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Changes all Dragon Shouts to a more balanced and useful version. This includes improving damages, decreasing some CDs and tweaking some effects.

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[size=8]Improved Dragon Shouts[/size]
by Ozram

Version 1.1 is out with some bug fixes!!!


You are the mighty Dovahkiin, the true Dragonborn. Your sword is the wrath of the Gods, your shield is the wall that seals the portals of Oblivion, and your voice is..., is... the sh** xD.

If you think most of the Dragon Shouts are useless, but you don't want an unbalanced experienced, this mod is for you. An entire rebalance of the Dragon Shouts, made through extended testing of all shouts while playing against different enemies across all difficulty levels. Hope you enjoy it!!!

PD.: I would love to hear your feedback!!!


Changes all Dragon Shouts to a more balanced and useful version, this includes:improved damages, decreased cooldowns and tweaked effects. Here is the comparison between Vanilla values and the mod values:

================ Vanilla Dragon Shouts ================

Animal Allegiance

Lvl 1: Radius: 75ft->150ft Maxlvl: lvl20->lvl20 Dur: 30sec->120sec Cd: 50sec->35sec
Lvl 2: Radius: 150ft->300ft Maxlvl: lvl20->lvl30 Dur: 45sec->150sec Cd: 60sec->52sec
Lvl 3: Radius: 250ft->500ft Maxlvl: lvl20->lvl40 Dur: 60sec->180sec Cd: 70sec->70sec

Low radius and duration made this shout not worthy. No enemy maxlvl increase made 0 sense. So I decided to improve these points.

Aura Whisper

Lvl 1: Radius: 500ft->500ft Dur: 10sec->6sec Cd: 30sec->10sec
Lvl 2: Radius: 500ft->500ft Dur: 20sec->9sec Cd: 40sec->12sec
Lvl 3: Radius: 500ft->500ft Dur: 30sec->12sec Cd: 50sec->15sec

Too low duration and high cooldown for a not damaging spell. Now it works more like a bat ultrasounds, short duration, and very short cooldown.

Become Ethereal

Lvl 1: Dur: 8sec->10sec Cd: 30sec->15sec
Lvl 2: Dur: 13sec->15sec Cd: 40sec->20sec
Lvl 3: Dur: 18sec->20sec Cd: 50sec->25sec

Little tweak in duration and cooldown for a less demanding shout.

Call Odahviing

Lvl 1: Cd: 5sec->5sec
Lvl 2: Cd: 5sec->5sec
Lvl 3: Cd: 300sec->180sec

Greatly decreased cooldown from 5 to 3 min. The dragon is fine but 300 sec is too much for this shout.

Call of Valor

Lvl 1: Dur: 60sec->120sec Cd: 180sec->120sec
Lvl 2: Dur: 60sec->120sec Cd: 180sec->120sec
Lvl 3: Dur: 60sec->120sec Cd: 180sec->120sec

Improved all their shouts cause they use player shouts.

Improved duration (60sec was ridiculous) and cooldown tweak. If the "mighty" warriors of Sovengarde don't die you can permanently have one of them out at the price of not using any other shout.

Clear Skies

No changes needed.


Lvl 1: Maxlvl: 12->15 Cd: 30sec->15sec
Lvl 2: Maxlvl: 20->30 Cd: 35sec->20sec
Lvl 3: Maxlvl: 30->45 Cd: 40sec->25sec

Maxlvl cap was too low and cooldown was too high or a shout you can only use vs. armed people. As combat shout it needed lower CD, for a semi-defensive shout.


Lvl 1: Maxlvl: 7->15 Dur: 30sec->30sec Cd: 40sec->20sec
Lvl 2: Maxlvl: 15->25 Dur: 30sec->30sec Cd: 45sec->30sec
Lvl 3: Maxlvl: 24->35 Dur: 30sec->30sec Cd: 50sec->40sec

Maxlvl cap was too low for a quite difficult shout to complete. Cd has been tweaked too.

Dragon Rend

No changes needed.

Elemental Fury

Lvl 1: Aspd: 1.3x->1.4x Dur: 15sec->15sec Cd: 30sec->20sec
Lvl 2: Aspd: 1.5x->1.7x Dur: 15sec->17sec Cd: 40sec->30sec
Lvl 3: Aspd: 1.7x->2.0x Dur: 15sec->20sec Cd: 50sec->40sec

As combat shout I prefer it to be more dynamic. With a greatly cd reduction and a sightly duration increase you can fight and reuse it only if needed. Aspd increased since this shout can be only used on non-enchanted weapons.

Fire Breath

Lvl 1: Damage: 50/sec->60flat+6/sec Dur: 1sec->10sec Cd: 30sec->35sec
Lvl 2: Damage: 70/sec->110flat+11/sec Dur: 1sec->10sec Cd: 50sec->52sec
Lvl 3: Damage: 100/sec->170flat+17/sec Dur: 1sec->10sec Cd: 100sec->70sec

Massive damage boost to a useless shout. This shout now does six times more damage, but through time(people and objects will burn for 10 seconds). Cooldown reduced (lvl3 cd made no sense).

Frost Breath

Lvl 1: Damage: 10/sec->40flat+4/sec Dur: 5sec->10sec Slow: 50%->50% Cd: 30sec->35sec
Lvl 2: Damage: 14/sec->80flat+8/sec Dur: 5sec->10sec Slow: 50%->65% Cd: 50sec->52sec
Lvl 3: Damage: 18/sec->130flat+13/sec Dur: 5sec->10sec Slow: 50%->80% Cd: 100sec->70sec

Massive damage boost to a useless shout. This shout now does about five times more damage. Utility has been improved, increasing slow applied to the objetive. Cooldown reduced (lvl3 cd made no sense).

Ice Form

Lvl 1: Damage: 2/sec->6/sec Dur: 15sec->15sec Cd: 60sec->35sec
Lvl 2: Damage: 2/sec->8/sec Dur: 30sec->25sec Cd: 90sec->52sec
Lvl 3: Damage: 2/sec->10/sec Dur: 60sec->40sec Cd: 120sec->70sec

Paralysis duration was too high. Greatly decreased paralysis duration at higher levels, but improved damage and reduced CD.

Kyne's Peace

Lvl 1: Radius: 75ft->150ft Maxlvl: lvl20->lvl20 Dur: 60sec->120secCd: 40sec->20sec
Lvl 2: Radius: 150ft->300ft Maxlvl: lvl20->lvl35 Dur: 120sec->150sec Cd: 50sec->30sec
Lvl 3: Radius: 250ft->500ft Maxlvl: lvl20->lvl50 Dur: 180sec->180sec Cd: 60sec->40sec

Not a very usefull shout. Improved radius, maxlvl, duration at lower levels and cooldown.

Marked for Death

Lvl 1: Damage: 1/sec->3/sec Dur: 60sec->120sec Armor: -25->-60 Cd: 20sec->20sec
Lvl 2: Damage: 2/sec->4/sec Dur: 60sec->150sec Armor: -50->-115 Cd: 30sec->30sec
Lvl 3: Damage: 3/sec->5/sec Dur: 60sec->180sec Armor: -75->-170 Cd: 40sec->40sec

Since Marked for Death bug of accumulative negative armor per second was fixed by the Unofficial Skyrim Patch, I decided to improve the fixed armor value to a new balanced one.

Slow Time

Lvl 1: Slow: 70%->60% Dur: 8sec->10sec Cd: 30sec->30sec
Lvl 1: Slow: 80%->75% Dur: 12sec->15sec Cd: 45sec->45sec
Lvl 1: Slow: 90%->85% Dur: 16sec->20sec Cd: 60sec->60sec

Another bit overpowered shout compared to most of the other vanilla shouts. I lowered the slow power but sightly increased his duration.

Storm Call

Lvl 1: Damage per thunderbolt: 40->45 Dur: 60sec->120secCd: 300sec->240sec
Lvl 2: Damage per thunderbolt: 60->70 Dur: 120sec->150sec Cd: 480sec->300sec
Lvl 3: Damage per thunderbolt: 80->95 Dur: 180sec->180sec Cd: 600sec->360sec

Great improve of damage to the shout with the highest cooldown in the game. Becareful or you'll kill your followers and your horse xD.

Throw Voice

No changes needed.

Unrelenting Force

Lvl 1: Damage: 2->10 Cd: 15sec->15sec
Lvl 2: Damage: 5->20 Cd: 20sec->20sec
Lvl 3: Damage: 10->50 Cd: 45sec->25sec

Fus Roh Dah with extra added damage FTW. The basic damage of this shout was negligible, so i decided to increase it to a small but noticeable amount of damage.

Whirlwind Sprint

Lvl 1: Cd: 20sec->10sec
Lvl 2: Cd: 25sec->12sec
Lvl 3: Cd: 35sec->15sec

Cd reduction needed for an utility shout.

================ Word Meditation Shouts Abilities ================

Fus: Force Without Effort

- You stagger 25% less and foes stagger 25% more. (Augments power attacks and Unrelenting Force shout.)

Remains unchanged, works fine and it's powerful enough

Feim: Eternal Spirit

- While Ethereal, you recover health (25%->200%) faster. (Only active and visible on Active Effects menu when using Become Ethereal shout.)

Health recovery greatly increased, now being ethereal grants a really usefull life regeneration.

Yol: The Fire Within

- Fire Breath shout (deals 25% more damage -> ignite lasts 50% longer).

Ignite duration increased for an effective 50% damage increase over the time and combo with Dragonborn Flame.

=============== Dawnguard Dragon Shouts ===============

Drain Vitality

Lvl 1: Damage to Stamina & Magicka & Health: 5-0-0/sec->6-0-0/sec Dur: 30sec->30sec Cd: 30sec->35sec
Lvl 2: Damage to Stamina & Magicka & Health: 5-5-0/sec->8-8-0/sec Dur: 30sec->30sec Cd: 60sec->52sec
Lvl 3: Damage to Stamina & Magicka & Health: 5-5-5/sec->10-10-10/sec Dur: 30sec->30sec Cd: 90sec->70sec

Absorb effect added!!! Now you regain as much Stamina, Magicka & Health as the enemies lose.

Drain Vitality, a shout that doesn't drain anything actually, just damages. The values has been greatly improved, while cooldown has been lowered and absorb effect has been added.

Soul Tear

Lvl 1: Damage: 0->0 Cd: 5sec->5sec
Lvl 2: Damage: 0->0 Cd: 5sec->5sec
Lvl 3: Damage: 300->300 Cd: 90sec->70sec

Damage is fine, the cooldown was lowered. Remember that target must die in 15 sec to be automatically reanimated, and the reanimated enemy lasts for 60 seconds.

Summon Durnehviir

Lvl 1: Cd: 5sec->5sec
Lvl 2: Cd: 5sec->5sec
Lvl 3: Cd: 300sec->180sec

As with Call Dragon shout, the CD has been reduced form excessive 5 min, to a more reasonable 3 min.

=============== Dragonborn Dragon Shouts ===============

Battle Fury

Lvl 1: Aspd: 1.3x->1.4x Dur: 60sec->40sec Cd: 20sec->20sec
Lvl 2: Aspd: 1.5x->1.7x Dur: 120sec->60sec Cd: 30sec->30sec
Lvl 3: Aspd: 1.7x->2.0x Dur: 180sec->80sec Cd: 40sec->40sec

Duration was too high, so I nerfed it, but increased its effect to match Elemental Fury shout.

Bend Will

Lvl 1: Cd: 5sec->5sec
Lvl 2: Cd: 90sec->70sec
Lvl 3: Cd: 120sec->90sec

Lowered CDs, they were too high.


Lvl 1: Damage: 50->100 Cd: 30sec->30sec
Lvl 2: Damage: 75->170 Cd: 45sec->45sec
Lvl 3: Damage: 100->240 Cd: 60sec->60sec

Damage greatly increased, CD is fine. A quite powerful shout.

Dragon Aspect

Lvl 1: PowerAttack Bonus: 25%->50% Armor: 25->50 Fire&Frost Resist: 0%->0% Shout CD Reduction: 0%->0% Duration: 300sec->300sec Cd: 1day->1day
Lvl 2: PowerAttack Bonus: 25%->75% Armor: 100->125 Fire&Frost Resist: 25%->25% Shout CD Reduction: 0%->0% Duration: 300sec->300sec Cd: 1day->1day
Lvl 3: PowerAttack Bonus: 25%->100% Armor: 100->175 Fire&Frost Resist: 25%->35% Shout CD Reduction: 20%->20% Duration: 300sec->300sec Cd: 1day->1day

I must say I'm not very happy with this shout, it should be something more spectacular (despite it's quite powerful). For now I just improved base stats of the shout, but I would like to add some cool effects or abilities :P.

================ Black Book Epistolary Acumen Shout Abilities ================

Dragonborn Force

- Your Unrelenting Force shout does more damage and using all three words may disintegrate enemies. Your Voice is so strong that not only pushes your enemies, it may disarm them too.

Now combines Unrelenting Force with Disarm (values are the same as described in shouts). Damage increase is only if three words are used, it doubles shout damage and have a low chance to disintegrate enemies.

Dragonborn Flame

- When your Fire Breath Shout kills an enemy, a fire wyrm emerges from their corpse to fight for you for 60 seconds. Ignited enemies flee in pain.

Now combines Fire Breath with Dismay (values are the same as described in shouts except fear lasts only for the ignite duration (can be increase via The Fire Within). Fire Wyrms are a bit useless, but I left them for the fun.

Dragonborn Frost

- Your Frost Breath Shout encases foes in ice for (15/15/15->15/25/40) seconds.

Combines Frost Breath with Ice Form. Increased Ice Form duration depending on Shout level.


I recommed using NMM but you can just place Improved Dragon Shouts.esp at your Skyrim/Data folder if you wish. If you want Dawnguard shouts (Dawnguard required), check Improved Dragon Shouts - Dawnguard.esp too (the same for Dragonborn).


This mod is compatible with the 99% of the mods out there. Just hold in mind that if you have another mod that modifies player dragon shouts the last in the load other is the one who wins.
PD.: When I say player dragon shouts I mean that mods that modify dragon "dragon" shouts (like deadly dragons) are unaffected by my mod (100% compatibility!!!).

I highly recommend Skyrim Redone cause my mod is compatible with its perks.


A few tips about Dragon Shouts:

There are many ways to reduce your shouts CD:
- Amulet of Talos reduces shouts CD by 20%
- Blessing of Talos (from a Talos Shrine) reduces shouts CD by 20%
- Morokei Mask (from the dragon priest), is supoused to reduce shouts CD by 20% but it don't works unless you install the fix:
- Dragon Aspect reduces shouts CD by 20% at lvl 3.
- T3nd0s Skyrim Redone perk Fluent Speaker (found in the Speech tree), reduces shouts CD by 35% at max lvl (lvl 3)

Other perks from Skyrim Redone are:
- Heroic Voice: Increases non-harmful shouts effectiveness and/or duration by 100% at max lvl (lvl 4)
- Violent Voice: Increases harmful shouts effectiveness by 100% at max lvl (lvl 4)
- Echoing Reason: Non-harmful shouts effectiveness increases with your Speech lvl
- Echoing Rage: Harmful shouts effectiveness increases with your Speech lvl
- Leader's Voice: Doubles the duration of summons via dragon shouts

You may find that draugr are quite more dangerous, especially deathlords. they use character shouts so:
- If you use Hardcore version of the mod and you are playing expert or higher difficulty they will likely one-shot you with Unrelenting Force or Frost Breath.
- Even if you have the balanced version they will one-shot you with frost breath at higher difficulties, and they will be a really tough enemy with Unrelenting Force.
- If you are able to complete the full Gauldur Amulet quest with this mod active you will have the admiration of all dovahkiins in the history of the men.

Don't mess with Valfar:
- This 8-foot-tall Nord likes to Yor Tol Shul anything that moves. Get in the way of his breath and you are done, a real new definition of friendly fire!!!.
- Of course all this means that this companion (and others that use shouts) benefit from this mod.


Version 1.0:
- Fixed Improved Dragon Shouts - Dawnguard from overwriting Unofficial Dawnguard Patch fixes to Drain Vitality Shout
- Fixed Improved Dragon Shouts - Dragonborn interaction with Skyrim Redone, where some perks were wrongly boosting some shouts

Version 1.0:
- Added Dragonborn shouts
- Added Word Meditation abilities
- Added Black Book Epistolary Acumen abilities
- Improved Slow Time effect from 55/70/85% to 60/75/85%, and its cd from 35/52/70 sec to 30/45/60 sec
- Added NMM and Wrye Bash installers (tecnically fomod and bain)

Version 0.9:
- Improved Dragon Shouts previous version is now known as Hardcore Version
- Added Improved Dragon Shouts, Balanced Version (recommended for SkyRedone)
- Both versions have been cleaned with TES5Edit
- Animal Allegiance cd tweaked, from 50/60/70 sec to 35/52/70 sec
- Aura Whisper reworked: Duration reduced from 60/80/100 sec to 6/9/12 sec, cd reduced from 20/25/30 sec to 10/12/15 sec
- Become Ethereal cd reduced, from 20/25/30 sec to 15/20/25 sec
- Dismay enemy maxlvl cap increased, from lvl 15/25/35 to lvl 15/27/40
- Elemental Fury reworked: Aspd reduced from x 1.4/1.8/2.2 to x 1.4/1.7/2.0, duration increased from 10/10/10 sec to 15/17/20 sec, cd increased from 10/12/15 sec to 20/25/30 sec
- Fixed Ice Form dot duration (was flat 20 seconds).
- Marked for Death armor reduction increased from -60/-105/-150 armor to -60/-115/-170 armor
- Slow Time slow increased from 50/65/80% to 55/70/85%

Version 0.8:
- Tweaked Fire Breath damaged from 40/65/100 per second for 6 seconds to flat 120/200/300 + 12/20/30 per second for 10 seconds
- Tweaked Frost Breath damaged from 30/50/80 per second for 6 seconds to flat 80/150/240 + 8/15/24 per second for 10 seconds
- Drain Vitality bug from Bethesda has been fixed
- Added Absorb Effect to Drain Vitality Shout
- Added Optional file with Unrelenting Force damage untouched

Version 0.7:
- Added Dawnguard dragon shouts
- Tweaked Ice Form paralysis duration from 15/20/25 seconds to 15/25/40 seconds
- Changed Marked for Dead armor reduction from -20/-35/-50 per second to a fixed -60/-105/-150

Version 0.6:
- Tweaked lvl 2 Fire Breath Shout Damage from 70/sec to 65/sec
- Tweaked lvl 2 Frost Breath Shout damage from 55/sec to 50/sec
- Changed Marked for Death duration from 600 seconds all levels to 120, 150, 180 seconds
- Fixed Storm Call not applying damage increase correctly

Version 0.5:
- Initial Release