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Have you ever wanted to practice and improve your combat skills on the practice dummies in Skyrim, only to find you can't? Well, now you can.

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Training Dummies and Archery Targets

- Skyrim Edition -


If you use Falskaar by Alexander J. Velicky, you want to use the Falskaar Edition of this mod.



Have you ever wanted to practice and improve your combat skills on the practice dummies in Skyrim, only to find you can't? Well, now you can.

This mod adds to all practice dummies and archery targets (apart from snow-covered ones) the ability to train your skills. The player can use these to train their One Handed, Two Handed, Archery, and Destruction skills, depending on what weapon you use. The skill increase is less than real combat, but works to simulate the player "learning" while practicing.

This will conflict with my other mod, Training Dummies & Targets - Falskaar Edition.

What trains what, and how it works

Practice Dummies will train your Archery, One Handed, Two Handed, and Destruction skills (using Fire, Frost, or Shock spells).

For spells like Fire Hands that have a stream, short bursts that last a second or two work best for the training script.

Archery Targets (not snow-covered) will only train your Archery skill. If you are too close to the dummies and targets when you fire your bow, it won't improve your skill and a notification will show in-game. Your archery skill increases more the further back you are from the target and dummy.

All you have to do is attack the dummy or target, as you would an enemy. Simple!

Video showing the mod working in testing.

Skill increase speed is approx. 1/3 of what was in the video.


How to install/uninstall.

I recommend using Nexus Mod Manager to install and uninstall this mod.

Extract the ArcheryDummyXP.RAR file to your Skyrim/Data folder. ArcheryDummyXP.esp & ArcheryDummyXP.bsa sit in your DATA folder.

Using your favourite mod manager or the Skyrim launcher, tick the box to enable ArcheryDummyXP.esp

To remove, simply delete ArcheryDummyXP.esp and ArcheryTargetXP.bsa.

Dummies and Targets added by mods don't train my skills!!?

This mod changes all vanilla Skyrim training dummies with an Activator version with a script attached. If the mod has placed the "activator" version of combat dummies, it should work. If it has placed the "static" version, they wont. Purely and simply because I've changed the game placed objects, not objects placed by mods.

Can mod user X use my script for their mod/May I use your script please in my mod?

You are welcome to use my script in your mod, but please credit me in your description and/or readme file. Also send me a message and let me know, just so I know :)


Shouldn't conflict with mods that alter the area where dummies and targets are located.

Will conflict with any mods that alter the base objects of dummies, not targets as they are my own "activator objects". Texture replacers will still work fine ofcourse.

I've found a bug/problem with this mod, will you fix!?

Please comment and hopefully if I can fix it I will.


I only support Skyrim version 1.9 and above.

This mod was made for qwert and the other members of the Bethesda Skyrim forums.

Please see my other mods.

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