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Magic Duel : Reborn's goal is to make the use of destruction magic more interesting via the ability to engage in magic duels.
It also allows to perform shout duels against dragons.

Permissions and credits

Author : Seb263
Current Version : 1.1.0 (03/15/2015)
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Magic Duel: Reborn is a total overhaul of its predecessor: Magic Duel.
Its goal is to make the use of destruction magic more interesting via the ability to engage in magic duels.

Having a mage character is not necessary, however it will add to your resistance and your strength during duels.

The concept is simple, you have to charge or cast a destruction spell while targeting an enemy to start a magic duel.
All NPCs and creatures are eligible for duels, including dragons.

Once the duel is started, you must show more agility and dexterity than your opponent to win the duel.
Numerous modifiable factors will come into play during the duel and can play to your advantage or disadvantage as well as your enemy's.
All of these parameters as well as the hotkeys used during the duel are modifiable from the Magic Duel book or MCM menu (if you have SkyUI installed).

Duel against an NPC or creature :
To start a duel, you must charge or cast a destruction spell while targeting an enemy.
Four elements are compatible: fire, ice, Lightning and drain.

Once the duel is started, you'll have to alternate between left and right clicking (though you may change the keys) to push the enemy's spell back towards him with your own spell.
If you manage to alternate your attacks correctly, your overdrive* gauge will fill up faster giving you the edge.
During the duel, both duelist's magicka bars* will be drained. If either one empties, the loser receives damage proportional to his progress in the duel.

Once one of the duelists is defeated, he will receive damage based on the strengths of the winner and will also be knocked back depending on that strength.
You may also find that a Finishing Move unique to each element unfolds.

If the NPCs in the immediate area aren't busy fighting someone else, they may come spectate the duel and cheer on their preferred person.

Overdrive gauge: The overdrive gauge is represented by the health bar (red), it allows you to make your spell much more powerful at the cost of faster mana drain. Once you activate the overdrive, the bar drains quickly and you will only have a few moments to take advantage of your increase in power.

Magicka Bars: The player's magicka bar is represented by the default magicka bar (blue), the enemy's magicka bar is represented by the stamina bar (green). These bares accurately represent the state of your and your enemy's magicka.

Duels versus dragons :
Unlike classic duels, dragon duels are triggered by shouting.
The way to start them is the same, you must shout at, and be shouted at, at the same moment (the interval between the two is, again, modifiable).
The three compatible type of shouts are: fire shouts, ice shouts, and Unrelenting Force.

At the start of the duel, you'll have access to a protection spell (right hand) as well as a shout of the same type as the one you used when starting the duel.

To win the duel, you need to take down the dragon with your shout while he tries to do the same.
For your attacks to be more efficient, your shout must reach the dragon's mouth at the moment he is about to attack.
Precision is thus more important than in the classic duels.
Do not forget that each shout is made up of 3 parts depending on which words you've learned.
Also keep in mind that a shout of an element opposite the one used by the dragon will do more damage.
You may also use Dragonrend to weaken your enemy before a duel.

If your shout is recharging, you may protect yourself using the protection spell at the cost of draining your mana.

The dragon's health is represented by your stamina bar (green).

Here is a list of all the parameters that you can change in-game.

In addition to 8 epic combat themes, you have the option of adding up to 30 songs of your choice that will play out during duels.
To do so, a simple tool is downloadable on the mod's optional files.

Thank you to the authors of these 8 wonderful copyright free themes used in the mod.

Installing Skyrim Script Extender (SKSE) version 1.6.7 or above is necessary for this mod.
Magic Duel: Reborn is compatible with SkyUI but it is not mandatory.

Warning : If you use the old version of Magic Duel, do not forget to uninstall it.

This mod modifies no spells, NPCs, quests or anything else. The default game (Vanilla) is completely preserved.
Meaning this mod CANNOT conflict with another mod.

If you are having problems with display or lag during duels, it is recommended to lower your graphics settings to free up some resources for the duels.

Question: It says to install Skyrim Script Extender (SKSE), how do I do that?
Answer: You may download SKSE here, here is also a video explaining how to install it.

Question: Does this mod work with SkyUI? If so, is it mandatory?
Answer: The mod is compatible, however it is not mandatory.

Question: Is it possible to use a controller for the duels?
Answer: Yes, don't forget to change your hotkeys via the configuration menu.

Question: Is it possible to use other magic mods along with this one?
Answer: Absolutely. No conflicts should take place between this mod and any other.

Question: I have problems starting duels / I lost the mod book, what should I do?
Answer: Use the "reset" function from the MCM menu to restart the mod.
If you don't have SkyUI and you have lost the book, type "StartQuest MDRResetQuest" into the console.

Question: How to start a finishing move?
Answer: Your two hands must be free at the beginning of the duel (This may change in future updates).
If you have "If the requirements are met" as option for "Finising Moves" then your overdrive gauge must be at least half full.

Question: I would like to make a plugin or translation of this mod, may I?
Answer: Please obtain my permission first and create your patch as an esp linked to MagicDuelReborn.esm.

Update from an earlier version :

It is impossible to automatically update the V-1.1.0 of the mod from an earlier version.

Here's how to do it manually:
  1. Launch the Skyrim launcher and click on Data Files.
  2. Uncheck the box next to "MagicDuelReborn.esm".
  3. Load your last save game, make a save and exit the game.
  4. (Recommanded) Download "Save game script cleaner" and use it to clean up your previously created save.
  5. Follow the "Automatic Installation" or "Manual Installation" instructions.
  6. Load your previously created save.
  7. Done!

Automatic Installation :
It is recommended to use the Nexus Mod Manager to easily install the mod and keep it up to date.

Manual Installation :
  1. Download the latest version of Magic Duel: Reborn.
  2. Open the archive using 7zip or Winrar.
  3. Put "MagicDuelReborn.esm" and "MagicDuelReborn.bsa" in the game folder.
  4. (Default: "C:\Program Files\Steam\Steamapps\common\Skyrim\Data")
  5. Launch the Skyrim launcher and click on Data Files.
  6. Check the box next to "MagicDuelReborn.esm"

New spells: Thanks to Metafysik for his work on the new spell effects.
Advice: Thanks to sagittarius22 for his advice and opinions on the mod.
Translation: Thanks to bbe for his support and a full translation of the mod (french to english).
Music: Thanks to Celestial Aeon Project, Antti Martikainen and Cj Aist for these wonderful copyright free themes used in the mod.
Beta Testers: Thanks to bbe, DaMOFO, Dark_Ansem, Keelah Se'lai, Meguiddo, Metafysik, Nayos, Projet JA_DM, Sagittarius22.
TES V: Thanks to Bethesda for the great Elder Scrolls series.

This mod may not be published or modified without my permission.
If you wish to make an addon for this mod, please contact me.