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ORS Chapter 2 - A new quest into the Oblivion. The fight against the daedra never ends

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Welcome back to this hellish series

Chapter2 - The adventure goes on.


This is the Second Chapter of The Oblivion Realms Serie but you can also consider this as a stand-alone mod.
Anyway, we suggest to play first Chapter1 (The Gate of Solitude) if you haven't yet.
Prepare yourself to face tough times in the twisted realms of Oblivion. (Level38 required)
Followers are allowed as ever but you will have to take care about them if you want they to survive.

To experience this dungeon as we meant, we suggest to play with high level character and set difficulty to master or legendary and get ready to die!
Custom music themes and sounds (unfortunately the maximum available volume is far from what we would like it to be)
Own ImageSpaces and LightTemplates to create a perfect obscure environment.
Also available patches to tweak enemies difficulty for a more "custom" experience.
This mod also fixes the vanilla bug regarding dremoras voice acting (Inside patches)
Powerful items, loot, many secret areas and special features awating for you...

To play this Mod you MUST have Skyrim Patch1.9 or it will not work (This is mandatory).

If you are going to play the InfernoPatch but you lack of devastating weaponry, check the Infernal Armory

(Spoilerish : Do not read this if you haven't played the First Chapter yet)
A new evil is coming from Oblivion . A mysterious Master is about to cast the ultimate curse upon Tamriel using Gates both as connection and catalysts to swallow Tamriel into the void.
In Solitude you ventured into the Oblivion to discover a stronghold meant to protect a necessary piece of this plot and in order to shut down the Gate you killed the Keeper and removed a wicked stone from an unholy shrine.
That gem... The Oblivion Black Heart... you don't know how to deal with it now... You feel the dark power lying inside it like a rumble in your heart, a distant scream of rage and pain.
But your concerns have to wait. You discovered where the next hateful Gate is going to plant roots to corrupt your homeland and stand up to doom your world.
You know the place but not the time. Head now to Morthal and get ready for anything...
Are you a shiny knight devoted to virtue? Are you a murderer, a thief or the lamest vermin that crawls upon the land? Whatever.
This is not a matter of heroes or glory... Oblivion doens't care. It will swallow both your friends and enemies, it will crush your home and doom your existence.
If you fail your world will be gone and yourself along with it, so pull yourself together and let's do what you have to.

After downloading unpack it and place both files into your Skyrim/Data folder.

To use patches the main ESM is required and it must come before the ESP patches in your load order.
The DremoraUpdate is a stand alone patch (it works without the Main files) and it fixes vanilla bugs and enhance Dremora Race ingame. Possibly place this file near the bottom of you load order.
To remove this mod just delete both the afore mentioned files (and patches too if you have those also).

A clean savegame is strongly recommended (or even a backup of your current savegame)
If you are updating the mod you must start back from a previous clean savegame to avoid any issue.

Available translations : German ; Russian

At the moment there is a little issue with the havok of a custom item (OblivionStone); do not drop it from the inventory once you have picked up one to avoid weird behavior from the game.

Due to something broken in vanilla AI it may happen enemies stand passive without attacking or behaving quite weird. As far as I figured out the way to make things back to work is to quit Skyrim and re-run from the previous savegame (For this reason it is better to keep track of your progress and hard save every once in a while).

There are mods (like various ENBs and so on) which affects how the game it looks. This can cause troubles with ISM, water reflection or any FX. This won't prevent this mod to work properly and all will be fine, just you will not "see" it how we actually made it to look like.
This doesn't depends on us, not our fault at all... you can ignore this or ask to whom have made those mods because is something that can't be fixed by us.
We suggest to keep the ingame Autosave feature enabled.

Spoiler : In order to have the quest to start you must walk through Morthal in the middle of the night

Report us if you experience any issue, your opinion is also very welcome.

Hanaisse : Exterior Oblivion Gate Meshes and Textures
ShadowGamer (Official ORS Composer) : Custom Themes and Audios
narphous : Writings Check

The Temple of Black Rock
Hjakhtraevarr Tomb
The Secret of Dragonhead
Hraghenskaag Labyrinths