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Mysticism is a complete overhaul of Skyrim’s magic system designed to balance existing spells and add powerful new magical effects to the game ~ An LE Port

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Mysticism 2 - A Magic Overhaul

SE|AE Version

Old Version by Stillsnow123
Mysticism is a complete overhaul of Skyrim’s magic system designed to balance existing spells and add powerful new magical effects to the game.
Mysticism fixes bugs in Vanilla magic, fills in gaps in the game's skill progression, and adds new spells from previous Elder Scrolls titles.
These spells are designed to feel like they belong in the world of Skyrim, both mechanically and aesthetically.
By adding new spells and re-balancing existing spells as part of the same project, Mysticism is able to offer users a coherent and balanced magical experience
throughout the early, middle, and late game.


  • Hundreds of bug fixes and balance adjustments to Vanilla spells
  • Expanded lore-friendly archetypes such as poison and sun spells
  • Gameplay improvements such as one-handed Master spells and adjusted cast times
  • Almost 200 new spells added to the game’s vendors and loot


“Magic is, by its very nature, volatile and dangerous. Unless you can control it, it can and will destroy you."


  • Flesh spells have been significantly buffed, and all flesh spells benefit from Mage Armor.
  • New shield spells boost Fire, Frost, Shock, or Poison Resistance. Only one of these spells can be active at a time.
  • New utility spells allow the player to open locks, increase their carry weight, and walk on water.
  • New debuff spells such as Burden, Corrode Armor, and Weakness to Fire allow
  • the Alteration mage to take on a supportive role, or boost their other


“You deal with powerful forces. Take care they do not overwhelm you.”


  • Conjuration allows the player to summon ghostly predators, Dremora mages, and skeleton warriors to battle enemies.
  • Reanimation spells have higher levels and increase their magnitude when dual cast. 
  • New bound weapon archetypes make Conjuration mages deadly in melee combat. 
  • Daedric Cure and Oblivion’s Embrace allow the Conjurer to support their summoned creatures in battle.
  • Banish Daedra spells are now a potent defense against Daedra of all kinds.
  • Mark and Recall spells allow for quick travel around Skyrim.


“Fire, frost, or lightning--you will suffer at my hands!”


  • Tweaks to damage, cost, and projectile weight make each element feel more unique.
  • Touch spells deal high damage and cost relatively little Magicka in exchange for their short range.
  • Higher level versions of popular spells such as Flames and Frost Rune.
  • Over a dozen new Master spells, allowing Destruction magic to scale well into the late game.
  • Vampiric spells allow Destruction mages to heal themselves by absorbing Health from their foes.
  • New spells allow Destruction mages to absorb Magicka and Stamina from foes, giving Destruction mages some utility options.


“You know, Illusion really is the least appreciated of the schools of magic.”


  • New archetypes such as Silence and Command provide Illusion mages with new options for dominating the battlefield.
  • Paralysis spells have been migrated from Alteration to Illusion, a lore-friendly
  • decision which enhances the respective identities of both schools.
  • Dual casting allows Illusion spells to affect even the highest level targets.
  • New utility spells such as Shroud and Night Eye increase the versatility of Illusion mages.


“Restoration is a perfectly valid school of magic, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!” 


  • A mix of fire and forget, concentration, and healing over time spells
  • give Restoration mages a wide array of options for healing.
  • Special utility spells allow Restoration mages to fortify their own Health,
  • create a ritual circle that increases Stamina Regeneration, or cure
  • Ward spells have been buffed, and new ward spells have been added, allowing
  • Restoration mages to defend themselves effectively against enemy
  • An expanded arsenal of Turn Undead and Sun spells allow Restoration mages to devastate the Undead. 
  • Poison spells and allow Restoration mages to deal heavy damage over time to the living.

Vendor Changes

Mysticism makes several changes to vendors to support its goals. The most significant change is that all spell vendors should now sell a
respectable number of staves and scrolls. Staves and scrolls will be sold based on your skill in the relevant magical skills. Master staves
cannot be purchased and must be created at a Staff Enchanter. Since it is not possible to craft scrolls in the Vanilla game, College mages will
sell Master scrolls when you complete the appropriate ritual quest.

In addition to these changes, Mysticism also makes sure that each school of magic has at least one Expert vendor outside of the college.
Mysticism also turns Festus Krex and Feran Sadhri into spell vendors.
Finally, Mysticism distributes some spells only to specific vendors. Formore information, click the spoiler below. 


Mysticism makes extensive edits to Vanilla leveled lists for spells. As with all mods that edit leveled lists, you may need to use a tool such as Wrye
Bash to create a patch for your leveled lists, especially if you have more than one mod that edits the leveled lists for spells. 

Mysticism is compatible with almost all other spell packs, especially mods like Apocalypse and Forgotten Magic Redone. I do not recommend combining
Mysticism with Odin and will not offer support for users who try to do this. 

Mysticism edits a small number of merchant chests in order to distribute spells, staves, and scrolls. Only one NPC is touched
(Festus Krex), so Mysticism will not cause black face or any incompatibilities with NPC overhauls. Most of my changes to merchants
will be compatible with other spell packs (so if you have both Mysticism and Apocalypse downloaded, Festus will sell Apocalypse spells).

Thanks to SimonMagus616 and others for Open Permissions