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Immersive Weapons

List of Generally Available Weapons

Aldmeri Axestaff (Halberd) Elven
Alik'r Crown Scimitar Elven
Alinor Saber Elven
An-Xileel War Bow Advanced/Orcish : Imperial
Antique Daedric Sword
Antique Glass Sword
Antique Honed Silver Sword Advanced : Nordic
Antique Iron Sword
Antique Silver Sword Elven : Nordic
Antique Steel Sword
Aries Ceremonial Greatsword Advanced : Nordic
Arming Sword Orcish : Nordic
Armsman's Sword Steel : Nordic
Asuma Trench Knife (Dagger) Orcish
Ayleid Greatsword Glass
Azura's Moon (War Axe) Daedric(*)
Barbarian Great Axe Ebony : Nordic
Black Dragon Ninjato Glass
Black Mammoth Recurve Bow Ebony : Nordic
Black Sting (Sword) Ebony
Black Sting Dagger Ebony
Black Sting Greatsword Ebony
Blue Dragon Ninjato Elven
Camoran Saber Glass
Captain's Cutlass Dwarven : Nordic
Captain's Sword Elven : Nordic
Cavalry Broadsword (Sword) Elven : Nordic
Ceymallari (Sword) Glass
Chakram (Dagger) Ebony
Colovian Composite Bow None : Imperial
Colovian Dark Composite Bow Steel : Imperial
Crow Greatsword Ebony : Nordic
Crow Sword Ebony : Nordic
Daedric Battle Staff
Daedric Crescent (Sword)
Daedric Double Axe
Daedric Halberd
Daedric Katana
Daedric Longsword
Daedric Nodachi
Daedric Quarterstaff
Daedric Tanto
Daedric Wakizashi
Dragonguard Katana Ebony
Dragonsteel Anlace
Dragonsteel Battleaxe
Dragonsteel Bow
Dragonsteel Dagger
Dragonsteel Greatsword
Dragonsteel Katana
Dragonsteel Mace
Dragonsteel Nodachi
Dragonsteel Saber
Dragonsteel Scythe
Dragonsteel Sword
Dragonsteel Tanto
Dragonsteel War Axe
Dragonsteel Warhammer
Dremora Halberd Daedric : Ebony
Duke's Longsword Advanced : Nordic
Duke's Sword Advanced : Nordic
Dwarven Quarterstaff
Dwemer Control Rod (Mace) Dwarven
Eastern Dwemer Longsword Dwarven
Eastern Dwemer Sword Dwarven
Eastern Dwemer War Axe Dwarven
Ebony Battle Staff
Ebony Cutlass
Ebony Dadao
Ebony Double Axe
Ebony Hammer (Mace)
Ebony Longsword
Ebony Quarterstaff
Ebony Scimitar
Elven Double Axe
Elven Great Blade Glass
Elven Great Blood Blade Glass
Elven Great Wings Blade Glass
Elven Hawk Bow
Elven Quarterstaff
Elven Steel Sword Elven
Emerald Gemstone Bow Glass
Ethereal Axestaff (Halberd) Glass
Executioner Double Axe Steel : Iron
Executioner's Hook (Scythe) Orcish
Exotic Bow Ebony
Falkreath Blade (Sword) Dwarven : Nordic
Falkreath Warhammer Dragon : Ebony
Falmer Double Axe Advanced/Orcish : Falmer
Fleur De Lys (Sword) Glass : Nordic
Glass Battle Staff
Glass Double Axe
Glass Quarterstaff
Glass Scimitar
Great Daedric Crescent (Greatsword)
Great Riders Blade (Greatsword) Dwarven : Nordic
Greyblade (Greatsword) Elven
Guardian's Longsword Dwarven : Nordic
Guardian's sword Dwarven : Nordic
Hollow Blade (Sword) Dwarven : Steel
Honed Falmer Double Axe Advanced/Orcish : Falmer
Honed Nordic War Pick Dwarven : Nordic
Honed Silver Battle Staff Advanced : Nordic
Honed Silver Battleaxe Advanced : Nordic
Honed Silver Longsword Advanced : Nordic
Honed Silver Scimitar Advanced : Nordic
Honed Silver War Axe Advanced : Nordic
Honed Steel Nordic Spear Dwarven/Elven : Nordic
Hot Blood (Greatsword) Daedric : Ebony
Housecarl's Greatsword Glass : Nordic
Imperial Ebony Sword Ebony
Iron Club
Iron Cutlass
Iron Double Axe
Iron Hunter's Spear
Iron Katana
Iron Nodachi
Iron Scimitar
Iron Tanto
Iron Wakizashi
Justiciar Changdao Glass
Justiciar Knife Glass
Justiciar Saber Glass
Knight's Broadsword Elven : Nordic
Knight's Claymore Elven : Nordic
Mighty Steel Greatsword Steel : Nordic
Noble Claymore Advanced : Nordic
Noble Sword Advanced : Nordic
Nord Hero Axestaff (Halberd) Steel : Nordic
Nord Hero Double Axe Advanced : Nordic
Nordic Dwemer Blade (Sword) Dwarven
Nordic Scrimshaw Bow Advanced/Orcish : Nordic
Nordic War Pick Steel : Nordic
Orcish Crippler Spear
Orcish Longsword
Orcish Quarterstaff
Orcish Saber
Orgnum's Dagger Ebony/Glass : Glass
Ornate Alik'r Scimitar Glass
Ornate Khajiit Bow Advanced/Orcish : Imperial
Ornate Maul (Warhammer) Ebony
Orsimer Cheiftan Bow Advanced/Orcish : Orcish
Phoenix Ninjato Ebony
Quarterstaff Wood
Regent's Longsword Ebony : Nordic
Riders Blade (Sword) Dwarven : Nordic
Ruby Gemstone Bow Glass
Sapphire Gemstone Bow Glass
Seeker Changdao Elven
Seeker Knife Elven
Seeker Saber Elven
Silver Battle Staff Elven : Nordic
Silver Battleaxe Elven : Nordic
Silver Hawk Bow Glass
Silver Katana Elven : Nordic
Silver Longsword Elven : Nordic
Silver Nodachi Elven : Nordic
Silver Scimitar Elven : Nordic
Silver Tanto Elven : Nordic
Silver Wakizashi Elven : Nordic
Silver War Axe Elven : Nordic
Sithis's Blade (Ninjato) Advanced(*) : Nordic
Sithis's Razor (Tanto) Advanced(*) : Nordic
Sixth House Bell Hammer (Warhammer) Dragon : Ebony
Skull Double Axe Advanced : Nordic
Soldier's Broadsword (Sword) Dwarven : Nordic
Sorrow Daito Glass
Sorrow Katana Glass
Sorrow Tanto Glass
Springsteel Bow Steel : Imperial
Steel Battle Staff
Steel Club
Steel Cutlass
Steel Katana
Steel Longsword
Steel Nodachi
Steel Nordic Spear Steel : Nordic
Steel Quarterstaff
Steel Scimitar
Steel Tanto
Steel Wakizashi
Steel War Pick
Stros M'Kai Scimitar Orcish
Tapered Wooden Battle Staff Wood
Thresher Maul (Warhammer) Steel
Tombstone Ceremonial Greatsword Advanced : Nordic
Trident Blade (Sword) Dwarven
Valenwood War Bow Elven
Viking Double Axe Steel : Nordic
Wabba Jackhammer (Warhammer) Daedric(*)
Wabba Jaxe (Halberd) Daedric(*)
Warchief's Might (Battleaxe) Orcish
White Mammoth Recurve Bow Glass : Nordic
Wicked Dagger Elven : Steel
Wicked Scimitar Elven : Steel
Wolf Claymore Advanced : Nordic
Wolf Dadao Advanced : Nordic
Wolf Daito Advanced : Nordic
Wolf Katana Advanced : Nordic
Wolf Scimitar Advanced : Nordic
Wolf Sword Advanced : Nordic
Wooden Battle Staff
Wooden Club
Wraith Scythe Ebony/Glass : Nordic

(*) - This weapon has an extra requirement before it is available for Crafting

Dragonbone Staff (magic) - Non Craftable
Bruniik Ag (fire)
Krah Rahgol (frost)
Unahzaal Feyn (shock)

List of Available Arrows - All Category Wood

An-Xileel Arrow Advanced/Orcish
Dariit Arrow Glass
Dragonsteel Arrow
Exotic Arrow Ebony
Justiciar Arrow Glass
Seeker Arrow Elven

Also -
Forsworn Arrow (Recipe added) None
Practice Arrow (Recipe added) None

List of Exclusively Craftable Weapons

Afterslash (Sword) Steel
Assassin Sword Elven : Steel
BiPolar Blade (Battleaxe+Greatword) Daedric
Blade of Woe (Replica) (Dagger) Daedric
Chillrend (Replica) (Sword) Daedric : Glass
Dawnbreaker (Replica) (Sword) Daedric/Glass : Glass
Ebony Blade (Replica) (Greatword) Daedric
Mace of Molag Bal (Replica) Daedric
Mehrunes' Razor (Replica) (Dagger) Daedric
Nightingale Blade (Replica) (Dagger+Sword) Daedric
Nightingale Bow (Replica) Daedric
Pokeblade (Sword) Steel
Rueful Axe (Replica) (Battleaxe) Daedric/Glass : Daedric
Spearblade (Dagger) Steel : Nordic
Splitter (Sword) Steel : Iron
Volendrung (Replica) (Warhammer) Daedric

All (Replica) weapons require posession of the Original or a previously made Replica for crafting.

List of Unique Weapons - Non Craftable, Tempering Only

Chrysamere (Greatword) Daedric
Dragonbane (replacer) (Katana) Steel
Fork of Horripilation (Dagger) None
Goldbrand (Katana) Daedric
Ice Blade of the Monarch (Greatword) Daedric
Justice (Greatword) Steel
Mace of Aevar Stone-Singer (Mace) Daedric
Malacath's Cleaver (Greatword) Daedric
PenUmbra (Umbra Replica) (Sword) Daedric
Shadowsting (Sword) Daedric