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A tutorial on converting 64-bit hkx files from Skyrim Special Edition back into 32-bit hkx files for Legendary Edition. Batch file for mass convertion is provided.

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Ok. I made this tutorial because I've been doing a lot of backporting lately for my private use and while there is a lot of info on the net about converting stuff from LE to SE there is very little on doing vice versa. Cathedral Assets Optimizer has you covered for meshes and textures and there are two known ways for backporting ESP files.  When it comes to to hkx files however you can find next to none information. Everybody wants to do the opposite it seems and Bethesda has provided a program for converting hkx to SSE format with their SSE Creation Kit. Said program is useless though for converting to LE format so without further ado let's get to the point.

The setup:
1. Download and install Havok Content Tools 2010.
It used to be a freeware software. I'm not sure of it's status now so I'm not providing a direct link but it is still available for download on at least one software site.

Note the path to the file hctStandAloneFilterManager.exe after installation.

2. Download SkyrimRefrence.hko file from here:

(To download select Raw, right click->save as..., change *.txt to *.* and name the file with a *.hko extension)

Place it anywhere you want, preferably somewhere with an easy file path for you to remember.

3. Download my converttoskyrim.bat from the files sections of this page. Open it with notepad or your preferred text editor.

You will see two lines:

SET DIR_EXE=C:\Program Files\Havok\HavokContentTools

SET DIR_HKO=C:\Program Files\Havok\HavokContentTools

Change the bolded content to the filepaths for the two files you downloaded in step 1. and 2. respectively.


SET DIR_EXE=D:\Program Files\Havok\HavokContentTools

SET DIR_HKO=D:\SkyrimMods

is where I put them.

That's it. You're all set.

How to convert?

Place your edited converttoskyrim.bat and all the animation files you want to convert in the same folder (you can place whole folders if you like). Launch the bat file and voila! Now copy your converted hkx files to their original directory.

The end.


Havok for their sofware.

Backporter for devising the method.

All the helpful people of this community.