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Where lies heroes gone insane

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  • Czech
Hjakhtraevarr Tomb
Where lies heroes gone insane


Huge, dark and brutal dungeon located nearby Whiterun (already marked on your map).
Once you get in you'll have to figure out how to get back free (Find you way through this maze, 2 or more hours gameplay).
Very nice loot and big challange. Fully Navmeshed. Tons of details and unique design.
Extreme hardcore bosses for elite players. High level char recommended.
Insanity awaits you!

Available Translations : Spanish ; German ; Czech


Skyrim has always been the homeland of the greatest heroes from the ancient times of Tamriel. Few knows that many of them went mad... On their rise to glory they gathered so much power and forbidden wisdom to keep not considering themselves as shields to defend people, the same people that was getting more and more suspicious about their proud but merciless behavior. Power always comes with a price... As much they gained victories and dark secrets revelaed to fed their undying hunger as they lost sanity. In the end only death itself remained as the ultimate opponent... and the most unholy necromantic rituals was the only answer for their tormented minds, a path with no turning back. Legend tells they built, along with their fierce companions, a huge tomb and they all vanished from the land. Nobody knows exaclty what happend then, and now, ages has passed to keep caring about. Long forgotten an iron door splits the world of the living from... another one. Hjakhtraevarr was the name and no one knows what it meant, maybe only dead can tell.


Installation - Just place/overwrite files into your Skyrim/Data folder
Upgrade - If you are upgrading the mod from a previous version, you have first manually delete the ESM/ESP and BSA files.
Removal - Simply delete files (or just uncheck this mod from your loading data manager)
A clean save is strongly recommended before to install any mod, this one makes no exception.
Few custom items and a very powerful spell inside (use it carefully).
Encounters are balanced but get ready to face some really tough times.
Do not expect any mercy from the Lords of this Tomb, tactic is your choice.
Quite useless to say : if you cheat don't expect things to work properly, you are warned.

Click here for SSE version page

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Darkness awaits.... enjoy some sickness!