have a houscarl with you)
--Nothing, sorry. (End conversation.)
b) So what are you good at? (Will display follower statistics with current equipment bonuses)
c) Train some, you are weak... (Will level up follower statistics to match current level)

2) Follower Limit -- Amount of followers you can have accompany you has been raised to 15 (not including dogs or quest NPCs). This limit is shared with the number of followers you can have relaxing at place of your choosing.

3) Riding for followers -- 8 follower horses can be found at major cities and stables around Skyrim for followers to ride.
Gear for horses can be bought at Whiterun Stable.
From Skulvar at Whiterun stable you can buy:
-- [Horse Tack] Basic Gear -- When placed in UFO horse inventory: UFO Horse will follow you while you are mounted, fast travel after you while you are mounted. Followers will port ahead and horses will come after you wait for 1h. Price: 1000 gold
-- [Horse Tack] Martingale -- When placed in UFO horse Inventory: UFO Horse will wait in place when dismounted. Used to leave horses at desired locations. Price: 200 gold
-- [Horse] Interact -- Also you can get training in horse handling. This will add "[Horse] Interact" item to your inventory. Equip it in hand and use on UFO horse. This will open UFO horse Inventory. Price: 500 gold [As of 1.2g works on players horse too.]
UFO horses with no Horse Tackle will go back to location you found them once dismounted.
-- While mounted--
Follower and horse will fast travel with player [with 1.6 followers will fast travel ahead of horses, waiting 1h will port horses to your location. being worked on atm to restore old functionality.]
Follower horses will follow the lead horse when ridden by player (allows you to relocate horses)
Followers will not engage in combat unless player is attacked
Using Relax Voice Command 2x(twice) will command followers to dismount (should you not wish to wait for them to dismount on their own)
--Not mounted--
Follower horses will not fast travel
Follower Horses will stay on location where they were dismounted by follower

5) Group commands:
Book "Field Command" found in Breezehome will teach you voice commands. They are used as any voice power pressing Z(voice cast button by default).
- Can be bought from Skulvar at Whiterun Stable. Requirements: 50 Speechcraft, 5000 gold (1.2f)
--Command Relax (All followers within range will enter sandbox behavior waiting on the location and doing different things. Group relax does regenerate mortal followers. Use again for followers to stop relaxing)
--Command Stop (All followers withing range will receive wait order. Use again for followers to start following you.)
--Command Flee(If battle is going poorly command your followers to flee. They will disengage and run after player. Use again to stop fleeing behavior. While fleeing followers will not use horses.)
--Command Stop Fighting (Should followers start fighting among themselves this will shout them to a stop.)
TIP: Commands can be hotkeyed to number buttons for faster use (in my case i bound them to 5,6,7, 8 buttons and i cast them by Q)

5) Misc.:
a) Houscarls --All houscarls will move to their towns player house when you purchase it
b) Level caps --Level limits have been removed on vanilla followers (some possibly require new game for level limit to be gone depending on type of npc introduction to the world)
c) Dual wield -- All followers can dual wield if given appropriate weaponry
d) Gender animations -- All follower animations are gender appropriate (example of Lydia by default using male animations)
e) Weapon drawing -- Followers draw weapons in combat and no longer each time a player does.
f) Sneaking -- Followers will not engage while sneaking, unless spotted or combat starts.
g) Marriage -- All followers have been marked with flag to be available for marriage.
h) Bow/arrows -- Endlessly spawning bow and arrows have been removed
i) Becoming a thane of a city and having your housecarl with you, allows you to ask guards of the city to help/follow you.


1. Relationship Dialogue Overhaul - RDO - 1.2i file from miscellaneous, extract to data folder, enable, play.
This is the load order they go in:

UFO - Ultimate Follower Overhaul
Relationship Dialogue Overhaul
RDO - UFO v1.2i Patch

User Reports:
HogsMaws - Found Frea from Dragonborn expansion will not hire.


0. Read and do what is on the description page for your own benefit.
1. UFO requires 1.8 or higher version of Skyrim
2. Always prefer the use of ORIGINAL GAME LAUNCHER to any 3rd party program for install and load order management.
3. What I write is what I mean. If you follow instructions as written, you will win.
4. If you have problems with functionality and did not follow instructions, follow instructions.
5. Fail Safe Install Procedure for Beginners is made for you and to help you with removing mods properly. If you did not have old mods, all you would need to do is enable UFO and play.
6. Having bad saves from old mods is not an UFO issue, it is yours and of mod authors whose mods, being uninstalled, messed it up.

0) Update Skyrim to 1.8 or higher version.
1) For everything below use ORIGINAL GAME LAUNCHER
2) Start Skyrim, load game, dismiss all followers,type show playerfollowercount and if it shows 0, save game, Quit.
3) Disable all mods affecting follower limit or mechanic (ILF, Mullti followers, TCG and any other) then uninstall them.
4) Delete any loose pex files in DATA/SCRIPTS folder that are on the list i have linked(LIST OF BAD PEX FILES )
5) Start Skyrim, load game, save game, Quit
6) Install UFO, position UFO.esp at the lowest place.
7) Start Skyrim, load game, save. Win.
8)After this Install you can use whichever launcher/manager you please should you choose to.

(Only If You Do Not Want To Play UFO Anymore) First dismiss all your followers.
2) Talk to Tina the Firefly on river island by Riverwood. Clicking her three times will restore default follower outfits. Save. Disable UFO. Load the save you made. Now you can go on playing without UFO from that save on.

Unless stated otherwise download updated files, extract them to data folder and when prompted replace the old ones in there.
Check in ORIGINAL GAME LAUNCHER that UFO is still lowest in load order(or where you had it before updating).
Start Game.
Updating Directly from versions 1.0(a - f) to version 1.0g and higher using Full UNINSTALL (otherwise the above extract,replace,play should be used) :
1) Dismiss followers, talk to TIna till you get msg to remove UFO. Save
2) Disable UFO, load then save.
3) Extract new files to data folder replacing old UFO files, enable UFO in Original Game launcher, place it last in load order(or in place it was before being disabled). Load save. Done

1) If you have problems after doing Fail Safe Install Procedure for Beginners, following it to the letter, you may have:
a) Bad Save Game
1) Do Fail Safe Install Procedure on a different save.
2) Start new game.
3) Contact mod authors whose mods you uninstalled and got problem from
b) You have a mod conflict.
1) Disable ALL mods you have and leave only UFO enabled
2) Rename DATA/SCRIPTS folder to DATA/0SCRIPTS
3) Load a save game you are sure is not corrupted by old mos being uninstalled and you have no followers with you.

0) Any mod that does not modify dialoguefollower quest/script
1) If you load below UFO, you can use mods for followers. Unless they have dialoguefollower limitation from 0)
2) Custom follower mods by default get - Level UP dialog, Display STATs dialog, More Followers at Once, Followers can Ride and can have full inventory control by telling: You could dress better.

This mod originally started as an extension to TCG Tradable Companion Gear. But as it grew it became very extensive and finally, with the addition of more followers at once, i decided to make it into its own complete mod to overhaul followers.

Reported by users, follower changing, fully compatible mods for now:
Followers can Relax
Follower Trap Safety
Spouse can live everywhere
Move it

Mods that are compatible, but must be placed BELOW UFO in load order:
All Follower Appearance mods
Specialized followers
Essential Followers
Better Followers (do not use dialogue.esp and delete C01QuestScript.pex from data/scripts folder)
NPC Editor created mods
And similar..

Mods that are compatible, but must be placed ABOVE UFO in load order:
Gabby the Cute Pastry Chef Companion
Fair Khajiit
Horses for Followers (place above UFO in load order)
Horse Branding (disable BasicHorseRidingAI.esp it is in UFO already)

Not compatible, reported by users:

Increased Follower Limit or similar multifollower mods
Black Tower (author is making it compatible atm, kudos to him!!)
Master Shape Shifter
FSS - No pause between lines
Castle Grey (changes default stayatplace AI making horses not stay at dismount location)
Hug Me
Herman the Mad

If you don't know how to find Tina the Firefly:
open console, type
help Tina 4 (you will get "ACTI:(xxxx) "Tina The Firefly " )
player.placeatme xxxx (xxxx are ones you got in the line before)
She will spawn by you and you can talk to her about setting up UFO for deletion. After you are done, save and quit game.
Rest is like for all other mods.

1) Cicero and Dark Brotherhood Initiates use a different framework from regular followers so at present they have vanilla outfit system. I will update if i manage some progress there.


-- UFO - Ultimate Follower Overhaul AIO--

Update AIO1.2i
Changed: Mod renamed from UFO - Ultimate Follower Overhaul AIO to UFO - Ultimate
Follower Overhaul to keep compatibility with patches modders already
made for other mods (Like RDO 1.2i patch for Realistic Dialogue

Main 1.2i
An All In One version of UFO. Contains all expansions

-- UFO - Ultimate Follower Overhaul --
Update 1.2i
FIxed: Follower Sneak/Mount mix

Update 1.2h
Added a fix for 1.7 Skyrim patch dialogue bug. Should no longer be needed to save/load to get custom dialogues to work.

Update 1.2g
Added Proper Relax and Flee for animal follower. Done
Dialogue choices for animal follower tweaked. Done
[Horse]Interact - Opens players horse inventory too.[It's practical and changes nothing
on player horse. So 100% compatible with any horse mod. Hence added.]
Stop Fighting voice command expanded to "exotic" followers (Serana, Cicero etc.)
Misc. tweaks and fixes. Done

-- UFO - Dawnguard AddOn--
v1.0b - Added proper conditioning to several Serana hire dialogues post quest.
v1.0a - Serana should hire/dismiss normally no matter the followers currently in your service.
v1.0 - Armored Trolls walk away if player is sneaking or riding - Fixed

This is an add-on for the DLC that I will initially use to fix any issue
that might show. After Bethesda releases source files from the DLC I
will probably just make a whole new main esp for Dawnguard, but for now
this is preferred as the issue are minor.

-- UFO - Heartfire AddOn--
v1.0a - Added two follow/wait scripts i missed in v1.0
v1.0 - New Houscarls added to UFO system
UFO - Ultimate Follower Overhaul

Update 1.2h
Added a fix for 1.7 Skyrim patch dialogue bug. Should no longer be needed to save/load to get custom dialogues to work.

Update 1.2g
Added Proper Relax and Flee for animal follower. Done
Dialogue choices for animal follower tweaked. Done
[Horse]Interact - Opens players horse inventory too. Done.
Stop Fighting voice command expanded to "exotic" followers (Serana, Cicero etc.)
Misc. tweaks and fixes. Done

Update 1.2f
Field Command Book - Can be bought from Skulvar at Whiterun Stable. Requirements: 50 Speechcraft, 5000 gold
Will no longer automatically follow.
From Skulvar at Whiterun stable you can buy:
1. [Horse Tack] Basic Gear -- When placed in UFO horse inventory: Horse will follow you while you are mounted, fast travel after you while you are mounted. Followers will port ahead and horses will come after you wait for 1h. Price: 1000 gold
2. [Horse Tack] Martingale -- When placed in UFO horse Inventory: Horse will wait in place once dismounted. Price: 200 gold
3. [Horse] Interact -- Also you can get training in horse handling. This will add "[Horse] Interact" item to your inventory. Equip it in hand and use on UFO horse. This will open UFO horse Inventory. Price: 500 gold
UFO horses with no Horse Tackle will go back to location you found them once dismounted.

Update 1.2e
Under the hood stuff. Some cleaning, some optimizing, some work on compatibility. Done using 1.6.89 update installed.

Update 1.2d
-- Cowardly comments properly assigned to Flee mode and not regular follow mode for followers.
-- Grouped Voice Commands for easier access.
-- Misc. tweaks to AI packs.

Update 1.2c
Purchasable follower horses -- Option temporarily disabled until proper fast travel can be enabled on bought follower horses.
Sorry for the inconvenience.
Update 1.2b
Sanbox expanded - Followers use furniture, but also walkabout and perform random actions independent of in game markers. Also they can get drunk while relaxing, so you might have to wait for them to sober up in that case. :)
Idles - When following you, followers will, when nothing is happening, play random idles.
New dialogue -- "Stay close to me and avoid combat" / "You can fight now..." - Activates/Deactivates Flee mode one follower at a time.
Purchasable Follower Horses -- Skulvar of Whiterun Stables sells follower horses. Price is 5000 gold a piece.
Guard followers: Can be hired again if killed and respawned, guard limit checks added.
Added special options for Convenient horses.
Added follower riding along while following player using Scenic Carriage mod for traveling. No fast travel for horses while following carriage for now.
General Misc tweaks.
Update 1.2a
Command range increased to accommodate for larger battles
Followers going over lvl 100 will not interfere with commanding them.
Group Relax Command will regenerate mortal followers as dialogue relax command.
Update 1.2
Group Commands - Relax, Stop, Flee, Stop Fighting.
Update 1.1b
Reordered dialogue options
Mortal followers heal while relaxing (Relax for a while)
Fix for some books not being consumed when used by a follower.
Spells were still learned, but with the book remaining it could be reused on another follower.

Spell learning - Give your follower a spell tome and tell him to study it -- Done
Spell unlearning - Tell the follower to forget he ever knew magic -- Done
Hire guards after becoming Thane - Whindhelm, Riften, Solitude, Markarth --Done
Friendly Fire -- Tell follower to ignore or retaliate on friendly fire -- Done
Houscarls move in with you on house purchase - Whindhelm, Riften, Solitude, Markarth -- Done
Protected followers -- Removed, can be essential or normal from now on -- Done
You know.. -- Added "Nothing, sorry." if you have nothing to say to NPC -- Done
Sneaking -- Followers attack only when spotted -- Done

Read 1.0g for scripting changes and install possibilities as this is the same if you are skipping on 1.0g and going straight to 1.0h
-Follower sandbox- Let them stay where you leave them and sandbox till you pick them up again - Done
Hireling will not take your money when they are supposed to be rehired for free - Done
INSTALL: 1.0g to 1.0h -- extract, replace old files, play.
1.0a-f to 1.0h -- As described in 1.0g (Also step by step guide in UPDATING UFO section for complete uninstall/install method)
-Follower sandbox- Let them stay where you leave them and sandbox till you pick them up again
Hireling will not take your money when they are supposed to be rehired for free

-- Automatic start up script for tradable inventory removed to increase compatibility with other mods and avoid possible issues with "mule" npcs having to much equipment which can cause hiccups on inventory conversion. Followers from now on have to be manually set to tradable inventory.
a- OLD USERS + REPLACE 1.0f files with 1.0g files = Everything will remain the same
b- OLD USERS + UNINSTALL by Tina + INSTALL 1.0g = You will have to use "You know..." dialogue branch to set follower inventory fully tradable again. Note: Setting tradable inventory will spawn an additional armor set for follower, as the outfit removed will be placed as tradable gear into followers inventory.
c- NEW USERS + FAIL SAFE INSTALL = Upon hiring follower you will need to set his inventory tradable through "You know.." dialogue branch using "You could dress better" dialogue

Fixes: Fixes some follower quest vs inventory issues but only if b or c install is used. Also first fight with giant should have proper range detection now.

-- Horses will come to main horse when player mounts
-- Mounted Fast Travel (upon arriving press T adn wait 1h for follower and horse to complete fast travel)
-- Horses Return to stables when no followers are with player
-- Followers do not seek conflict while mounted
--One horse at each stable
-- Lydia no longer goes to Breezehome if you did not buy it
-- Issue with dogs not following while you ride fixed
--If named Thane, ability to recruit guards - Whiterun enabled

1.0e --
You know.. dialogue options - a new main that will contain miscellaneous dialogue choices
You are important - Will set current follower to essential
You are irrelevant - Will set current follower non essential
You could dress better - Will "ufolize" custom follower from any mod and make their inventory fully tradable (disclaimer: this will remove outfit from custom follower getting ufolized, to re-enable outfit you will need to setoutfit from console or disable/save/enable the mod the custom follower is from) [tested with CM new companions mod]
You are naked.. - Should you see a naked potential follower, tell them they are naked.

1.0d - New dialogue options, fix for Mjoll, **fix for Lydia** - recalled as it caused spouses to leave homes - I promise i didn't tell them to go cheat.. really.
1.0c - Followers should not attack each other on friendly fire anymore. Or less at least :)
1.0b - Corrected a stupid scripting mistake i made, DB initiates and Cicero can be recruited now.
1.0a - Small fix to riding detection for followers, as to prevent potential mounting, once player dismounts.

UFO Compatibility Version PATCH NOTES

* Moved .b17 to Miscellaneous files. Too many issues with .b16 and .b17 to have in a broad testing environment. Beta testers still welcome with b17, but need to be willing to help troubleshoot problems.

1.2j.b17 (RC3)
-- Fixed animals behaving badly. Animal follower commands should now be working properly again.
-- Returned Skulvar's buy horse dialogue. Unfortunately, fLokii says it may not work properly. Enabled for now for troubleshooting and input.
-- Fixed Hearthfires ability to gift pets to children. The animal most recently spoken to will be the target of the gift.

1.2j.b16 (RC2)
-- NOTE: Incompatible with Convenient Horses!
---- Working on getting this corrected ASAP. I have contacted mitchalek to work this out.
-- Fixed issues with update from previous UFO version and/or vanilla.
-- Added separate quest to control followers. Original DialogueFollower functions now point into new quest seamlessly.
---- This should keep added followers that remove the follower bow from destroying the entire UFO Follower system.
-- Increased follower hard limit to 20. (console: set 0fLokiiFollowerMax to 20)
-- Increased animal hard limit to 5

-- Uploaded correct file for Dragonborn AddOn. Version 1.0b is now correct. (1.0a was incorrect)
-- Corrected typo in Tina the Firefly's script. No more "Wan't" for you!
-- Updated the inner workings of the forget spells option. Should be functionally similar, but more extensible for the future.
-- MCM Should now be 100% functional, with follower options working.
-- Added Global Variable and MCM option to enable/disable PlayerTeammate flag on dismiss.
---- Console command "Set 0fLokiiPlayerTeammateFlag to 1" to "Reset" player teammate flag (disable) when dismissing.
---- The reason for the PlayerTeammate flag is to retain outfits and prevent nudity when dismissed. You have been warned.

-- Added Official Dragonborn patch 1.0 -- To the 400 or so users who downloaded this, there was a bug. When Frea was supposed to leave to go to the village, she will not go. Simply dismiss her and the quest should continue. Version 1.0a (now available) fixes this.
---- Most of Dragonborn SHOULD work *WITHOUT* the Dragonborn patch.
---- DB Followers may have level restrictions without patch, otherwise everything should be working.
------ See #8 on fLokii's sticky post to correct these issues without the Dragonborn patch.
-- Attempt to fix DLC compatibility code.

-- Updates for Serana compatibility. *SHOULD NOT NEED DAWNGUARD PATCH*
-- Serana can now dress better. I hope all you control freaks are happy now.
-- Why on earth were we leaving dismissed followers as teammates? FTFY! (ty DreamKingMods for pointing this out)
-- Added an option in the MCM to reset the Follower quest. This should be used for debugging purposes only!

-- Initial framework for future cross-mod compatibility fixes
-- Clean repackaging of BSA assets -- might resolve some strange issues.
-- Cleaned up "Follow me. I need your help" dialogue option detection/correction code.

-- Rainbows and confetti
-- Further tweaks for compatibility with third party (and second party) followers.
-- MCM Stats info for active followers. Toggles for essential, and AI info not functional yet.

-- Updated internal follower maintenance code.

-- More fixes for third party followers.
-- Initial (mostly blank) MCM menu. Nothing to see there though.

-- Edited DialogueFavorGeneric to (hopefully) work around any 3rd party followers that also edited the conditions. This may require that UFO be moved below third party followers in the load order.

-- Finally squashed PlayerFollowerCount bug.
note: in plain English, this means if for some reason a third party follower has lost their "follow me, I need your help" dialogue for initial recruitment, or recruitment after dismissal, this *should* work to fix that.

-- Will now count followers and update PlayerFollowerCount on a regular basis.

-- Fixed some possible PlayerFollowerCount variable wonkiness
-- Better detection of active/previous speaker

-- Fixed closing dialogue while dismissing.
-- Fix attempt for 3rd party followers not joining if you already have a follower.

-- Fixed dismissing of guards (Thanks to fLokii running a standard battery of tests on my files)

-- Adjusted packages and conditions, followers experiencing the "walk home when player sneaks" bug should be fixed

-- Eliminated many script fragment files with a reorganization of the core script.