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This mod is meant to provide some OP weaponry for those who are willing to play the InfernoPatches of the Oblivion Realms Serie
Stand alone version (no other mods required in order to have this working)

The description of each piece is written in a book (found in the same place of all the other items)
No armors. To keep some balance I won't provide further defence upgrades to have a genuine gameplay. Lots of damage but still the chance to get one hitted from very powerful enemies.
Any weapon model is from vanilla meshes and textures to grant maximum compatibility to any customization from other mods.

Playing these items in the vanilla environment is kinda game breaking and this weapons could be considered godlike stuff.

To find the Forbidden Shrine go to Dawnstar at the MythicDawn Museum

ORS Chapter 1 - The Gate of Solitude
ORS Chapter 2 - Morthal Pain

ItemList :
Bloodriver - Daedric Greatsword (2Handed)
Hellchant - Daedric Sword (Either hand)
Hell Harvest - Daedric Waraxe (Either hand)
Hellflame - Spell (Either hand - Dual Allowed)
Frozen Nightmare - Spell (Either hand - Dual Allowed)
Conjure Titan Smasher - Summon Spell (Dangerous)
Eternal Sin - Enchanted Ring
Infernal Talisman - Enchanted Necklace (Customizable)