Walks-In-Shadows - Argonian Pirate Captain Follower by casiporvida
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Updating from 1.0 to 1.1:
Skyrim will tell you your save relies on content that is no longer available. Ignore this, I just changed the plugin file name.

Waiting for you at the Solitude Docks, Walks-In-Shadows, the tiny lizard is here to assist you on your quest!
Specialized in Archery, One- and Two-Handed, he can effectively use any weapon and levels with the player. He also uses Fast Healing to recover himself.

There are multiple versions availible with different requirements:

FULL: Requires Immersive Armors by Hothtooper44, Immersive Weapons by Hothtrooper44, Ironman5000 and Eckss and Bandolier by Dragten
LITE: Requires Immersive Armors by Hothtooper44, Immersive Weapons by Hothtrooper44, Ironman5000 and Eckss
IA: Requires Immersive Armors by Hothtooper44
VANILLA: Doesn't require any additional mods or DLC and uses vanilla clothing and weapons