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xEdit script for backporting ESP files from SSE format. Will change form headers and remove unused SE data with a one-click operation.

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What is this?
This is a script to be run in TESEdit that converts esp files from SE to LE formats so no use of Creation Kit will be necessary here.

How to use it?
You will need xEdit. Place this file in the 'Edit Scripts' folder. Launch xEdit. Load the file you want to backport. Right click on it and select 'Apply Script'. Select 'Convert ESP from SSE to SLE'. Click OK. Exit xEdit, when exiting save the esp file you run the script on.

Wasn't there already a script that did just that circulating around?
There was. But all it did was change the form in record headers to 43 still leaving the SE specific data in the ESP files, which you could find warnings of when running 'Check for Errors' in TESEdit.

What is so new about this one?
It actually removes the unused data from these files so you will get a clean form 43 file compatible with LE. It also removes ESL flags when appropriate.

How does it work?
I figured out that marking the records as modified will force xEdit to resave them from scratch thus getting rid of unused data.

What are the limits here?
1. If the esp needs a master that has a different name under SE (most commonly this will be USSEP vs USLEEP) you will need Wrye Bash to change the name of the master.
2. A really, really, REALLY huge esp might cause xEdit to run out of memory. This is a limitation of xEdit. You will need to use 'check for errors' and 'mark as modified' manually on such a file.

What other tools do I need to backport mods?
Wrye Bash - for renaming masters
Cathedral Assets Optimizer - for meshes and textures
Animation Backport Tutorial - for animations
FNIS - for behavior files
Bethesda Archive Extractor - for extracting from SE format BSA

Hopefully this will make backporting easier for you guys. Have a good one.