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This mod adds craftable & enchantable Golden & Silver Earrings for Females & Males of all Elf-races and Orcs to your game.

Permissions and credits
Name: HN66s Earrings for Humans & Elves & Orcs
( )
*HN66s Earrings for females & males of humans, Elf-races and Orcs*
Version: 1.5
Date: 06-22-2012
Category: Armor
Requirements: Skyrim
Author: Humannature66


This is what you get on version 1.5:
This mod adds some Golden & Silver Earrings for females & males of all Human-Races, Elf-races and Orcs to your game.

You get bothsided Creolas & multiple Clamps, in gold, silver & ancient silver;
These Creolas and Clamps can be enchanted and equipped separately, and they can be worn by females and males of all Elf-races and Orcs, and they are lorefriendly imo.

For the Kajit and Argonians: sorry folks, but looking at you while wearing earrings would remind me too much of a pelt- or CrocoLeather-bag ... >;D

How you can get them:
You find some sets in each of your player's homes in Whiterun & Solitude, in the bedroom, in a small chest at the wall, besides the bed.
Also all Earrings can be crafted on any smithing forge, using silver & gold ingots.

Install of this mod

INFO: the files of the old version of this mod can be deleted, they are no longer used by the esp.

1. Extract the files to a temporary location.

2. create the required folder structure, as you find it in this mod-pack.

3. Copy the contents into the designated folders:

>> the esp <<\Earrings Set1.esp

>> the meshes <<\meshes\Armor\HN66\Earrings\Earrings F CLAMPS GoL.nif\meshes\Armor\HN66\Earrings\Earrings F CLAMPS SiL ANC.nif\meshes\Armor\HN66\Earrings\Earrings F CLAMPS SiL.nif\meshes\Armor\HN66\Earrings\Earrings F CREOLAS GoL.nif\meshes\Armor\HN66\Earrings\Earrings F CREOLAS SiL ANC.nif\meshes\Armor\HN66\Earrings\Earrings F CREOLAS SiL.nif\meshes\Armor\HN66\Earrings\Earrings F DaElf CLAMPS GoL.nif\meshes\Armor\HN66\Earrings\Earrings F DaElf CLAMPS SiL ANC.nif\meshes\Armor\HN66\Earrings\Earrings F DaElf CLAMPS SiL.nif\meshes\Armor\HN66\Earrings\Earrings F DaElf CREOLAS GoL.nif\meshes\Armor\HN66\Earrings\Earrings F DaElf CREOLAS SiL ANC.nif\meshes\Armor\HN66\Earrings\Earrings F DaElf CREOLAS SiL.nif\meshes\Armor\HN66\Earrings\Earrings F HiElf CLAMPS GoL.nif\meshes\Armor\HN66\Earrings\Earrings F HiElf CLAMPS SiL ANC.nif\meshes\Armor\HN66\Earrings\Earrings F HiElf CLAMPS SiL.nif\meshes\Armor\HN66\Earrings\Earrings F HiElf CREOLAS GoL.nif\meshes\Armor\HN66\Earrings\Earrings F HiElf CREOLAS SiL ANC.nif\meshes\Armor\HN66\Earrings\Earrings F HiElf CREOLAS SiL.nif\meshes\Armor\HN66\Earrings\Earrings F Orc CLAMPS GoL.nif\meshes\Armor\HN66\Earrings\Earrings F Orc CLAMPS SiL ANC.nif\meshes\Armor\HN66\Earrings\Earrings F Orc CLAMPS SiL.nif\meshes\Armor\HN66\Earrings\Earrings F WoElf CREOLAS GoL.nif\meshes\Armor\HN66\Earrings\Earrings F WoElf CREOLAS SiL ANC.nif\meshes\Armor\HN66\Earrings\Earrings F WoElf CREOLAS SiL.nif\meshes\Armor\HN66\Earrings\Earrings M CLAMPS GoL.nif\meshes\Armor\HN66\Earrings\Earrings M CLAMPS SiL ANC.nif\meshes\Armor\HN66\Earrings\Earrings M CLAMPS SiL.nif\meshes\Armor\HN66\Earrings\Earrings M CREOLAS GoL.nif\meshes\Armor\HN66\Earrings\Earrings M CREOLAS SiL ANC.nif\meshes\Armor\HN66\Earrings\Earrings M CREOLAS SiL.nif\meshes\Armor\HN66\Earrings\Earrings M DaElf CLAMPS GoL.nif\meshes\Armor\HN66\Earrings\Earrings M DaElf CLAMPS SiL ANC.nif\meshes\Armor\HN66\Earrings\Earrings M DaElf CLAMPS SiL.nif\meshes\Armor\HN66\Earrings\Earrings M HiElf CLAMPS GoL.nif\meshes\Armor\HN66\Earrings\Earrings M HiElf CLAMPS SiL ANC.nif\meshes\Armor\HN66\Earrings\Earrings M HiElf CLAMPS SiL.nif\meshes\Armor\HN66\Earrings\Earrings M HiElf CREOLAS GoL.nif\meshes\Armor\HN66\Earrings\Earrings M HiElf CREOLAS SiL ANC.nif\meshes\Armor\HN66\Earrings\Earrings M HiElf CREOLAS SiL.nif\meshes\Armor\HN66\Earrings\Earrings M Orc CLAMPS GoL.nif\meshes\Armor\HN66\Earrings\Earrings M Orc CLAMPS SiL ANC.nif\meshes\Armor\HN66\Earrings\Earrings M Orc CLAMPS SiL.nif\meshes\Armor\HN66\Earrings\Earrings M Orc CREOLAS GoL.nif\meshes\Armor\HN66\Earrings\Earrings M Orc CREOLAS SiL ANC.nif\meshes\Armor\HN66\Earrings\Earrings M Orc CREOLAS SiL.nif\meshes\Armor\HN66\Earrings\Earrings M WoElf CREOLAS GoL.nif\meshes\Armor\HN66\Earrings\Earrings M WoElf CREOLAS SiL ANC.nif\meshes\Armor\HN66\Earrings\Earrings M WoElf CREOLAS SiL.nif

>> the textures <<\textures\Armor\HN66\Earrings\Earrings\textures\Armor\HN66\Earrings\Earrings\textures\Armor\HN66\Earrings\Earrings\textures\Armor\HN66\Earrings\Earrings\textures\cubemaps\

>>>it is important to use EXACTLY the same folder-structure as it is given in the mod-pack !!!<<<
>>>any little mistake in path or a misspelled foldername will result in a non-working mod !!!<<<

4. activate the esp in your launcher.

5. enjoy.

(NOTE: it may seem to you that a few meshes are missing, but everything's there, as some meshes are shared by more than one race)

1. Delete the folders associated with the mod.

everything that massively changes the two named player-homes, will maybe remove or block the chests with the earrings.
But in that case u still have the option of crafting them on a forge, so no problem;

Known Issues or Bugs
none that i know of;

Additional Info
i used the CK's bodyslot '45 - Unnamed' for the creolas, and '44 - Unnamed' for the clamps.

You can find me on FO3nexus, newvegasnexus & skyrimnexus as Humannature66;



if you like this mod, use & enjoy it, or maybe u like to give a kudos;

if u need technical help with this, contact me via pm;

Credits & Thanx
Jen, 2pac4eva7 & XunAmarox for *Blender NIF Import - Export Tutorial*.

solsikke737 for help, thank you!

Bethesda for creating Skyrim;

Thanx for the mods i used on my screenshots
*1HD Weapons on Back TS Edition* by TS

*Better Females by Bella* by BellaGail
(tex reworked)

*ApachiiSkyHair* by Apachii

*Female Muscle Mod* by Tigersan
(tex reworked)



Tools Used
NIFSkope -
Blender -
DXTBmp -
Photofiltre -
Gimp -
SkyEdit -

NO reuploads on other sites without my permission.
Nothing of this stuff is resource material and may NOT resubmitted without my written consent!
This includes, but is not limited to derivatives!
In ALL cases give credits to all those named above!

greetz freddo / Humannature66