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Based on the fantasy book series "The Wheel of Time" this mod adds the follower Aviendha and Wheel of Time-related quests. Fully voiced by a great cast of voice actors.

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Well iI have to say it's a big surprise to know that nobody didn't make a port of this mod glad to be the one  who made it and enjoy.

Original mod here the wheel of time by AlmightySE

What is the Wheel of Time(WoT)?
The Wheel of Time is a fantasy book series written by the late Robert Jordan. It's now also a major Amazon TV series.

What's in the mod?
The mod consists of the follower Aviendha and Wheel of Time-related quests, all fully voiced.

How do I start?
Something will happen when you cross the Riverwood bridge.

The Follower:
Aviendha is a "Maiden of the Spear", a warrior of a people called the Aiel.

  • She will take a liking to Whiterun and over time she will come to talk with many of its inhabitants.
  • Serana, Ysolda, and Adrianne will become her near-sisters(best friends). At times Aviendha will run off just to talk to them.
  • Romance quest. (Optional)
  • She will talk to your adopted kids, your spouse and comment on your house.
  • Comments on the major Skyrim quests, cities, weather, and locations.
  • Adjusts her comments based on whether you're the Dragonborn or if she's been romanced.
  • Will not talk while you sneak.
  • Wears a shoufa(a sort of scarf) when fighting(optional)
  • The Aiel do not use horses, but she will teleport if she's too far away(optional)
  • She's on a standalone follower framework so you can have other followers at the same time.
  • If you dismiss her, she'll go to the Bannered Mare in Whiterun.

The Quests:
In total there are 10 quests.

To start the quests you are required to be the Dragonborn(you will be considered Dragonborn after killing the first dragon and becoming Thane of Whiterun). The quests will start naturally over time, please see the quest guide for more details. If you prefer to play alone, the follower can be dismissed after the Darkfriends quest.

Quest guide
How to skip quests

Quest list:
Quest 1 - Moiraine
Quest 2 - Darkfriends
Quest 3 - The Peddler
Quest 4 - The Stone
Quest 5 - The Forsaken
Quest 6 - Callandor
Quest 7 - Broken Tower
Quest 8 - The Last Battle Part 1
Quest 9 - The Last Battle Part 2
Quest 10 - Shade of My Heart (Romance quest)

Are there WoT spoilers?
There are some events and dialogue which are closely related to the books. At the same time, it has been adapted to work within the world of Skyrim. Go into the mod with the mindset that something which happens in the mod doesn't necessarily happen in the books.

Don't manage Aviendha with follower frameworks such as AFT and NFF, as it may cause issues with her functionality. 
If you insist on using another framework anyway, wait until after the quest Darkfriends, as it will most likely fail otherwise.

Voice Actors:
Aviendha - Cristina Hernandez
Moiraine - Elizabeth Plant
Egwene - Claire Glover
Elayne - Joy
Lews Therin - Steve Stanley
Ishamael - Wes Tanner
The Dark One - Mostafa Khamis
Nynaeve - Laura
Lan - Jack W.
Amyrlin Seat/Siuan - Michaela
Leane/Berylla - Helena
Morgase - Thea Solone
Aginor - Hobo Roiland
Betrayer of Hope - Chase Hartman
Eelfinn - Nina Nikolic
Tallanvor - Jack B.
Gawyn - Caleb Bressler
The Green Man - Wang Lee Chi Chi

Assets used from other mods:
KS Hairdos
The Eyes of Beauty
Ryder's Dragonfly Robes
Practical Pirate Outfit
Hood of Stranger
Cloaks of Skyrim
Ritevice - Sword of Stendarr
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