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Adds the Vampire Killer whip from the Castlevania franchise, as well as the five original Sub-Weapons for you to track down across Skyrim in order to restore the whip to its full power.

Permissions and credits
Adds the Vampire Killer whip from the Castlevania franchise, as well as the five original Sub-Weapons for you to track down across Skyrim in order to restore the whip to its full power. To start the quest, look for the old leather whip inside Fort Dawnguard among the crates and clutter left behind by the Fort's previous owners.

The quest was designed to encourage exploration and investigation, so there are next to no quest markers to follow. Talk to innkeepers to get hints or do radiant vampire slaying quests for the Dawnguard to help you track down the various vampire covens that have stolen the artifacts. Pay attention to your Quest Journal, as it will update if the Whip resonates to let you know if there is something to find in an entered location.

It can be started at anytime, but I recommend being Level 45-50 before attempting the final area, as the fully upgraded Vampire Killer is a Dragonbone-scale weapon and the Final Boss is leveled accordingly. Your mileage may vary depending on your combat overhauls.


Through my testers, user reports, and my own experience, these are the mods I have found to have compatibility issues thus far that I either can't fix or don't know how to fix. If you have any insight into fixing any of these issues, please let me know! I want my mod to be compatible with as many mods as possible.

  • Strange Runes - Minor Incompatibility. Runes will be displayed while casting the Sub Weapon spells. I've asked on their mod page if there's a keyword or something I can add to the spells to make them exempt, but have yet to hear back.
  • Follower Managers - If your Follower Manager has the functionality of teleporting your followers to you, either temporarily disable that feature, or tell your followers to wait before activating the Skeleton at the end of the quest's dungeon. This isn't a requirement, but I intended for the final fight to be a one-on-one.

  • v1.0 - Initial Release.
  • v1.1 - Fixed VK's whip effect mesh to use the intended whip .nif.
    - Changed weapon keyword on all whips from Axe to Mace for better perk synergy, except for the VK which now has both keywords to also benefit from Axe bleed perks.
    - Fixed ambient music being broken after completing the mod's main quest (If you are affected by this, after updating try using the commands "RemoveMusic CV_MUSSilence" and
    "RemoveMusic CV_MUSDivineBloodlines").
    - Adjusted SubWeapon Handler script to hopefully more reliably remove MP drain effect when not casting Grand Cross.
  • v1.2 - Fixed Quest not starting if Sub Weapon(s) were picked up before picking up the Whip. - Changed corner notifications from debug.notifications in the scripts to actual Message records so translators no longer need to edit and recompile the scripts.
    - Fixed the watch hands starting to move again before the Slow Time ends on the Mastered version. Also gave Mastered Stopwatch a unique texture.
    Fixed Leather Whip being droppable and not being upgraded to the Chain Whip when using the Immersive Fort Dawnguard patch.
  • v1.2.1 - Fixed base Stopwatch using the Mastered Stopwatch's appearance.
  • v1.3 - More attempts to fix music getting stuck. Should work on in-progress saves, but the Nuclear Method failsafe is only effective on new games.
    - Fixed compatibility with SPID mods that distribute spells, I think.

  • DMagnus - For helping me with the numerous issues I ran into while making this mod, and giving me advice when I needed it. Also, for letting me reverse engineer his Lightning Whip from Artifacts of Ultima. Without him, this mod wouldn't have been possible.
  • AndrealphusVIII (Sacralletius) - For helping me get started with the Throwing Cross's boomerang effect, based off their Throwable Items mod.
  • bubwv - For their custom rendition of Divine Bloodlines, as well as being patient with me in order to fine-tune it to how I wanted.
  • SimonSiminss - For their Blue Fire Magic resource which I used for the Holy Water flames.
  • Antistar - For their 'Turn to face player' script from Clockwork.
  • EriBees - Eri for the awesome screenshots and helping out with Beta Testing, and Bee for the face preset and character assets used for the Final Boss.
  • MoogieVT - For the additional Beta Testing and suggestions.

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