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A new deadly adventure begins. Oblivion strikes back! (Chapter1)

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  • German

Welcome to the first chapter of this series.

A new deadly adventure begins.

You will face dremora hordes in the wasted lands of Oblivion (Level35 character required).
Bringing a follower could be the rightful choice but consider this as a possible sentence to death for the both of you.
To experience this dungeon as we meant, we suggest to play with high level character and set difficulty to master (either ways expect to die several times!)
Best you approach Solitude from the outside instead of fast travel there then get out.
Own ImageSpaces and LightTemplates to create a perfect obscure environment.
To play this Mod you MUST have the latest patched version of Skyrim or it will not work (This is mandatory).
Customized Skyrim Main Loadscreen. (Optional download)
Also available a patch to tweak down the whole difficulty, for those who dislikes ultra-challange
(Optional download - It requires the main ESM to work, you have to download and set active both files)
If you are going to play the InfernoPatch but you lack of devastating weaponry, check the Infernal Armory

There are rumors of something weird in the air. In the surroundings of Solitude people says to have been witness of unusual sunsets in the middle of the day.
Just a blink of an eye and the skies were red. As quick as it happened it vanished later. People asked the Dragonborn to check on this.

After downloading the package unpack it and place both files into your Skyrim/Data folder. (Same goes for the optional files) Video
To remove this mod just delete both the afore mentioned files. (Same goes for the optional files)
ORS Patches must be placed after the main file in your load order.
The DremoraUpdate is a stand alone patch (it works without the Main files) and it fixes vanilla bugs and enhance Dremora Race ingame. Place this file at the bottom of you load order.
If you are thinking of playing the whole Series it would be appropriate to install it all at once including the ChaptersLinker since it requires all masters in order to correctly run and it enhances the whole experience. (Here's the link to 2nd Chapter - ORS Morthal Pain - and more optional files)
We do always recommend a clean savegame before to install any mod.
If you are updating the mod you should start back from a previous clean savegame to avoid any issue.
Available Translations : German ; Russian ; Spanish ; French ; Japanese

We suggest to play this mod before/after the "Battle for Solitude" Quest to avoid any possible conflict, just for safety.
Fix for vanilla bug about Dremora acting voice is inside the patches (we choose this way to grant maximum compatibility of the main file)
If the sky doesn't turn red when the Oblivion Gate appears means your ENB doesnt support ISM. Beside, some ENB screws with vanilla FX, lighting and reflections...not a big deal, this mod will work anyway, just you will not see how we actually wanted it to look like.
Do nou use the OBH to recharge enchanted weapons, it may cause CTD (consider it as a Quest item)
If you cheat do not expect things to work properly; you are warned!

Thanx to Hanaisse for the Oblivion Gate Meshes and Textures; also thanx to narphous for writings check.

ORS2 - Morthal Pain

The Temple of Black Rock
Hjakhtraevarr Tomb
The Secret of Dragonhead
Hraghenskaag Labyrinths