Mod articles

  • Magic Duel - Reborn has been ported to the Special Edition!

    Hello everyone,

    I created this little article to inform those who wish to move to the Special Edition that the mod has been ported to it.

    You can find this port here :

  • Magic Duel: Reborn 1.1.0 is out !

    Hello everyone,

    As announced in a previous article, I spent the last few weeks working on a new version of Magic Duel: Reborn.
    This version is now complete and available to download.

    The stability of the mod has been greatly improved and some parts have been completely recreated to be more efficient and less resource intensive.

    Here is the log of this new version:


    Overhaul of the general structure of the mod. The structure of the mod has been recreated to bypass some bugs including the famous activation bug which occurs on many objects.
    Overhaul of duels launch system. It is no longer necessary to cast a spell the same time as the enemy. Now, charging or casting a spell while targeting an enemy can lead...

  • Let's go back to work

    Hello everyone! :)

    After a long absence on this game, I decided to return to try to offer you some updates of my mods.

    Magic Duel: Reborn is a mod that requires a lot of resources, it is not uncommon that the game has weird and embarrassing reactions during or after duels.
    After long moments of reflection and some tests, it seems that some problems can be avoided (the activation bug of dynamic objects such as forges, chairs etc ...).

    There is also some functions of the latest version of SKSE that I could use to get rid of some pretty heavy fonctions, but, this remains to be tested.

    I will have to rewrite a large part of the mod and do many tests before being able to give you more details. Unfortunately, I cannot guarantee that m...

  • Improve stability of the mod

    If you run into any of these problems while using the mod:

    Performance loss during duels
    Cannot progress during duels
    Can't initiate multiple duels
    Can't initiate a single duel
    Then your processor or RAM may not be enough to keep the mod running correctly.
    However there are certain tweaks which could improve your conditions in game and during duels:

    1. Change your graphic settings:
    Even after having configured your game to run at an acceptable frame rate, you must take into account that the game will not always be consuming the same amount of resources all throughout your session.

    If you are just barely hitting your desired FPS, it is possible that scripts are having trouble running in the background....

  • List of modifiable parameters

    Here is a list of all the parameters that you can change in-game.

    Global parameters :
    Time interval between the two shouts/ spells
    Number of spectators
    Enemy intimidation

    NPC Parameters:
    Activate / Deactivate duels versus NPCs
    Chances of starting a duel
    XP multiplier
    Speed multiplier
    Difficulty multiplier
    Damage multiplier
    Level influence
    Skill influence
    Advantage (two handed spells / staffs)
    Magicka gauge
    Overdrive Gauge
    Finishing Moves
    First person duels
    First person finishing moves

    Dragon Duel Parameters:
    Activate / Deactivate duels versus Dragons
    Chances of starting a dragon duel
    XP multiplier
    Difficulty multipl...