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COMPANION MAKEOVER - gives the DarkElf Assassin JENASSA a look which both suits her character and fighting skills! (+Unique Warpaint)

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My Jenassa-Makeover should be compatible with nearly ALL other mods - even Follower overhauls like Better Followers, UFO,...!
All you have to do is make sure to load my esp-file AFTER all other companion mods! Mine is merely a simple texture replacer for her face
so the possibilty of conflicts is practically zero!

Ethereal Elven Overhaul is also compatible but you have to make sure to follow these steps:
1. Uninstall Jenassa in NMM
2. Install Ethereal Elven Overhaul
3. Install Jenassa again and let it overwrite the Ethereal Elven Overhaul when prompted

> Ethereal Elven Overhaul
> (...other mods)
> Jenassa

Know Conflicts >>> Specialized Followers seems to be incompatible (right now I have no solution for this, and no idea if it can be fixed...)

Recommended/Used mods  (to get the exact look you see in my images) - some are pretty OUDATED now!

EYES (very important for her look!) >>> I use mrLenski's great eye-replacer-textures Covereyes!
If you prefer another HD-Eye-Texture-Replacer mod you may get a very different result! To avoid this you could download the file manually and
just replace the needed eye-texture for Jenassa ("" - and put it into your folder: Skyrim/Data/Textures/actors/character/eyes) 

Armored Fur Hood >>> after her unique Warpaint and eyecolor this HOOD is the most important part of Jenassas looks!
You can dress her any way you want - but please give her one of these, or a similar hood! They make her look complete and really complement
her facial features! Give it a try and you will love it (maybe this recommendation will change your mind if you initially didn't like the new hairstyle
I gave her  because now you can understand that "my" Jenassa was never intended to go anywhere without her hood!) ;)

Skintone used mod - face >>> Coverwomen (look 3 or the old look 1)
(You can use any Skintone for her - but you may get slightly different looks!
I can only recommend that you use a "natural" skintone - for all your females!) ;)

used mod - body >>> No Dirty Bodies (best match for Coverwomen)
(just a recommendation - you can use any skintone and bodymod you want!)

FACEPAINT >>> her unique warpaint is a mixture of three vanilla-warpaint patterns.
(If you are using warpaint-replacers I can't predict how this will affect her look!)

Like the default Jenassa you can find her improved version in the Drunken Huntsman in Whiterun. For a modest fee she will join you on your
adventures and help you against your enemies with her great Assassin/Ranger Skills (she favours Bows and dual Weapons)!
Beside improving her looks I have also made her essential - for everything else (Skills, Armor, Weapons, Marriage) I left the default values.

To improve Jenassa's behaviour (and all other followers) I can highly recommend the UFO - Ultimate Follower Overhaul mod!
(make sure to load her esp-file AFTER any follower-tweak/improvement-mods)

You can get Jenassa's favourit weapons and apparel here (A big THANK YOU to all the mod-authors for their amazing creations!):
Mercenary Armor, Gauntlets and Boots, Armored Fur Hood (with Scarf), HN66s Earrings, Scout Bow + Arrows, Albenswords + Dragonsting Dagger

INSTALLATION >>> Download manually or with the NMM.
Manual Installation: Unrar, place the data folder in your main Skyrim directory.

Thanks for downloading! Please leave a comment!
I really appreciate your feedback and support! :)

If you enjoy Jenassa's new looks ingame and you take screenshots of her, please share them here in the image section!
I love to see which adventures she experiences with your dragonborn!

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