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New lich customization options for Undeath - Classical Lichdom, including female liches and a dynamic outfit changing system. Based on the work of Myst42

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Undeath Classical Lichdom LE - The Ascension

Original Mod Website

This mod would not be possible if not for the work done by Myst42, the creator of the original Undeath - The Ascension mod.  If you like the mod, please give them an endorsement!

Requires Undeath - Classical Lichdom LE

Patches will be made in the future

  • More variety - new lich skins for both skeletal and draugr-style liches, with color variations for each shroud type, including the new white shroud type added by Classical Lichdom.  In addition, all new lich variants can use the ethereal form added by Classical Lichdom.
  • Female Liches All lich forms now have a female variant.
  • Dynamic Outfit System - The form you take as a lich will depend on the cuirass you have equipped. Unique variants include wearing priest/mage robes to assume a dragon priest-style form, and wearing Miraak's robes to assume a form resembling his outfit. Full details are listed below. Works completely fine with Classical Lichdom's new customization system, and will keep the choices you make there intact. Speaking of which...
  • Reworked Customization System - Don't like the dynamic outfit system? Turn it off in the MCM, and you'll be able to choose which armor variant you want explicitly at your phylactery. If its disabled before becoming a lich, you'll be asked to pick your armor variant after successfully completing the The Path of Transcendence.  If you turn it off after becoming a lich, you'll be given the last armor variant you had equipped while transformed until changed at your phylactery (unless using a Dragon Priest form).  Also of note, you can now pick a normal or skeletal dragon priest form when choosing that option at your phylactery regardless of if you have the dynamic outfit system enabled, with all shroud color variations available. The Miraak robe variant is unlockable after completing At the Summit of Apocrypha. (Note: customization still requires 25 souls as normal to unlock)
  • Masks - All vanilla dragon priest masks are wearable in lich form, including Miraak and Konahrik.
  • Vampire and Werewolf Options - Toggleable features in the MCM that let you keep your vampire and werewolf forms when becoming a lich. These are off by default, but can be toggled on separately or both at the same time if you use another mod that lets you be a vampire and werewolf at the same time.
  • Cleaned and Optimized all meshes and textures using CAO.  BC7, Mipmaps, etc. Meshes now fully optimized using SSE NIF Optimizer.
  • Optimized scripts as best as I could, tried to reduce all laggy function calls to a minimum.

Dynamic Outfit System - Details
As stated, the dynamic outfit system changes the form your lich assumes when transforming depending on the current cuirass (body slot 32) you have equipped. The current possible forms are as follows:
  • No outfit equipped -> Rags
  • Clothing or Non-"Priest" Robes -> Clothed
  • Light Armor -> Light Armor
  • Heavy Armor -> Heavy Armor
  • "Priest" Robes -> Dragon Priest
  • Miraak's Robes (any variant) -> Miraak

A full list of valid mage/priest robes for the dragon priest variant:
  • Arch-mage Robes (Hooded and Non-Hooded)
  • Cultist Robes
  • Expert Robes (Unenchanted and vanilla enchanted variants)
  • Greybeard Robes
  • Master Robes (Unenchanted and vanilla enchanted variants)
  • Mythic Dawn Robes (Hooded and Non-Hooded)
  • Necromancer Robes
  • Psijic Robes
  • Telvanni Robes
  • Temple Priest Robes
  • Thalmor Robes (Hooded and Non-Hooded)
  • Vaermina Robes

  • Known Issues
    There is a small graphical issue on the male Skeletal Dragon Priest model where it has a piece of the original dragon priest foot mesh attached to the bottom of the foot.  This was an issue retained from the original Ascension mod. 

    Many thanks to NovaCoru for allowing me to port his mod: Undeath Classical Lichdom - The Ascension (Lite)!
    This mod wouldn't be possible if not for the work of Myst42, the original author of Undeath - The Ascension, who graciously gave me permission to port it. Go check out their work!  Shoutouts as well to ConnerRia for Classical Lichdom and Antioch08 for making Undeath in the first place.